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The Clinic They Didn T Have Much To Live For Malcolm, Darren And Eddie, All Had Their Own Tragedies, Their Own Demons To Face Malcolm Was Alone In The World, Darren Might As Well Have Been And Eddie, Well, Eddie Wished He Was The Isolated Rehab Clinic Was Not An Easy Target For These Opportunistic Thieves, On The Contrary, It Revealed A Dark Past And An Evil That Was Sown Way Before Their Time The Sterile Corridors And Soulless Rooms Swarmed With A Depravity That They Never Imagined Possible The Clinic Is The Story Of A Regrettable Heist, Of Three Delinquents Who Find A Lot Than They Bargained For A Gripping, Thrilling And Spine Chilling Story Of Suspense, Fear And Pure Evil

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    Malcolm, Eddie, Darren Three teenagers growing up practically in the streets Three teenagers who are petty thieves, with no good future in store for them After one particular robbery where they risked being caught netted them nothing but some cheap jewelry, Eddie tells the others about a clinic

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    As always with a David Jester novel this is a well written and atmospheric horror story that sucks you in from the first page I ve read many other Jester novels, because I enjoy his writing style so much and I think this is one of his best, simply because of the level of detail in the descriptions, the pl

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    Terrible Terrible Terrible I understand that the author s style of writing appeals to some readers, however, it s like he emptied the entire thesaurus into 207 pages and then recycled all the words as mortar to fix poor writing flow I NEVER want to hear a descriptive depiction about fucking florescent lights EVER a

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    Original Review Mad Book LoveMalcom, Eddie and Darren have been friends since childhood Malcolm and Darren are trying to make ends meet by breaking into people s houses, Eddie just enjoys the thrill of it all Tired of taking risks and walking away with junk, Eddie convinces Malcolm and Darren to do a bigger job Eddie knows o

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    This story lulls you into a false sense of security then bam the gruesomeness hits you full on in the brain.It is well written and absolutely brilliant, it keeps you gripped from start to finish.The book is about 3 mates Eddie, Darren and Malcolm.Eddie comes from shall I say a middle class back ground, his parents both work and he wan

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    It s about three teens who like to break into houses and each have a different background and at times I wondered why they were even friends Malcolm didn t have parents and was on his own, Darren had one parent and Eddie had two parents and was the most horrible, crazy and psychotic of them all They hadn t made as much as they thought they woul

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    This was really uneven The story set up was quite, quite brilliant, but is let down by really bad editing, in some cases there were no spaces between the words, some really confusing dialogue, meaning it was difficult to tell in places who was talking and thinking, etc It also felt really juvenile in places, the way things were phrased, which lets it dow

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    I would like to thank Skyhorse Publishing for my e copy.The Clinic is a dark and twisted story that finds three teenage boys deciding to go from robbing houses to robbing a clinic meant for wealthy alcoholics and drug usersor so they have been told Darren, Eddie, and Malcolm are good friends Some might say best friends They have known one another for a long time S

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    The Clinic has been on my TBR for a while now I think I started this one about 3 times before I finally got into it enough to want to keep going The begging is a bit slow The book follows three teens who have been robbing houses in the evenings and want to try for something bigger to get better loot Eddie s uncle tells them about a clinic that hosts rich rehab patients They

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    A spine chilling thriller that does not disappoint

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