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Into The Abyss Great StoryDespite the many typos this is one of the best books I ve read for some time now in terms of story and characters It would be good to see some romance in the next book, but this was thoroughly entertaining and very fast paced There was a good combination of humour and serious elements The characters were interesting and well thought through.All in all I would definitely recommend reading this book and I am eagerly awaiting the next book. Into the Abyss by J.L LanglandI pulled this book from a recommendation thread on r Fantasy, and the premise was entertaining Tom, a normal boy in our world, goes to a party and gets summoned into another world as a powerful demon Tom s soul is effectively ripped from him, he dies, and he s bound as a demon slave in Astlan Being a powerful demon yet a slave is a contradiction, and this story is riddled with uncomfortable moments for Tom while he comes to terms with not being human yet still obviously remembering and thinking of himself as human and with being a pawn in a magical war where both sides there are 2 powerful wizards at war are afraid of him.The story turned out not to be clunky, either, which was a fantastic surprise It gets a bit unwieldy as it goes on by adding too many uninteresting POVs but most of the characters in Into the Abyss matter at least in the first 3 4 of the book the army generals and wizards that get introduced as POV characters later are forgettable and boring Tom as the main character is definitely interesting, and he has to deal with the duality of being a human and a demon, and he finds himself slotted into the default evil hell spawn role rather he wants to be or not The wizards of Astlan don t understand where demons come from aka normal souls from other dimensions When Tom becomes a demon, he has trouble with controlling his master s missives and his demonic impulses Jenn, a young wizard, starts out as a interesting character, but she becomes a less interesting character as she a supposedly intelligent and otherwise compassionate woman is played as a bit of a fool when she irrationally and instinctively distrusts Tom This is maybe my biggest character complaint there are characters that do act irrationally For The Plot Jenn is the biggest violator, but even the better characters like Tom and Rupert get in on the action The maligned and traitorous wizard, Gastrope, is maybe the most rational character because he has a reason to distrust Tom he almost murdered him and scared the shit out of him , but Gastrope is the character that makes active attempts to come to term with Tom and spoiler Rupert being demons.Now, let s get to the MVP character of the story Rupert I would ve read a story 1 2 this length that was just about Tom and Rupert, and their big brother little brother relationship is seriously sweet Rupert was a born demon, and he appears to be a major exception to the ripping souls from other dimensions rule of how demons are made in Astlan Rupert disguised himself as a wizard when he started to turn into a demon, and it s Rupert that teaches Tom to shapeshift from demon to human There s a truly touching scene where Rupert reveals his demonic self to Tom, who realizes he and Rupert are the only two people in Astlan who really understand each other Rupert talks about how he ran away when he started to become a demon, and then Rupert drops a bomb he thinks Tom is his father because they do look exactly alike If you think about it, there s a magical in story reason this could be, even if the book doesn t address it This adds levels of questions and confusion to the plot, and Tom, being somewhat sympathetic and simultaneously spineless, decides to let Rupert believe he s Tom s son.After a series of okay but sometimes boring plot developments, Tom Co find themselves in Freehold, where the political situation has spiraled out of control The two wizards are still at war, but there are archdemons involved, too There s also a McGuffin book, which doesn t figure too much into the early plot but the wizards are really interested to open it and control the astral planes The most interesting development is that the Rod of Teirnon, a religious army of a literal warrior God, converge on Freehold to route out the demons The Rod is led by Talerius, their Knight Rampant, and there s a truly climactic battle at the end of the story between Tom and Talerius As with much of this story, there s a bit too much padding around the fight, but it s amazing, and unlike with some books I ve read recently, the ending doesn t disappoint.Rating 4 stars for the story, even when it does feel a bit unpolished and a bit unwieldy. I have to admit, there was a point at which I was considering dropping the book It was one specific part where I felt like the protagonist had just chosen to make a huge mistake about something no spoilers here so don t bother and he absolutely knew it would come back to bite him It came at a bad time, I prefer a bit of a romantic interest in books I read and this book has very little in that regard nearly non existent But then I sort of pushed through it, I dislike leaving a book behind, and there was plenty of action And do I regret reading it Idk, does an ice cream addict regret going to Coldstone Would a demon slave regret ripping his accursed master s heart out using tweezers In all honesty, the book tied up amazingly with what could be termed as a cliff hanger But I definitely cannot wait for the sequel. Wow this book was amazing Definitely one of the best purchases I ve made Note MC is 16 yo and while YA can read it, it really seemed set up for an adult new adult demographic which I think allowed the author to write a better story. Not awful, just boring.Issues Our protagonist is a little too caught up in emotional turmoil for me He s also strangely uninterested in females which is a bit weird for a 16 year old male.The other characters all seem quite one dimensional and some are incredibly dim a good example is the female support she seems incapable of thinking past her prejudice despite consistent exposure to opposing evidence this is especially strange as she is a wizard which involves some fairly complex theoretical knowledge It makes her fairly tiresome.The fight scenes were pretty boring There just wasn t much magic there I think the emotion was missing from the fights than anything We didn t experience any fear or anger or anything much the characters just hit each other until they stopped.Overall i wouldn t bother. This book hits my fancy in many ways A really fun read with lots of humor and silly things but still have those serious weighty and memorable stuff The characters especially our protagonist, Tom, are solid and you could sympathize I had read it almost non stop.The premise is quite unusual and what attracts me in the first place and we are given a story that is just as unusual From the beginning we have a disparity of Tom being an ordinary boy and Tom being a powerful demon This disparity creates a level of complexity to the story that makes it interesting and at the same time gives ample opportunity for humor that the author is able to use to the fullest.Still, given the unusual premise and the humorous silly events, there are still ample amount of serious and weighty matters abound One is the final fight between Tom and Talarius, the knight Here the mater of fair play and honor comes up, the author give it a proper weigh it needs and make the fight a commentary of the virtues instead of flinging it off for a laugh That makes it memorable to me It also kinda reminds me of Charlie Chaplin s works, which even when they are works of comedies are infused with sentimentality, of hardship and strife, of pain and suffering that makes it greater and deeper, instead of being another Tom and Jerry remake.Tom is one of my favorite characters I ever encountered Being a powerful demon makes him a interesting character but his ordinary young boy side, being moral strong and honorable, makes him memorable to me He also reminds me greatly of another of my favorite character Sulley of Monster Inc of Pixar They share a lot of similarities like They are both monsters that are imposing and strong but are still good and softies inside Sulley being a top scarer and Tom a powerful demon makes them rather out of the ordinary, still they are respectful and friendly towards their peers And of course their object of affection, Boo for Sulley and Rupert for Tom that creates some heart warming tender moments Their asexuality Sulley doesn t have the interest towards girls like his partner Mike has, and Tom isn t interested in sex and the like when many around him are doing it I don t know if the author do it intensionally or not, but Tom s asexuality greatly contrast and compliment him It contrast him from other characters, especially the villains, making him different or you could say special and unique among them It also compliments his personality especially his paternal relationship with Rupert This also works the same way with Sully It contrast him from Mike, who wants to get rid of Boo so that his relationship with his girlfriend won t be endangered Sulley s lack of female interest also makes it possible Boo not to compete for affection from Sulley The same thing happens to Tom Imagine what would it be with a female demon for Tom s love interest, Rupert won t have a chance being young and half demon and all The dynamics and relationship between Tom and Rupert would all be gone Their heroism Sulley had faced obstacles, danger and banishment to save Boo and stop the evil plans of the villain Randal Tom also had also go through same challenges to help and protect his friends They do extraordinary things for the sake of others.I don t know if the author is inspired my Monster Inc in this story but it works quite well and make it both success to me.A great and grand story with interesting characters, humorous and silly but still respects the weighty stuff that we all face A book that really speaks to me. Turns Out The Demon Weed Really Is A Gateway Drug Who Knew Tom Perkinje Certainly Didn T He Had Never Smoked Anything In His Life, But As The New Kid In Town Trying To Make Friends, He D Gone To A Party And Had Foolishly Let His New Buddy Reggie Talk Him Into Trying A Joint That He D Picked Up From A New Dealer Before He Knew It, Tom Was Having A Seriously Bad Trip A Total Out Of Body Experience Where The World Had Dissolved Around Him A Few Puffs In And He D Gotten This Massive Case Of Tunnel Vision Where The Entire Party Seemed To Be Happening At The Other End Of A Long Tunnel Soon It Was Like He Was Having This Weird Out Of Body Experience Looking Down At Himself The Next Thing Tom Knew, There Were These Deranged Myopic Wizards From Some Place Called Astlan Calling On Him In Some Sort Of Pig Latin Mumbo Jumbo They Had Somehow Mistaken Tom For A Demon He Tried To Flee But The Wizards Were Relentless And Were Determined To Conjure Him Into Their World And Bind Him As Their Demon Slave For All Of Eternity Oh, Yeah, And Those Crazy Wizards Turns Out They Were Going To War And Planned To Use Their New Demon Slave As A Secret Weapon To Obliterate The Enemy Jenn Was A Journeyman Thaumaturge At Lenamare S Academy Of Wizardry School Was A Living Hell Oh, She Was Learning A Lot, Thanks To Master Trisfelt, But The Head Master And Head Mistress Were Insufferable Egomaniacs Head Mistress Jehenna Seemed Intent On Making Jenn S Life A Living HellIf This Wasn T Bad Enough, The Head Master, Lenamare, Had Gone And Got In A Squabble With Another Wizard, Exador And Now Exador Was Marching His Army On The School And To Top It Off, During What Was Supposed To Be A Routine Classroom Demonstration On Demon Summoning, Lenamare And The Class Had Stumbled Upon What They Thought Was A Minor Demon And Tried To Bind It But Unfortunately It Wasn T A Minor Demon It Was A Greater Demon, Something So Powerful And Evil That They Were Almost Never Conjured Onto The Planes Of Man Naturally Being An Egomaniac, Lenamare Insisted On Trying To Bind It To His Will And Use It To Destroy Exador And His Army So The Question Was Would Exador S Army Ravage And Kill Her, Or Would The School S Newest Defense Consume Her Immortal Soul A very fresh and well thought out approach with a very interesting world I love the comedy, but it was also a very exciting story and I can t wait for the next book Of course that s partly because it ends on a huge cliff hanger. The positives in this story are almost as frequent as the negatives The story has a few plot holes, a few two dimensional characters, and a tonne of useless exposition that does nothing other than make you read mountains of boring information that is completely useless to the reader The story has an absolutely terrible beginning that will scare away most readers at the first chapter Finally, the protagonist is probably one of the worst parts of the whole story There s one plot hole at the start of the novel The head mage makes mention that if the enemy army travelled constantly to get to his fortress without resting then his army would be too exhausted to fight and no sane commander would do it Well when the enemy commander does exactly that, he benefits like crazy and no one mentions how strange it is No one tries to capitalize on what should be an exhausted army They just turtle up and make the whole thing meaningless The exposition in this book is somewhat terrible There are entire chapters dedicated to dryly instructing you in the definitions of the authors made up fantasy bs I m all for developing a detailed world, but that doesn t mean you tell every detail of it to the readers What you do tell them should be built into the story in such a way that you don t notice it Yes you should find a way to drop a lot of information on the reader, but you need to do it carefully and in a way that won t bore the readers to tears This is what writers frequently call show don t tell Where you show the reader how your world works through the plot line rather than dryly explaining it like a school textbook would The first chapters are truly some of the worst in the book The author would have done well to rewrite them It starts getting better at chapter five A few of the problems were the protagonists constant whining about everything The protagonists weird personality really clashes with the fantasy elements of the story His personality starts changing for the better as the story progresses, but it takes awhile Book 2 is much better in that regard The good on the other hand are that a large array of side characters actually have interesting personalities, a few of them are actually three dimensional characters amazingly enough The overall plot of the story is very interesting and develops really well at a good pace The overall concept of the story is a terrific gimmick that would actually make up for a lot of the novels flaws by itself The gimmick is that the protagonist is turned into a demon He s been enslaved by some crazy warlocks and he now has to run errands against his will for them He s incredibly whiny and his personality feels poorly written He recovers in the second half of the book, becoming a decent character with a purpose, but at the beginning he was just awful I think it s because he just spent all his time whining and doing things he didn t want to do obediently His pushover personality really hurt him in the likability section There s this really weird country of strict laws They encounter the protagonist halfway through the story, needless to say the protagonist thoroughly pissed them off Since then, they secretly followed the protagonist and started making incredibly annoying dialog I think the author was trying for an interesting character, but he got carried away with it and just made an incredibly annoying one instead Entire pages filled with descriptions of all the tedious legal terms and laws the protagonist break described with really big and fancy sounding legal words I would have been fine with a couple paragraphs of this, but they literally go on for PAGES and PAGES with it. This book is pretty damn good The whole start to finish was on point It s on of those taken to another world type stories, but it s told from the viewpoint of the unwilling demon It s interesting to see how they think and the way things play out The REAL reason demons are so evil and etc That and the story has plenty of colorful characters all throughout the book Nobody is really evil, but there are set biases that need to be overcome The end of book one sets up one hell of a whopper for book two and I m looking FORWARD to reading it

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