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Felicity in Marriage (Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation, #1) Turn Down The Lights And Indulge In The Passionate Scenes Of Fitzwilliam And Elizabeth Darcy S First Day Married This Book Is Not Just Hot And Steamy, But Sweet And Romantic About The Book Moments After The Parson Pronounces Fitzwilliam And Elizabeth Darcy Man And Wife They Kiss That Kiss May Have Been A Chaste Kiss In Front Of The Parson, Their Families, And God, But What Takes Place The Rest Of The Day, Well That S Between Just The Two Of ThemFelicity In Marriage An Erotic Pride And Prejudice ContinuationTakes Readers On An Erotic And Passion Filled Twenty Four Hours With Our Newlyweds Starting In The Carriage On Their Ride Back To Netherfield Park For The Wedding Brunch, And Not Ending Until They Make Love In The Master Suite At London HouseAyr Bray Promises Her Readers An Intense Passion And Love Between Her Characters, And Sex, Lots Of Erotic Sex

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10 thoughts on “Felicity in Marriage (Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation, #1)

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    I gave it three stars because of its length This author has true potential I enjoyed how she painted the scene but I wish there was meat to the story I have no problem reading about Darcy and Elizabeth between the sheets come on it s Darcy, for god sake but I wish there was a longer storyline to it I also bought the sequel and it too needed to push it over the top I hop

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    Felicity in Marriage An Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation 1 What a night for our newlyweds To say they were both happy would be an understatement Elizabeth Bennet Darcy was everything Fitzwilliam Darcy dreamt of in marriage Too many times he had heard about the marriage relationship of others where the wife was not an active partner only allowing their husbands access in wan

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    While a little believable than some Pride and Prejudice continuations, this book could be a little jarring at times A few anachronisms here and there, a few out of character moments for the sake of erotica, but it was entertaining at least It was still a book fit for the purpose intended to entertain and titivate those who want yo see beyond the bedroom door in Prude and Prejudice.

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    It was alright for only.99, a few typos errors.Starts with you may now kiss the bride and ends with a pretty sexy wedding night.Not for PP purists.

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    Good StartHave you ever wonder what happened after Lizzy and Mr Darcy s wedding This short novel is very sexy with class.

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