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Les Fleurs du mal Truly a unique an haunting voice a visionary poet who forces you to question all that you find comforting immersion of the self into the torrent of humanity. Here s a recent essay on Baudelaire from the trusty, always interesting online mag The Millions So as to try to follow that, I ve got to disclose a bit of an embarrassment Baudelaire was, for me, the kind of poet only certain kinds of people liked By this I don t mean Francophiles or the merely pretentious but there was something that set a devotee of C.B apart from your average earnest, quavering, verbose, nervous poet or poetry fanboy It s hard to put it into words maybe you know it when you see it but there was something sort ofelegantandremovedand cynical about somebody who felt like carting around this haunted menagerie everywhere they went, the way you just do with your favorite poets I m no stranger to French poetry or literary bleakness, believe you me, but there was always something slightly creepy about Baudelaire, I could never put my finger on why I recoiled from it and what this meant There s the languid, morbid Romanticism, fond of grand statements and magnificent imagery the surgically precise mastery of rhyme and meter I don t speak than toddler s French but you can pretty much get a good sense of this stuff with the original text facing the English translations the utterly bleak yet exotic, nigh perfumed insights, metaphoric associations and twists of phrase the poet s own and those of his poetic subjects addictions and rhapsodies the deep, indescribable longings muddled with spleen the detestation of smug comfort and propriety with the love of the perverse , the occult and the melodious rumination mixed with ominous, pervading ennui Well, call me a hardheaded New England Pragmatist, but there was something sort of suspiciously sickly about this guy I mean, here I am, 11 22pm, feasting on my pauper s pleasures of potato salad, a rather stale corn muffin and a can of Sprite I m very ok with this Not necessarily dying to be anywhere else or doing much else I m content, in my clean, well lighted place down the street from the apt I mean, haunted wonderlands are all well and good but in the words of Peter Griffin, SOMEBODY THROW A FREAKING PIE My oldest friend, a fine poet and a dedicated teacher and a loving husband and father, just loved this stuff when we were growing up Still does, in fact It inspired him I never quite got it I mean, there s plenty to take from the poems AS poems but really, where does one relate I wasn t outraged by Baudelaire, I was given the willies I was just pretty definitively turned off by an elaborately detailed, mockingly erotic poem about finding a maggot teeming corpse, spreadeagled, in the middle of a spring stroll with your loverI get it, I get it, but I m gonna start slowly backing away now, ok I didn t get it, and I didn t even really want to Now that s totally changed I don t quite know why I think it s got something to do with reading Walter Benjamin s interesting take on Baudelaire s style and literary achievement on a bus on the way to visit said friend Nothing I like better than a fine and appreciative literary assessment And I really love it when someone s insights turn my own around So that planted the seed, as did time and experience I m not the same person I was when I first encountered poetry, not to mention life itself, and my tastes haven t changed in the sense of the old favorites, the lodestars, but they ve definitely widened and evolved and been enriched and I think deepened I think I m aware of ironies than I ever was, and unfulfillment, loss, dead air and lights that turn off I ve been dealing with a long string of anguish, disappointment, despair, confusion and frustration Time has worn away some of the gilding from the world, and this is what some like to call experience Ok, well, sure, but so what Well, Baudelaire s one of the so whats I never understood what his kind of visionary poetics really meant, what it did and where it brought the craft of poetry and the interested, open minded reader I think in some ways this is the kind of poetry that you need to grow into Rimbaud works just fine when you re pissed off and rebellious and Promethean and you re 16, but he was a genius and his work survives real scrutiny and lasts after the humidity of adolescence cools off Baudelaire a poet Rimbaud admired, btw, no mean feat in and of itself requires a little out of you to really start to absorb, I ve found Everybody knows by now that he was into hashish and absinthe and that he had plenty of torrid affairs and that he blew through most of his inheritance on the finest linens and dandied it up something fierce He also had quite the lover mistress muse femme fatale, as The Daily Beast makes clear What I think I missed out on initially was the old soul that shifts and speaks within these tortured, skeptical, vivid, tastefully arranged and somehow gruesomely challenging poems Baudelaire isn t interested in pissing off the stuffy, conventional reading public because he s a spoiled, creepy, brat it s because he has a vision of life his own, his city s, etc that just couldn t come across in any other guise I m making an ass of myself now, as per usual, so I m going to stop bumbling down the explication road and just quote this poem in full I m not an expert or anything, but I definitely think that this poem is essential Reversibility Angel of gladness, do you know of anguish, Shame, of troubles, sobs, and of remorse, And the vague terrors of those awful nights That squeeze the heart like paper in a ball Angel of gladness, do you know of pain Angel of kindness, do you know of hatred, Clenched fists in the shadow, tears of gall, When Vengeance beats his hellish call to arms, And makes himself the captain of our will Angel of kindness, do you know revenge Angel of health, are you aware of Fevers Who by pallid hospitals great walls Stagger like exiles, with the lagging foot, Searching for sunlight, mumbling with their lips Angel of health, do you know of disease Angel of beauty, do you know of wrinkles, Fear of growing old, the great torment To read the horror of self sacrifice In eyes our avid eyes had drunk for years Angel of beauty, do you know these lines Angel of fortune, happiness and light, David in dying might have claimed the health That radiates from your enchanted flesh But, angel, I implore only your prayers, Angel of fortune, happiness and lightI was reading this at work, looking out through the big windows and watching cold night full of pissing rain trembling in the puddles on the corner of the opposite side of the street, sky all black, stained yellow streetlights, city spaces, melancholic, churning I think I get it now Sometimes you have to pick the flowers yourself. Amazing E Book, Les Fleurs Du Mal By Charles Baudelaire This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Les Fleurs Du Mal, Essay By Charles Baudelaire Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Luego de leer Las Flores del Mal , debo admitir que me cuesta mucho ejercer una cr tica la palabra me demasiado suena fuerte o una rese a sobre este libro m tico, debido a mis pobres conocimientos sobre poes a Es m s, recuerdo que cuando tuve que analizar poes a durante mi intento de estudio de la carrera de Licenciatura en Letras porque de eso se trat , realmente la pas muy mal Los que verdaderamente saben de poes a no van a descubrir nada nuevo acerca de la maestr a de Baudelaire a la hora de componer versos, por eso y por respeto al autor y a los que realmente entienden del tema, me abstendr de rese ar los poemas.S lo dejar unas reflexiones acerca de Baudelaire a quien admiro por su lucha, su vida y su entereza.Charles Baudelaire fue salvajemente denostado por sus contempor neos, criticado por muchos de sus pares, incluso por escritores que poco tienen que ver con la poes a, como es el caso del se or Sartre, un experto en existencialismo pero ignoto en poes a, quien innecesariamente lanz decenas de dardos envenenados a la figura de este m tico poeta Es una pena cuando un autor es criticado fuertemente tomando aspectos su vida privada sobre su obra, sobre todo porque en general, el desconocimiento lleva a generar errores groseros y cuando estos se relacionan a la intimidad de una persona, el resultado puede ser realmente nefasto.Este tipo de defenestrac n ha sido sufrida por otros autores Me viene la imagen de Edgar Allan Poe, autor que gracias a Baudelaire justamente fue rescatado del olvido, la injuria y la calumnia poco despu s de su muerte, a manos de un impresentable editor y cr tico llamado Rufus Griswold, otrora enemistado con Poe, quien lo destroz en todos los aspectos Charles Baudelaire tuvo el coraje y la iluminaci n de traducir todos los versos de Poe en Francia y as , rescatar al maestro de tanto maltrato Dicen incluso algunos que las traducciones de Baudelaire al franc s son mejores que las originales de Poe en ingl s.Este genial poeta franc s fue un pionero de esos que rompen moldes y definen una nueva forma de leer literatura y cambiar la cultura.Luego de que Rimbaud inventara el verso libre que se despegaba de la l rica tradicional, Baudelaire fue el creador del poema en prosa del lat n prorsum, que avanza La poes a, ese lenguaje vuelto sobre s mismo cobra fuerza y vigor en los poemas de Baudelaire, quien le declam sus versos a esas cosas que tantos otros desde aron como lo son la vejez, la pobreza y la muerte, pero la muerte desde el costado m s s rdido, no del estrictamente po tico ni ideal Fue el padre de lo que posteriormente se llam Simbolismo, inspir a grandes autores de la talla de Mallarm , Apollinaire, Val ry, Breton y a tantos otros Falsamente acusado de sat nico por gente que nunca entendi nada aferr ndose de tan s lo tres poemas de esa naturaleza as como de promiscuo s lo hubo dos mujeres en su vida la primera fue Juana Duval, que lo acompa durante catorce a os y un amor plat nico por la se ora Sabatier , Baudelaire debi luchar contra viento y marea para mantener inc lume su buen nombre y su talento literario ante tanta inmundicia y desprecio perpetrado por sus mismos pares.Pero la posteridad siempre surge victoriosa y finalmente logr hacer justicia con l como lo hizo con tantos otros la de inmortalizar su genio, figura su obra para siempre. Superlative Thrilling Sensual Naughty Macabre Joyous Liberating Essential Poetry for the reluctant poetry reader, i.e me A little distracted here listening to Belle Sebastian s Write About Love which I finally acquired Hence the choppiness Great translation Don t care about reading in the original or what is lost in translation Each translation adds to or improves the previous and this one reads pretty swell to me Where do I go from here Verlaine Rimbaud Mallarm Pam Ayres No one s on GR at the weekends anyway, I don t have to bust too many vessels being erudite Read this shit now. Sono passati pi di 35 anni Primo biennio all Istituto Tecnico Industriale, una sorta di parcheggio prima del triennio in Informatica Non era esattamente il posto migliore per affinare il gusto per le buone lettere Ricevetti il compito di leggere e commentare i Fiori del Male di un certo Baudelaire Avevo quattordici anni, la faccia ancora da bambino Manco riuscivo a scriverlo quel cognome strambo Che palle, pensai E inveceFu come tornare a un giardino segreto e perduto Fu come ricominciare a sentir parlare una lingua antica, la lingua del mio vero popolo, a cui ero stato strappato alla nascita e di cui fino allora non avevo conservato memoria Mentre io ignaro e inconsapevole, le rime alcoliche allagavano il mio sangue astemio, mutando la mia carne vergine Godevo del dolce e, con mia sorpresa, ancor pi dell amaro Era come liquore d artemisia e miele, come veleno al gusto di mandorla, come un eroica morte, come un a non corrisposto. The Poet is an exile on earth The only ones to let him wrap around and be a giant The work of Charles Baudelaire represents the end of one epoch and the beginning of another that lasts even today the Decadentism Baudelaire s poems are a journey through inwardness and a call to a spiritualistic breath that is drawn beyond Religion and any atheistic and positivist conception Nature pulsates with spirituality, the consecrated fire of Prometheus is poetic inspiration, and Hate is a demon that consumes us Only the worms and our feelings allow us, as in a tennis court, in a short moment, to overcome it. Les Fleurs du Mal or The Flowers of Evil or, let s extrapolate here, The Beauty of Evil is a masterpiece of French literature which should have pride of place in any bookcase worth its name, right between Milton s Paradise Lost and Dante s Divine Comedy For indeed the beauty of evil, what with its mephitic yet oh so alluring aroma, is exactly what this book is about a collection of poems and elegies reflecting Baudelaire s views on our poor human condition stemming mainly from our doomed lives upon which hovers like the sword of Damocles the inevitability of death, while all the while we keep on fooling ourselves by pursuing the ever so elusive quest for a perfect world, a perfect existence, and, dare we say it, immortality Baudelaire s answer to this plight of ours, tentative though it may be, is escapism pure but mainly impure escapism which, under his pen, takes various forms, ranging from travels to drugs, sex to faith, sleep to contemplation like so many petals of the flowers of evil the author plucks off one after another in a fateful game of Loves me, Loves me not.Needless to say that Les Fleurs du Mal isn t a book for everyone, and that if you re looking for a read to put a smile on your face, you d do well to turn around and look somewhere else It is fair to say that with his masterful poetry Baudelaire pierces not only our heart but our soul His words undress us completely and let us see us for what we really are just human beings living our lives Which, when we think about it, isn t so bad That is, as long as we keep remembering to put into practice this little quote from yet another master of his genre, All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us And indeed, it matters not how long we live, but how well we live If anything, Les Fleurs du Mal taught me that much Oh, and The Lord of the Rings, too, of course OLIVIER DELAYEAuthor of the SEBASTEN OF ATLANTIS series Les Fleurs du mal The Flowers of Evil, Charles BaudelaireLes Fleurs du mal English The Flowers of Evil is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire First published in 1857 see 1857 in poetry , it was important in the symbolist and modernist movements The poems deal with themes relating to decadence and eroticism 2001 1335 144 1380 126 1384 9647100388 1391 1393 9789647100380 19 1393 455 9786003760332 1840. I read Les Fleurs du Mal many years back, but it is still within me Just a few words about this beautiful, sometimes nightmarish, masterpiece What do you expect to feel when reading Charles Baudelaire Nothing, I expect, falsely innocent, but superior free flowing dream sequences of surrealism I loved to read of prophetic dreams with occasional moments of grace, where the fallen world seems to transform itself into an eternally beautiful moment As always with poetry we have our preferences, those that touches us deeper I am no poet, so I have to satisfy myself to tell you that in its better moments for me it is simply splendid.Just a taste ElevationAbove the ponds, the rills and the dells, The mountains and woods, the clouds and the seas, Beyond the sun and the galaxies, Beyond the confines of the starry shells,O my mind, you proceed with agility, And as a good swimmer finds joy in the tide,You gaily traverse the heavens vast and wide With an indescribable and male felicity.Fly away beyond earth s morbid miasmas Purge yourself in the upper atmosphere, And drink up, divine liqueur so clear, The pure fire suffusing the vast cosmos.Behind the worry and vast chagrin That weigh on our days as gloomy as night, Happy is he who in vigorous flight Can depart for the fields bright and serene He whose thoughts, like uncaged birds, Soar skyward each morning in liberty, Who floats above life, and grasps effortlessly The language of flowers and things without words El vationAu dessus des tangs, au dessus des vall es, Des montagnes, des bois, des nuages, des mers, Par del le soleil, par del les thers, Par del les confins des sph res toil es,Mon esprit, tu te meus avec agilit , Et, comme un bon nageur qui se p me dans l onde,Tu sillonnes gaiement l immensit profonde Avec une indicible et m le volupt Envole toi bien loin de ces miasmes morbides Va te purifier dans l air sup rieur, Et bois, comme une pure et divine liqueur,Le feu clair qui remplit les espaces limpides.Derri re les ennuis et les vastes chagrins Qui chargent de leur poids l existence brumeuse,Heureux celui qui peut d une aile vigoureuse S lancer vers les champs lumineux et sereins Celui dont les pensers, comme des alouettes,Vers les cieux le matin prennent un libre essor, Qui plane sur la vie, et comprend sans effort Le langage des fleurs et des choses muettes

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Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a 19th century French poet, translator, and literary and art critic whose reputation rests primarily on Les Fleurs du Mal 1857 The Flowers of Evil which was perhaps the most important and influential poetry collection published in Europe in the 19th century Similarly, his Petits po mes en prose 1868 Little Prose Poems was the most successful and innovative e

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