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Keepers of The Flame Ok, so I didn t care for Bri and Elizabeth, but particularly Elizabeth She they were rather mercenary and egotistic Perhaps pseudo on track for a doctor, but she just got her MD, she should still have some idealisticality And Bri should be all altruism Not so I didn t care for how they didn t join in with the other Exotiques They were determined to be outsiders and treated differently than the others I was happy with Elizabeth s story completion, and kinda Bri s She coulda been a bit likeable and less childish Raina Raina Ya That was kinda weird introducing her in this book It was kinda interrupting I like her tho, I like her story so far Looking forward to of it in the next book. OkI really disliked Elizabeth I like Bri though The story was good and the wrting pretty good but she tried to cram way too much in this book The main characters, each giving their own persective Waaaayy too much going on If she had made this two books and actually explored some characters a little it would be a stronger book I still love the story arch though. As with so MANY Luna offerings this book felt like a sketch than a fully developed novel There is some great writing in there, some good characters and interesting ideas but nothing ever felt fleshed out I have to wonder if Luna pushes their authors to meet unreasonable deadlines I will stay tuned for other books by the author but skip the others in this series unless I find them at the library. This book started off interesting to me, especially because I am a twin so I could easily relate to the story It felt jumbled up towards the middle end It was as if this could have been several stories into one Usually I can read a book in a few days This took forever as I set it down, read through a few pages, then set it down for weeks The first books in her series are much better. not as good as the first 3 books. I wished Raine had her own book I didn t like Cassidy at all But still a fun read. Elizabeth DrystanBri Brigid DrystanElizabeth and Bri are twins that get summoned through a time dimension to a place called Lladrana Stuck in a strange land, fighting a plague sent by the Dark to weaken Lladrana, they must use all their resources to save lives and get a chance to go home to Earth This book is a very good book, it is a stand alone book so you don t have to read the previous books The book would appeal to a large number of readers, it has adventure, sweet romance, friendship I really liked both Elizabeth and Bri They both had tough decisions to make regarding their lives and did what they felt in their hearts I would read others in the series. Two Sisters Born To Serve The Sorcerers Of Lladrana Have Already Summoned Three Women To Help Fight The Evil Attacking Their World Yet Their Fourth Summoning Brings The Unexpected Twin Sisters And Ones With Strong Ties To EarthBoth Have A Special Gift To Heal But While Brigid Drystan Has Explored That Gift Through Unorthodox Means, Elizabeth Has Poured Herself Into Getting A Medical Degree And Denying Her PowersNow, Stuck In A Strange Land, Fighting A Plague Sent By The Dark To Weaken Lladrana, They Must Use All Their Resources To Save Lives And One Twin Will Risk Her Own On An Experiment That Might Doom Them Both Keepers of the flame is book 4 of the Summoning series All books are about women who are Summoned from Earth to Amee There, they discover they have power, are needed in a fight against the dark, and they meet their significant other Book four is no exception, except that instead of one woman being Summoned, this time there are actually two Well, view spoiler three, if you read a bit further hide spoiler Her earlier books focused on the new Exotique s task and relationships This has a lot development of the overarching plot of the series, and less character development And a lot less relationship development By reusing characters from earlier books, Owens could focus her character development on Bri Elizabeth since the readers were already familiar with most everyone else.As a character, poor Raine really got passed over There s zero character development for her, just a general sketch of her experiences I think Owens used Raine as way to get two Exotiques from one book and to keep readers guessing about Elizabeth Bri.Most romance author s who write series revolving around related characters with each book telling a different person s story can t resist scenes from the pov of earlier characters I always find that jarring It takes me out of the current story and back to previous stories Owens manages to resist that So we get to see Alexa and Marian and Calli from the outside, so to speak And that makes it easier to stay focused on our new characters, Bri Elizabeth.Despite my dissatisfaction and the book s flaws, I ll be reading the next final book in the series I ve got a lot invested in the world, particularly Alexa, and I want to see how it all turns out.

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