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Unlearn It s hard to articulate exactly how I feel about this book I didn t read this book for my own enjoyment I read it as part of my mission to find short texts that will interest high school students I think the book succeeds in that regard the style is informal, easy to read, and generally uplifting without being unrealistically optimistic note some profanity, but not enough to be a dealbreaker However, it s not a very impressive book if you sit down and read it cover to cover Humble The Poet does a great job at following the mindfulness craze, but by the halfway point his words were already becoming repetitive The book has a ton of padding There are 101 chapters that are 1 2 pages each And there s always an extra page dedicated to a quote from that chapter Dude quotes himself constantly many of them aren t even profound So basically 1 3 of the pages in the book are blatantly pointless and repetitive, and another 1 2 of the book is just repetitive There were also some glaringly obvious grammatical mistakes.I m glad I bought this book on sale because it definitely isn t worth 23.99. Such a good book So much wisdom in this Great book if you ve lost you re path in life Definitely answers the questions I ve always been wondering about life. Life Is Hard, And The Older We Get, It Only Seems To Get Complex We Can Easily Get Overwhelmed Trying To Deal With Everything All At Once We Look Everywhere For Solutions To Make The Journey A Bit Bearable Everywhere But Within Sometimes We Gain From Letting Go Whether It S Old Habits, Stale Mindsets, Regrets Of The Past, Or Simply The Way We View Our Lives In Order To Grow We Have To Shed The Things That Are Holding Us Back UnLearn Is Collection Of Writings To Remind You Of The Wisdom You Ve Already Acquired, But May Have Lost Under The Weight And Pressures Of Daily Life Humble The Poet, Aka Kanwer Singh Is An Elementary School Teacher, Writer, Musician, And Creative Who S Writings Are Designed To Be Simple Yet Stimulating UnLearn Is His Literary Debut, Which Aims To Motivate And Inspire You To Explore Your Own Hidden Potentials The Book Is A Compilation Of Easy To Digest Pieces Of Honesty Inspired By His Wildly Popular Blog, Which Has A Loyal Readership Of Over UnLearn Touches Upon A Myriad Of Topics That We All Go Through In Life, From Love, Relationships, To Success, And Chasing Our Dreams This Book Is The Perfect Primer To Clean The Slate, And Allow You A Life Of Fulfillment Through Life Long Learning Simple, Honest, And Effective, UnLearn Is A Collection Of Nuggets That Remind You Of The Things That Keep This Wild Ride Steady A book that was simple, crisp and on to the point Couldn t have asked for a better life lesson in words Please give it a read. consider me humbled Somewhat repetitive, but the author notes at the beginning that all chapters can be taken on their own I think this is a book you can come back to, pick up, and read again from any point to review and inspire the soul The writing is strong and promotes non preachy, to each his own advice. It s a quick read A lot of the points are common, but it s nice to hear another version of the message Great book Excellent Book.To be completely honest I had never even heard of Humble the Poet until I came across this book in a Chapters I had read a few other books similar to this Subtle Art and Fuck It so I thought why the hell not read This one as well Humble made a lot of of really good points as did the other books, that I plan on using to my full potential He talks a lot about cutting off toxic people and to not hold on to the past and to forgive those who have done wrong to you, which are all traits myself and I m sure a lot of other people struggle with I really do recommend This book, along with Fuck It and Subtle Art to anyone who is looking to better themselves, hoping to achieve a happier and fuller life REB. I picked this book up a couple of days ago and I m probably not gonna put it down any time soon I m going to use it as something I can turn to whenever necessary or just when I feel like it to just get a little knowledge from Humble Awesome book. DNF So poorly written, so lacking in editing, so grammatically flawed and full of punctuation errors, it actually hurt my conscience to read I thought if I started copy editing it myself, pen in hand, it might be a fun experience, but all it did was make me feel like I d wasted my money I was really excited to hear that Indigo now has their own publication company I was heartbroken to find out that said company, apparently, does not have an editing staff.

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