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Scorch (Midnight Fire, #4) Terrific ending It s funny how throughout several books I was sure I wanted Kira to stay with Tristan, I strongly wanted that Even though I could see her feelings for Luke and tell she was fighting them, I fought that idea just as she was In the last book I was starting to see Luke really was better for her even tho my mind still fought this and by the end I had hope that it would end up ok in this book it really felt she was finally seeing her own feelings admitting she truly loved Luke and her scene with Tristan near the end omg I lost it, seriously crying like a baby This was truly a wonderful ending to wonderful series. No spoilers I also really like this book too I was pleased with the outcome, and enjoyed going on the adventures with Kira I won t say much , being the final book, it can spoil a lot for the previous one The only thing I didn t like, is the cover, its cool, except when looking close you see her hand behind her, making it seem as flames are coming out her butt, lol, yes, it s her hand, but just first reaction to it was that.5 stars as well Overall a great series.I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest reviewAlso, visit the authors blog, she gives a recap of the tour, with many guest post of the guys Point of Views Go Here Post for Recap and guys point of viewfor her post. A Top Customer Favorite In Kids Teens Kindle Books Of From Bestselling Author Kaitlyn Davis Comes A Paranormal Romance Perfect For Fans Of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, And Buffy The Vampire Slayer Scorch Is The Fourth And Final Book In The Thrilling Midnight Fire SeriesAll It Did Was Remind Kira That Time Was Running Out That She Needed To Choose Or A Lot Than A Forest Would Burn The Whole World Would Crumble Aldrich Escapedagain Tristan Forgoteverything And Luke, Well, Luke Was Getting Than A Little Impatient But Those Were The Least Of Kira S Concerns, Because Something Else Happened In England Something She Was Trying Desperately To Forget A Wedge Of Evil Had Lodged Itself In Her Heart, A Little Black Hole Had Nestled Into Her Flames, And It Wasn T Going Away Not Anytime Soonand Maybe Not EverThe First Book In The Series, Ignite, Is Available For FREE Amzn NAIBDU I was waiting for this book to come out after reading the 3 in the series Blaze left me angry at Kira and confused about how she could betray Tristan like that I really hoped that things will sort themselves out and she will be with Tristan again, but no WTH How can she declare her love to him and then betray him like that Love will prevail clearly not She chose Luke and erased Tristan s memory What was the author thinking After reading what Kira done to Tristan, I really didn t care as to what happened to her in the end Probably would have made me less angry if she has actually died Tristan deserved to know the truth about their relationship at least and not brushed off with we have been friends So angry that I wasted money on the last two books in the series Horrible story line I am definitely on the team Tristan Update May 20, 2013So It s been a couple days since I finished this series, even read another book since then and I can t stop thinking about them I m really sad for Tristan, haha I feel like he should have been given the choice Or maybe given a minute once the wall was taken down to talk to Kira Maybe give him a little longer scene in the book during that THEN take the memories away I am just really sad for him and how Kira and Luke ended up with everything they wanted If there was ever a need for a spin off series this is it I need to make sure that Tristan is ok First post May 17, 2013 I am really happy I read this series The first book was one of those free Kindle books that I decided to take a chance on since I have been spending way too much money on books However, it turned out to be a really good series All of them made me laugh and Scorch made me laugh and cry This series is definitely worth the read Cheap, easy, and quick reads Source I own a copy of this book This is book 4 in the Midnight Fire Series.Tristan is human, Kira isn t sure what the darkness inside her is, and Luke just wants her to choose him.Can Kira save the conduits from the battle that is about to happen with Aldritch Will Tristan regain his vampire memories And will Kira choose Tristan or Luke This was a great end to the series, with plenty of action and excitement.Kira was really strong in this book I loved how she took charge, made plans, and thought about what was best for everybody rather than what was best for her The storyline in this was pretty good, and I liked that things weren t easy for Kira to solve I liked the plans that she made though, and I liked that she stayed true to what she wanted and believed in rather than taking the easy path.I thought the love triangle was also finished successfully, and I liked that Kira made a choice rather than allowing fate to choose for her.The ending to this was also good and I liked that we got both and happy and bright ending The last line was also really beautiful Overall a great end to the series.8 out of 10. God, It s been a while since I ve cried this much over a book I thought Blaze was the worst best, but Scorch made me cry even Kaitlyn Davis, I freaking love you Holy freaking amazeballs Where to even begin with this whole series From the very beginning I was hooked on the storyline of Kira Tristan.Loved the way kaitlyn wrote this whole series Loved how she portrayed each character in the books.There was alot of laughter, tears and screaming going on whilst I read this book I mean seriously talk about twist on the storyline.I m glad there was a happy ending on both sides can t say without spoiling it peeps I think this particular book is by far the BEST in this series.Thanks for writing such an amazing book and I look forward to all you re future novels I love Kaitlyn Davis ok Espesialy after she wrote the first the first two books in the midnight fire series But these last two books were just terriable The first turn off for me was in the third one when Kira and Tristan broke up That was breathtaking, and i dont mean that in a good way I had to read that part in the book like five times I just couldnt beleieve it I mean like serious Kaitlyn, WTH sorry, i lost it a bit Anywho, where was i, oh yeah, Kira BURNS Tristian alive, retore his singed body back unto a human, gives his brain amnesia, and then turns and gives Luke a big wet one, all in the matter of one page Wow I was SOOO angry after reading the third book, i swore to myself i would not read the forth book But I hit what i like to call a dry spell Meaning, i havent read any good or interesting books here lately Well then i run across Scorch I honestly thought that this book was Kaitlyn s redemtion for that horriable third book But unforutnately, she continued to dissapoint me even further This forth book is worst than the third In this book Kira still is trying to choose between Tristain who has no clue as to who she is or Luke Well SPOILER ALERT She chooses Luke LUKE Does anyone have an inhalier Cant Breath In SHOCK Kaitlyn Again i say to you, WTH From the very beggining its been Kira and Tristain And then like out of no where its Kira and Luke Who writes love triangles like that I mean its like Stepinie Myers writing that, Bella chooses Jacob over Edward But not before Bella burns Edward alive, fry cook his mind, takes away his vamp hood and then tells him that hes not the one Twlight would have ended up in everyones trashcans It would have been famous for being the worst teen vamp series ever known to man Thats what this series has come too I was so angry after reading Scorch, that i called Barnes Noble, and demanded my money to be refunded for this no good ebook, i foolishly purchased They gave me my money back, i deleted Scorch out of my Nook Library, and now im happy Turst me when i say, this is a waste of your money and presious time, and if you all ready bought it, trashing it or deleting this book, will only make you happy. Ugghhhh I absolutely 100% HATE this book with my entire heart and being I am going to pretend in my mind that she chose Tristan and that their love really did prevail like I wanted it to What was the author thinking Because i honestly didnt think it was a good ending I cried during the entire time while she erased his memories I even kept crying afterwards and felt like i was going to be sick when she got completely over Tristan and lept into Luke s arms I cant stand Kira now I wouldve felt sooo much better if she did die in the ending I know its cruel but it is completely unreasonable for her to just delete his memories In this book they keep mentioning how love will prevail well honestly it couldve, but STUBBURN Kira killed it She suffocated it and completely drained the life out of it I am going to pretend that this last book didnt happen and that Tristan never got burned and she turned into a vampire and lived happily ever after with Tristan Even though she clearly didn t deserve him

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