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The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe I wasn t sure what to expect when I approached this book Being such a huge Einstein fan and knowing how he struggled in his own, final quest for the Theory of Everything just before he died, well, I didn t know what to think Had Hawking finally cracked that elusive nut I was originally homeless when I first discovered this book, and living in my car with my 2 cats I would head to the library on special days to kill time, and immediately go to this book and throw myself into its pages I d always been a sort of Hawking Penrose fan up to this point, but really got into the details of the theories seriously when I decided to return to college to study math and theoretical physics.I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of levity and wit Hawking used to approach his topical essays And he made a successful, conscious choice to remove most of the superfluous professor speak and attempt to keep it on a level that most non scientists could understand I commend him for that This book was a bit of an eye opener for me My favourite essays were of those on black holes The interesting thing, is that since reading this book, we have discovered the existence of hyper giants, which weren t around when Chandresekhar devised his now famous, Chandresekhar limit when calculating at what conditions an imploding star would finally fold under the mass of itself and become a black hole It makes me wonder what this now does to his limit calculations.All in all, a superb book for the scientist and non scientist alike Highly recommend. This book is a boon for physics lover The author didn t include complicated mathematical equations He kept language simple and easily understandable The author mixes science with philosophy It exhibits a subtle sense of humor in the book It s a short read Stephen Hawking poses interesting questions about God All in all, a recommended reading.Read full review Books Charming Genre Science, Cosmology.Publication Date 2002A book on Gravity, Black holes, matter anti matter, light, quantum mechanics, time and space Its a cosmological thriller. Praticamente igual a Breve Hist ria do Tempo do Big Bang aos Buracos NegrosQuem tiver lido um n o necessita de ler o outro. Quantum mechanics, Relativity, Thermodynamics, Big bang, black holes . Un libro muy interesante, contiene 6 conferencias impartidas por Stephen Hawking en 1996, sobre el universo, su origen, los agujeros negros y la ltima de todas la que da t tulo al libro, la famosa teor a unificadora que llevan a os buscando los f sicos y que no terminan de encontrar Soy muy fan de este hombre, no s lo tiene una mente prodigiosa, sino que tambi n tiene la capacidad de transmitir conceptos muy complejos de forma que cualquiera pueda entenderlos y esa es una capacidad que muy pocos cient ficos tienen, lamentablemente.Tengo que decir que siempre fui mal sima en f sica y matem ticas en el Instituto y es una espina que tengo clavada hace muchos a os, hace poco hice un MOOC en Coursera estupendo que me reconcili un poco con la f sica De peque a quer a estudiar Astronom a que me fascina, pero al ser tan desastre en f sica y matem ticas, mis tutores me dirigieron a la Biolog a que era m s asequible. Language is lucid However, at times theories are quite complex and simple pictorial illustrations if incorporated might have had been useful The book starts off with the ancient theories on universe evolution and gradually explains reasons for non feasibility of the same in a structured manner It is followed by explaining that why universe is non static, future of stars, different evolutionary models, flaws in them, the paradox which is created if we assume singularity to be existent at the time of bing bang, concepts of quantum gravity and imaginary time to find solutions for fundamental limitations arising because of singularity assumption, possible histories of universe and ultimately capability of string theory to resolve unsolved mysteries At the end author has explained that why unified theory is not possible presently but might be possible in future.Author does tried to add light humour in some parts Fascinating read After reading A Brief History of Time, I wanted to read Stephen Hawking s other books immediately.The Theory of Everything consists of lectures and notes by Prof Hawking His writing still amazes me whenever I get to have a look at his books. Based On A Series Of Lectures Given At Cambridge University, Professor Hawking S Work Introduced The History Of Ideas About The Universe As Well As Today S Most Important Scientific Theories About Time, Space, And The Cosmos In A Clear, Easy To Understand Way

About the Author: Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England His parents house was in north London, but during the second world war Oxford was considered a safer place to have babies When he was eight, his family moved to St Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London At eleven Stephen went to St Albans School, and then on to University College, Oxford, his father s old college Ste

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