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Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon Re read September 2, 2017Pero syempre, walang okey Hindi okey ang lahat.Unang pagbasa February 22, 2015May TALA Online ba sa totoong buhay Para kasing gusto ko nang laruin ang game na to Kapag ini imagine ko kasi yung laro base sa pagkakalarawan ni Janus, pangunahing tauhan mukhang napaka epic Mukhang ang astig Mukhang mag e enjoy at mapapa isip ako Kaya unang kabanata pa lang, naku, hooked na agad ako.Iniisip ko nga nung una kung tungkol ito sa kompyuter game, bakit may Tiyanak sa titulo Hanggang sa nabanggit ni Janus na ang TALA Online ay tungkol sa paglaban sa mga aswang, tikbalang, mambabarang, etc para matapos ang mga lebel ng laro Sa makatuwid, Philippine myth and folklore Pamilyar ako sa mga aswang at tikbalang na yan pero hindi sa mga Bagani at Pusong na syang magiging character mo sa laro Nailarawan at naipalawanag na ni Janus ang lahat nang hindi sasakit ang ulo mo dahil sa info dumping na tinatawag.Bukod pa riyan, ang ganda ng naging takbo ng kwento Mula umpisa hanggang dulo, hindi ako nabore Mas tumaas pa nga ang pananabik at excitement ko sa bawat paglipat ng pahina Dahil talaga namang ang misteryoso ng mga nagaganap at nakakaexcite nang malaman kung ano ang mangyayari kay Janus May mga iba t ibang elemento pa ang umusbong sa kwento na lalong nagpa spice up sa istorya.Iba iba rin ang naramadaman ko habang binabasa ang librong ito which is important Para sa akin, hindi epektibo ang libro kung di ako naaapektuhan nito May mga eksenang nakakakaba at nakakatakot May mga eksenang matutuwa ka at magtataka At merong mga eksenang tila may pumupunit sa puso ko para gawing confetti sa isang variety show tuwing tanghali Tapos yung mga twists I didn t see them coming Eh kasi naman, mali pala yung iniisip ko Tuloy na shock talaga ko sa mga twists.At bilang naglalaro naman talaga ako ng mga kompyuter games, di ako nahirapan sa mga technical terms jargons na ginamit ng may akda Okay rin sa kin yung paggamit ng malalim na Tagalog.Sa huli, para sa akin, astig ang librong ito at eksayted na ako sa sequel which is malapit na raw sabi ni Sir Egay At kung Filipino ka, sana mabasa mo rin ang librong ito, P175 lang naman. Sa Tournament Ng TALA Online Sa Bayan Ng Balanga, Namatay Ang Lahat Ng Manlalaro Maliban Kay Janus Sunod Sunod Pa Ang Naging Kaso Ng Pagkamatay Ng Mga Kabataan Sa Computer Shops Sa Iba T Ibang Panig Ng Bansa Kinontak Si Janus Ng Nagpakilalang Joey, Isa Rin Umano Sa Mga Nakaligtas Sa Paglalaro Ng TALA Na Gaya Niya Hindi Inasahan Ni Janus Ang Mga Matutuklasan Niya Mula Rito Na Mag Uugnay Sa Kanya Sa Misteryo Ng Kinahuhumalingan Niyang RPG At Sa Alamat Ng Tiyanak Mula Sa T Bon I love this series More so because it s a book coming from a Filipino author Some would say that it s like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson maybe because the book is marketed as YA and it has a young boy as the protagonist but the story is very Filipino, at the same time people especially kids will relate to It s about a boy named Janus Silang who participated in an online tournament game but his companions died after finishing a difficult level, he s the only survivor in that internet cafe who played Terra Anima Legion of Anitos TALA online , not only that, a series of deaths have been reported all over the country linking to the online game.I m not into playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games MMORPG that s why sometimes it s hard to get the feel of it but the author explained the gameplay, the characters and other terms used in the online game satisfactorily without being verbose that I was able to understand them but if you re a gamer then you ll quickly get into what he s talking about I love Janus Silang as a character because he portrays the kids of todays generation Kids today are into online games and other tech y stuff that some are even addicted, they enjoy the company of peers, and are also fledglings in love Not only that he represents every kid who fantasize of being a hero who saves the world from the evil forces.It also fascinates me that the TALA online made use of the Filipino folklore as the game s concept As the use of internet has becomeconvenient nowadays, kids haveaccess to foreign cultures and embracing them, gradually forgetting our Filipino cultures and lore So this book is also great way to introduce and revisit our folklore to everyone.With a certain degree of epicness, this book enthralled me with its horror and mystery, the Tiyanak seriously scared me, I had to sleep with the lights on LOL and like the Harry Potter series, this is a kids book that transcends ages I hope it can also be translated to appeal to foreign readers.I highly recommend this book to Filipino readers Read it Crossposted The Library MistressI ve been a gamer myself I used to go to computer shops to play Counter Strike in elementary, but what really hooked me was Gunbound, I don t know if any of you still remember that game but it has really been popular back in 2006 Don t let its cute GUI fool you because I ve met serious gamers around the world in the Gunbound arena It s not just two players firing at each other, this artillery game is all about strategic calculation However, as the fuss died down and DOTA captured the hearts of every gamer I know at that, I let the girl in me bloomed into a lady and shied away from RPG and online games Okay, let s just be truthful here, DOTA is beyond me My then 5 year old brother who will turn 11 in June understands it better than I do I ve tried so hard, but believe me, this brain I have just won t accept it.In this book, Janus and his friends chose another online battle arena over DOTA, Terra Anima Legion of Anitos TALA , a game developed by three Filipinos only known to many as ECS, LOG and JAP TALA plays a huge part in the narrative of this book Online games lure kids and every kid at heart, its magnet is something no one can turn away from and that is why Janus and his friends can t stop playing TALA, be it just for bragging rights or self fulfillment, they know they need to find Tala and finish the game.Like every other game, TALA has different levels and a player must compete and win against Philippine mythical creatures like the Tiyanak on Level 1.Every player needs a BAT or the Bayani Anito Tandem to combat the monsters on every level and because of TALA s intricate game design, every player is assured that no BAT is alike.A player can choose between a Bagani or a Pusong for their Bayani and their Anito can either be a Diwata or a Nuno.But the mystery will begin to unfold as Janus and his friend Harold alongside with four other gamers vie for a place in the nationwide TALA tournament and everyone died as they reach a certain level, save for Janus The question is Is the role playing game really instrumental in the death of Harold and the others Another gamer Joey, who contacted Janus affirms the theory, but should we really believe him I had my 10 year old brother read this before I did I felt he ll appreciate this because he is an RPG addict like the protagonist of the story He kept talking about the game and how to play it while reading and that to me is a testament that the author did an awesome job on world building Well, it is safe to say that he created Janus s universe in a way even young readers can grasp and imagine it I can say that at a time it is almost believable that I myself had to think about its implication to the real world I m in What if, what if the legend of the Tiyanak from T bon were true I don t know if you ve already read the first chapter but if ever you haven t I suggest you do It just doesn t open Janus s story but it s a sneak peek into the life he leads a look into his family, friends, environment and who Janus really is.The book is written in third person narrative as opposed to other Young Adult novels that are in first person but this only allowed the author the freedom to explore not only the thoughts of the protagonist but other events as well.My instincts tell me that I must stop here and just invite you to the book discussion I will lead next week I shall announce the venue very soon or else I won t be able to stop myself from blurting out spoilers Too Much Feels I can t even.Let me just leave you with thisI ve long concluded that the books written by The Edgar Calabia Samar are not just manuscripts but a mixture of love, passion and hardwork Reading his work has always been an experience and Si Janus Silang at Ang Tiyanak ng T bon didn t stray away from that streak It is exciting, thought provoking and action packed I just hate I need to wait until November for the second book. Pasensya na po, pero, tangina, ang lupit Mahilig akong maglaro ng computer games lalo na kapag mga RPG katulad ng Ran Online at Cabal Online Mahilig din akong mag DOTA, ang larong hindi ko sinisisi kung bakit ako nakakuha ng 76 sa Filipinosa Filipino paPero nagbawas ako ngayon ng oras sa paglalaro dahil pa college na ako.Pero sa tulong ng librong to, parang binalik ako sa mga araw na nakaupo ako sa shop at nililinlang ang sigaw ng sikmura para masustentuhan ang gutom sa paglalaro Kitang kita ko ang sarili ko kay Janus bilang manlalaro ng computer games.Pero tumuon tayo mismo sa kwento.Uulitin ko lang, tangina, ang lupit Hindi ko talaga balak basahin to dahil isa itong series Ayokong nabibitin ako Okay lang na mabitin ako, pero yung wala na talaga akong aasahang mangyayari pa Yung sa isip ko na talaga mismo magtatapos yung kwento Pero, binali ko yung mga restriksyon kong iyon para sa librong ito.At nagpapasalamat ako sa sarili na binali ko yon.Ngayon lang ako nakapagbasa ng YA book na ganito kalakas Sa una, nalunod ako sa mga impormasyon tungkol sa TALA, na parang isang baguhang manlalaro na gustong gamayin ang bagong laro Pero sa kalaunan, para na akong beterano na gamay na gamay na ang pipndutin sa keyboard, dahil habang binubuklat sa akin ang kwento, sunod sunod na rin ang lipat ko ng bawat pahina na nakalimutan kong maggagabi na Mga plot twist na mapapa tangina ka talaga Yung tipong mapapakamot ka sa mukha hindi dahil sa pagkadismaya kundi dahil hindi mo talaga maaasahan ang nangyayari.Pinapakita ng librong to kung gaano kalupit si ser Egay para baliin ang nasa isip ng tao upang makabuo ng mas magandang kalalabasan Sana basahin to ng kapwa ko manlalaro ng computer games, paniguradong hindi sila magsisisi.Pero mas maganda basahin to ng lahat.Ser Egay, ang lupit mo Tangina. Nakakatindig balahibo Nakakagulantang Nakamamatay ang maling akala Kuwento ng magkaibigan na sila Janus, Harold, Boss Serj, Renzo, Mica, atbp. para sa gaganapin na Online games sa Malakas Internet Shop, malaki ang papremyo at makakasali sa gagawin malaking kompetisyon sa Maynila Kaya naman dito humuhugot ng pag asa at pangarap si Janus upang mabigyan din ng regalo ang kanyang mga mahal sa buhay kanyang mga magulang at ang sinisintang si Mica.Kung bakit kung sino pa ang mahal mo sa iyong buhay ay sila pa ang dudurog o magbibigay kirot sa iyong puso.Pero hindi dapat mawalan ng pag asa dahil ang TALA o kaliwanagan ay patuloy na gumagabay sa may mabubuting puso at bayani ng makabagong panahon Pakaaabangan ang serye na ito Super level up talaga Sa kaastigan ng kwento Mag ingat , huwag papadaya o mapaglilinlangan dahil maaaring katabi mo na o kaharap mo na pala ang TIYANAK ng Tabon.Maganda iyong eksena na nagkaharap harap sila Janus, Mang Joey, Renzo, Do ol, Tiyanak Hahamunin ang iyong katapangan.Maadik ka sa pagbabasa at talagang hindi mo lulubayan hangga t hindi mo nalalaman ang tunay na salarin o TIYANAK Mababaliw ka kung sino ang dapat na paniwalaan Kaya t magiging sunod sunuran ka na lang Sasambulat sa iyo ang lihim na sisira at dudurog sa iyong puso Kailangan ang pokus at tibay ng dibdib dahil baka ka maging kumag at lapain ng Tiyanak.Para sa akin para itong pinaghalong ideya ng Matrix at X Men, kaakibat ng mga anito, halimaw, Tiyanak, kuwentong bayan, at mga unang Tao ng Tabon Liwanag laban sa kampon ng kadiliman.Napapanahon at maii ugnay ko ito sa ating PULITIKA dahil nagkalat ang mapanlinlang, katiwalian, at kampon ng mga kadiliman sa korapsyon Mga lihim ng pagkukunwari sa ating gobyerno na akala mo y tutulungan ka pero isa pa lang ganid na lobo na pagnanakawan ang kaban ng yaman at nakaririmaring na pagpatay sa mga journalism o media Marami pala ang nalahian ng TIYANAK hahalTEKNOLOHIYA matagal na pa lang na hahack at nakokopya ang ating mga personal files at napapasukan ng mga virus Superbug virus dahil pwedeng kopyahin o gayahin ng Tiyanak kung anu man ang maibigan niya hayop, bagay, o tao.KASAYSAYAN kaya pala binalot ng mga lihim, kataksilan, at katiwalian ang ating Kasaysayan Ang pagbenta sa bansang Pilipinas sa Espanya at Amerika Ang mapanlinlang na mga kapwa Katipunero, Hukbalahap, at pagtatraydor ng iba dahil sa pagsanib ng Tiyanak sa kanilang puso. Sa simulang pagbukas ng pinakabagong nobela ni Edgar Calabia Samar ay bigla ka nitong hihigupin sa mundo nitong pun ng hiwaga, dilim, at misteryo Hindi ka nito pakakawalan, at sa bawat pagpihit ng mga pahina ay waring tinubuan ang mga ito ng matatalim na kuko dahil hindi ka makabibitaw sa palalim nang palalim na kababalaghan, sa giit ng mga tanong sa iyong isipan, sa makapigil hiningang mga tagpo, at sa mga nakagugulat na rebelasyon patungo sa kasukdulan ng kuwento Walang ligtas, sasairin nito ang iyong dugo sa tensyon at katuwaan, pati na ang diwa ng iyong himbing sa pagtulog hindi patatahimikin Ganoon siya kaastig Basahin ang kabuuan ng aking review, at iba pa, sa aking book blog, Dark Chest of Wonders I have read a great deal of positive feedback about this My fellow blogger reviewed that it is likened to the Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring series of Britain or to anything else out there considered world class Someone on Goodreads shouts out to the world that it is ang lupet Also, someone outspoken professed that he is willing to die, ignoring the fact that the Tiyanak might come out to bite out his throat and stomach he insisted on giving it 5 stars on Goodreads no matter what you find fault with this As a matter of fact, with a special mention to Manix Abrera, the master mind of KikoMachine, reviewed that this is one of the most frightening and hair raising stories he has ever read He also added that there were the moments that he would turn back because his hair would stand on end in fear that something might have been sneaking behind him Ok I am not against their opinions I totally agree Whoa I belong to you folks.If you are Filipino, I highly recommend you read it Give it a try I promise you will like it as well as end up appreciating our very own fiction First, it is not that cringingly old fashioned or baduy Do not be mindful of what some anglicized hubris put that reading local books makes a dull head of you They must not even have a reliably scientific term paper to claim so Rather, you can relate to it, especially if you like playing online games Besides, the author s writing style is unique and not that super slang nor super archaic It is balanced I may suggest it an oxymoron of informality and formality Thus, anyone can read it regardless of your age, sex, religion, or whatsoever In the end, you will put the feather on your cap I bet Alas, it has not been translated yet for foreign readers as what happened to his short listed one for Asian Man Literary Prize , Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog after it was catapulted to fame.I muttered under my breath while reading it that for sure, young adult readers who are addicted to playing computer games, needless to say the now defunct , if I am not mistaken, DOTA Defense of the Ancient , will really like it Besides, it reminded me of my another university classmate who , aside from that he is a closet bookworm because he never brags about reading a lot, is known for addiction to DOTA I will share it with him once I meet him I guess he is aware of it.Granted that it deals with online computer games, and that I do not like reading bookson fantasy since I believe in scientific reasons, I still enjoyed it a whole lot In fact, I got interested in it because the author conceptualized a very Filipino game Instead, he created the characters out of famous Filipino myths and legends such as dwende, nuno, aswang, mambabarang, manananggal, tiyanak, bagani , pusong, diwata, and so forth With these settings, I can totally relate to the story since I have learned all of them So I got a thrill out of it My hair stood on end I was nervous, worried, angry until I burst into tears when the protagonist s mother died Shit It was Christmas when I was reading it.As the climax of the story goes, I am amazed at Edgar Calabia Samar s writing skillsIt is wonder how he is able to incorporate the Filipino life and his fondness for Philippine literary figures into such a story Besides, obviously I can surmise, he makes sure that every angle of the story is consistent to each other without any plot holes about which a reader will be very cynical And I admit to overlooking some of them just this book is rather remarkable a tour de force Period.For my foreign folks, the center of the story is the Tala which means star The main characters have to find it Tala through an online game, so the melodramatic game will be over However, since the story is pretty interesting, I do not have the foggiest idea when the author will finish it Of course, it is understood that he will capitalize on its fame Besides, he must still have a large panoply of ideas running into his head.Up next , my review of its part two Si Janus Silang at ang Labanang Manananggal Mambabarang. Really good and quick read Dati ko nang sinusundan ang mga writers na nagsasa contemporary fiction ng mga alamat, legends, at characters sa Pinoy mythology Nabasa ko na ang Mythology Class ni Arnold Arre, at sinusundan ko rin ang uniberso ni Alexandra Trese na gawa nina Budjette Tan at Kajo Baldissimo Tapos, this THIS Buhay na buhay nga ang mito at mga kwentong bayan ng Pilipinas Gaya ng inaasahan, bitin ang book 1 na ito Sana naman, hindi ako maghihintay ng super tagal bago lumabas ang book 2 At dahil bata pa naman si Edgar Samar, hindi ako natatakot na mag aala Robert Jordan ito, kung sakali mang umabot sa 13 o higit pang libro ang series na ito Wala pa akong ibang nababasang ganitong libro na nakasulat sa Filipino kaya ang masasabi ko lang astig ka Janus Silang Hanapin mo yang tiyanak na yan at ipatikim mo ang parusang dapat niyang pagdusahan. RTC.

About the Author: Edgar Calabia Samar

Edgar Calabia Samar is a multi awarded poet and novelist from the Philippines His first novel, Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog, received the NCCA Writer s Prize in 2005, and its English translation as Eight Muses of the Fall was longlisted in the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2009 In 2013, he received two Philippine National Book Awards one for his second novel, Sa Kasunod ng 909 Best Novel , and an

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