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Bodacious BODACIOUSGifted And Talented In Many Ways, Sara Loomis, , Accepts Her One Glaring Inadequacy Her Sexual Repression Sara Is Frigid Kidnapped During The Robbery Of A Convenience Store In The Ozark Mountains On Halloween, Sara Is Terrified That The Hillbillies Will Carry Out Their Threat To Rape And Murder Her Instead, They Deliver Her To Bo, A Hairy, Reclusive, Mute, Old Mountain Man Whom, One Captor Assures, Will Murder Her Quickly But, While Bo, The Silent Caretaker, Does Not Murder Sara, Neither Does He Heed Her Pleas To Return Her To Civilization Sara Is Further Frustrated When Her Escape Attempts Are Thwarted By Her Own Stupidity And Cowardice Over Twelve Days, Sara Grudgingly Begins To Understand And Even Respect Bo S Primitive Lifestyle Gradually, This Unlikely Maestro Arouses Passion Which Stimulates And Frightens Her, Intensifying Her Desperate Need To Escape In Those Attempts, Sara Inadvertently Puts Herself In One Life Threatening Situation After Another

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    So I really didn t expect that this was going to be a five star for me, but I loved this book I loved the story and the characters There were a few things about it that irked me, and under normal circumstances I probably would have given this book four stars, but

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    3.75 stars contemporary romance Bodacious by Sharon Ervin is a title that I come across a lot during my various book trolling sessions on romance discussion forum All reviewers have commented upon the fact that this story is unlike most romances and has the ability t

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    I absolutely ADORED this story It could have been set in any time period in any country, and while the heroine was a little TSTL, the non speaking hero added such a sense of beauty and magic to the story that I didn t mind.But when the FBI showed up about 2 3 of the way t

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    Decent story but a bit fractured Liked the hero The heroine had the most TSTL moment of any I ve ever read in 40 years of reading The ending was just plain goofy The author just sort of headed off in a 180 degree direction that sort of negated the entire first 2 3rds of the s

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    I loved this story I really wanted it to be a 5 star read, especially considering it s almost 20 years old and still relevant today.But seriously, the reason given for why he was mute for than 65% of the book was ridiculous, just completely stupid considering their situation Wha

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    started this and nope think it s because the book I read before this had a writing style that was like artwork Reading this after that was like eating a street hot dog after months of eating the best steaks DNF

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    Sara Loomis is kidnapped by hillbillies during a botched gas station robbery When the matriarch of the inbred family finds out what they ve done, she commands that Sara be taken care of But stuttering Cappy can t bring himself to do the deed, so he leaves Sara at the mercy of Bo, a mute,

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    Didn t know whether to give this a 3 or 4 Bumped it up because it kept my interest I loved Bo but never really like Sara much She thinks she is way smarter than she is and keeps on proving it It is not the smartness that bothered me but the way she proved it by action and thoughts Her stupid

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    Some hillbilly thieves rob a convenient store and kidnap Sara Instead of murdering her themselves, they decide to hand her over to the mountain man, Bo, certain he will do the deed for them.Almost a 5 star I really enjoyed it It kept my attention wanting to know what happens next I had a minor i

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    Konusu ilgimi ekti Farkl eyler denenmi Adam n dilsiz olmas hele, nas l ileti im kuracaklar acaba yle bir kurdular ki ileti im D Yorum ayn zamanda Romancekolikte yay nlanm t r.Buyrun yorumum Uzun zaman nce kar la t m bir kitapt Bodacious Kar la ma sebebimse o zamanlar okudu um bir kitaptan etkileni

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