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Taken By The Giant Spiders Alex Is Almost Done With Her Summer Job At Giant Bug Emporium, So She S Understandably Annoyed When She Has To Clean Out The Giant Spiders Food Bin But Her Sexy Boss, And The Giant Bugs, Have Something Special In Store For HerWarning This Is A STEAMY And TABOOWord Story About Giant Bug Sex, Sure To Spice Up Any Humdrum Evening Not For The Faint Of Heart All Characters In This Story That Engage In Adult Situations AreYears Of Age

13 thoughts on “Taken By The Giant Spiders

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    It s spiders SPIDERS This is inconceivable to me I feel vaguely sick even contemplating it I don t know if I want someone to read it so I can be creeped out by their review or not Spiders, people Sure, I ll take them cringingly out of the house, but if I think there s any chance they may somehow run across my flesh well, it s be caught quickly and securely or be s

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    Meh on the sex action some solo, some fisting , but one bonus star for making it spiders.I m left wondering,

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