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Killing Time (Star Trek: The Original Series #24) Second History A Romulan Time Tampering Project That Has Transported The Enterprise And The Galaxy Into An Alternate Dimension Of Reality Now, Kirk Is An Embittered Young Ensign And Spock Is A Beseiged Starship Commander Lured Into A Romulan Trap, Captain Spock And Ensign Kirk Must Free Themselves From Both Their Captors And Their Own Altered Selvesbefore The Galaxy Hurtles Toward Total Destruction

About the Author: Della Van Hise

Della Van Hise is a native of Florida, transplanted to California at the age of 21, who has subsequently sunk her roots into the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park She has not personally seen any aliens since around 1992, but there is rud to be a secret UFO base underneath her house.Della s writing started around age 11, when she would bang out some of the very earliest fan fiction

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    These notes were made in 1988 Now why does Ms Van Hise s name sound so gosh darn familiar I have the feeling that she has written far inflammatory stuff than this mild and rather interesting tale of time travel alternate universe Because of time tampering by the Romulans, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves

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    Having barely made a dent in the TOS tie in materials I only started watching the show a little over a year ago , I was drawn to read this book out of sequence by its reputation I was amused and intrigued by its almost urban legendary status as the Kirk Spock slash fiction story that actually got a brief publication run as a

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    there was some bad het nonsense in here that i didn t like very much but overall i liked it a lot

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    Time travel Not just in the book, but I also time traveled reading it I have owned the German translation of this TOS novel for two decades, and I clearly remember it being one of my favourites It was interesting re reading it or rather, reading it in the original English for the first time , as it made it really obvious that even back then what drew

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    Killing Time has a lot going for it, the choice to use temporal manipulation offers so much to the author but alas also means you have to find a way to reverse everything and in that respect it can be a disaster waiting to happen Events begin small as those on board the Enterprise experience strange dreams which get vivid until the dreams become the reality a

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    This book was actually one of the best Star Trek books I have read so far About 20 or so The beginning was kind of corny, before the alternate universe takes over, but from then on it s a blast There s enough action to keep the story moving, with enough character interaction to keep me extremely happy.I enjoy a good Spock Kirk FRIENDSHIP story, and that s what this bro

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    It s very intense, in terms of characterization, and it does best when it s exploring the Enterprise crew trying to figure out why their new parallel universe is insanely wrong But this is also a book that tends to hammer home its points both large and small with a sledgehammer The Kirk Spock relationship is extra intenseand I can see where the original, infamous pulped version

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    I was promised slashy subtext Well damn, I got it alright Even the injection of some compulsory heterosexuality could not erase the fact that the interactions between Spock and Kirk are the core of the novel The plot is enjoyable, not the most compelling scenario ever written but it works however, the characters are really what makes the book interesting and that includes the gallery of

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    This had been one of my favorites since I m a big fan of alternate universes, but okay, this is way overwrought WAY overwrought I enjoy a good drama fest, but wow WAY overwrought Did I mention it s overwrought It s overwrought And why didn t I ever see the glaring homoerotic subtext before I have lost my innocence

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