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Delayed Surrender 2 (Delayed Surrender, #2) Mallory And Arrick Are Attempting To Be A Couple His Somewhat Sadistic Need To Dominate Her In The Bedroom Is A Constant Issue Between The Pair She Is A Survivor Of Past Abuse And His Need To Inflict Pain Upon His Lover Is Proving Difficult For Her To Handle She Is Coping, And He Is Patient, But She Is Afraid Of Where He Wishes To Escalate Arrick S Mother Hates Her And Thinks She Is Far Too Low To Date Her Son, And In An Attempt To Relieve Some Pressure, He Takes Mallory On A Weekend Getaway To His Mentor S Home In The Country Hendrick Welcomes The Pair, But Everything Went Sour In The Blink Of An Eye Mallory Goes Home Alone, And Arrick Tells Her It Is Over Mallory Is Heartbroken And She Falls Into A Deep, Suicidal Depression That Lasts Months Her Friend Trish Helps Her And Slowly She Starts To Heal And Mend She Takes A New Job With Responsibility, Which Motivates And Distracts Her On The Opening Night Of The New Agency, Arrick Sanderson Jr Appears And Pleads For Her Forgiveness She Is Just Beginning To Recover And Live Again Will She Succumb To The Man She Considers Her Soul Mate

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    I liked the first book in this series but this one was a little complex and much emotional and then it just totally pissed me all the hell off and Arrick what a douche Don t like him Nope He sucks. I ll read the final one just because I m hoping he can at least partially redeem himself for his epic douchery

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    This story is about the BDSM world and how different people handle it in different fashions This particular book shows the actual result of what happens when two different Doms handle the same sub To read this and understand, you have to understand that all people don t handle the same situation the same way.

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    Wonderful 2nd book in the series I am thoroughly enjoying this one.

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    Awesome read

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    This is my 5 star review for Delayed Surrender 2 by Megan Bright.Delayed Surrender 2 continues the path to coupledom for Mallory Dunlap and Arrick Sanderson Jr Mallory Dunlap is a smart, sexy, and determined young woman She has a past that she would rather forget and a future that is looking bright Will she be able to be the submissive that Arrick n

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    I am still very much enjoyin this story and stand by my review of part 1 and add that this is a difficult story and strongly recommend reading part 1 prior to starting this one.Previous review I very much enjoyed this story and series It was a bit out of the norm for me, in a good way This story I would classify as erotic contemporary romance It is

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    Wow where do I begin I read book 1 and was totally into this series Then I started reading book 2 and about half way into it I just became immediately pissed off Seriously, the scene with the douche bag Hendrick was just majorly messed up No aftercare after he about beats her half to death The girl gets seriously ill and don t even get me started on d

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    ummmm not sure how to address this review HATE Arrick

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