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I ve been on so many lose weight quick diets I always lose weight in the beginning only to gain it all back and then some I ve been dieting for most of my life I must have started when I was 13 I ve been beating myself up for years unable to understand why the calories in, calories out approach wasn t working for me I felt like such a failure.I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Ari s presentations I left feeling energized and interested and couldn t wait to knowof his work In his presentation he described much of what is in his book, however, Forever Fat Loss includes muchdetail.This book explains the gap between what science knows about fat loss and what the health fitness diet industry tells us I ve known for a while that processed food is bad for me but I didn t understand why Ari uses simple language backed by science to explain The body fat set point system The neurological causes of fat gain The cellular hormonal causes of fat gain Why counting calories doesn t work for permanent fat lossForever Fat Loss is incredibly informational and a relatively short read The book concludes with sample menus and tips on how to achieve permanent fat loss in the most painless way possible Nogoing hungry, feeling fatigued, or giving up carbs.I can finally stop blaming myself for what others called a lack of will power I now feel armed with the knowledge necessary to make solid decisions about my health without being paralyzed and demotivated by my guilt.I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with fat loss or has been on any kind of diet Stop depriving yourself and making it painful There s a better way Forever Fat Loss explains how. Lots of great info BUT the first 25% is so repetitive it could possibly drive a person nuts.Also, what s with having the suggestions to avoid processed foods, yet menu suggestions include protein powders If it doesn t run, fly, swim, or grow out of the ground as a fruit or vegetable, don t eat it For pete s sake, grain is actually a type of fruit, and thus closer to fitting the parameters of that quote than protein powders. Forever Fat Loss Escape the Low Calorie and Low Carb Diet Traps and Achieve Effortless and Permanent Fat Loss by Working with Your Biology Instead of Against It is kind of an ambitious and way too long title, but the book makes sense It talks a lot about eating whole, unprocessed foods and about the importance of moving throughout the day, not just when you go to the gym He would like you to have a treadmill desk at work, which is obviously not feasible for everyone, but I get the idea Sitting still for 7 hours a day is just not good for us We were built to be moving I haven t figured out what to do about that yet I think I m going to pick up one of those under the desk pedal things.The end of the book includes a checklist to go over daily that hits the highlights of the book I don t do very well yet Some processed foods are hard to give He also wants you to eat little to no grains, legumes, lentils, and nut seed products, not because he s an avoid wheat person, but because his outlook is that you can get the same nutrients and fiber from other, better sources.Is this book going to help me lose weight we ll see His outlook is to lose weight slowly and reset your body, rather than lose a bunch quickly , but just gain it all back in a year I think his approach makes sense, though.The one bad thing about the book is that there is a lot of repetition It s like he didn t have quite enough material so things get repeated Also, the printable checklist wasn t so printable for me I read this on my Kindle and don t know how to print off of it I actually typed it up though I m a bit of a geek and think I have a chance at actually following the advise if I have a list to check off add up my points. This book is a must read for anyone looking to permanently lose fat and get their body back to its natural state of being lean The writing style is straight forward and the book is packed with citations to studies Ari certainly has done his homework His approach is amazingly simple and doable liberating is the word that kept coming to mind as I read through Forever Fat Loss I started implementing his approach as I read the book I stopped logging every morsel that crossed my lips and agonizing over every calorie eaten burned and guess what I didn t gain any weight in fact, I gained muscle and lost some inches and enjoyed eating again without the stress of counting calories Thank you Ari Escape The Dieting Trap And Transform Your LifeHave You Been Spinning Your Wheels, Trying Diet After Diet, Only To Lose And Regain The Same , , OrPounds Over And Over Again Author Ari Whitten S Here To Tell You That It S Not Your Fault The Common Weight Loss Strategy Of Burn Calories Than You Take In Will Fail % Of You In The Long Term, Simply Because This Goes Against Your Body S Natural Wisdom So It S Time To Stop Fighting Against Your Biology And Start Working With Your Biology Forever Fat Loss Will Show You HowEat What You Crave And Get Leaner By The DaySick Of Suffering Through Diets Where You Need To Restrict Fat, Carbs, Or Calories There Is A Better Way Satisfy Your Cravings For Sweet, Salty, And Fatty Foods, And Still Reach Your Fat Loss Goals Effortlessly Forever Fat Loss Sheds Light On A Whole New Way Of Eating That Will Keep Your Taste Buds Happy Without Increasing Your Pants Size Be Inspired By The Included Meal Plans, And Stay On Track With The Printable Daily Habit ChecklistsEliminate The Hidden Triggers That Are Keeping You FatDid You Know That One Hour Of Watching Television Shaves Minutes Off Your Life Than One Cigarette How Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Waistline Why Is It ThatCalories Of Broccoli Affects Your Body Differently ThanCalories Of Processed Food The Answers To These Questions May Hold The Secret To Why You Can T Lose Weight, Even If You Ve Struggled With Diet And Exercise For Years Forever Fat Loss Takes You Step By Step Through Scientifically Proven Methods For Increasing Health And Shedding Excess FatUncover The Secrets Of The Fat Loss IndustryDiscover The Real Causes Of The Obesity Epidemic That The Fat Loss Industry Never Told Youbecause They Aren T Even Aware Of These Causes Themselves Learn Why People Actually Lose Weight On Low Carb Diets Hint It S Not From Restricting Carbs Find Out What Kind Of Exercise Actually Works And How Much Of It You Should Be Doing From Magnesium And Metabolism To Insulin And Leptin, It S All Covered In This Comprehensive Plan That Will Have You Working With Your Biology Rather Than Against ItThere S No Excuse Ari Makes This Plan Accessible To Everyone, Whether You Re Eating The Standard American Diet From Your Couch Or Dashing Off To A Meeting As The CEO Of A FortuneCompany Order This Book Today And Break Free From The Diet Trap FOREVER I am giving this 4 stars for having helpful information It is repetitive Very repetitive But if you can borrow it fromlike I did or get it for Kindle when on sale then it is worth a read if you struggle with losing and gaining weight.I have been slowly changing my lifestyle for several years now and this book fit into that forward movement I am always looking for strategies that move fat out of my cells and out of my body without the resulting regain of evenfat I have been pretty diligent over the last year in getting the required sleep My Fitbit has helped with that I am especially intrigued by the idea of movingfrequently As a sedentary person I find that very difficult The Fitbit has helped me move , but I was still getting all my steps in at one go I now get 12,000 steps a day and since reading this book I am trying to concentrateon not sitting too long at one time As a consequence I have readaudiobooks this year Whenever I jump up to walk for 10 minutes I listen to my audiobook I do not prefer audiobooks but I am happy I can exercise and read I am anxious to see if this new movement pattern throughout the day helps in my continual weight loss journey I struggle to eat protein so I am working on that and alsoclean eating of whole foods Baby steps This book islike a pamphlet and would be evenso if it was edited properly but it is a helpful pamphlet Don t you hate was goes by the name of book in these Kindle days Get Off The Weight Loss Treadmill ForeverFinally a common sense, yet scientifically supported approach to permanent weight loss Having battled and lost an extra 40 lbs several years ago, keeping it off has taken serious, concentrated effort Now I understand why It s not me, it s my biology Previously vegan and then vegetarian, I wasn t able to lose, much less sustain weight loss Now a meat loving, low carb devotee I ve successfully shed the unwanted pounds, but am often still hungry, food obsessed and the weight is slowly creeping back on This book for me, is like a life preserver in a sea of so called experts.If you ve ever struggled with getting weight off, keeping weight off or just want to feel good again then this book is for you. Excellent and very motivating I really loved this book As someone who s been battling the proverbial ten extra pounds her entire life, I found the science behind the author s theory convincing and his system excellent revolutionary even.It does demand quite a few changes in one s lifestyle though, but they re ultimately for the better Apparently, the author has already had the book professionally edited which is why I didn t notice any of the issues repetitiveness, etc mentioned by other reviewers I just kept reading wishing the book was ten times longer Overall, a very fresh and no nonsense approach to weight loss. Despite the author s protestations to the contrary, this is really just paleo Or, rather, paleo light It s paleo with dairy so, primal , white potatoes which many paleo authors doctors now accept as part of the diet and occasional properly prepared grains legumes so, WAPF meets paleo There is absolutely nothing new here. A science based and very balanced approach to sustainable fat loss It s anti calorie counting, anti macronutrient or food groups restrictions of any kind and pro whole foods and healthy relationship with food Very good for people who need healing from chronic dieting or who have fallen victims of diet dogmas of any sort. Forever Fat Loss

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