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“After all, what was adult life but one moment of weakness piled on top of another? Most people just fell in line like obedient little children, doing exactly what society expected of them at any given moment, all the while pretending that they’d actually made some sort of choice.”
― Tom Perrotta, Little Children

What happens when your bored and disillusioned? When the flatness of the days mold themselves into your soul and you are not SAD just indifferent?

And you think: is this all there is?

I have read two of Perrotta's books and loved both of them. He does have a way of creating bleakness and atmosphere in a really realistic manner.

Anyway..Little Children is about the daily grind of life in the suburbs. It kind of reminds me of a bit of one of my all time favorite books 'revolutionary Road". While I do not like this as much, it is still an incredible story.

The characters created are achingly real. And love them or hate them, they are drawn so vividly. I was deeply moved by the story of boredom, silent angst and wrong choices which can result in tragic turns of events as well all know.

I do seem to be drawn to these types of stories. I love the psychological components that often accompany books like this.

I had the opportunity to read several reviews and many said the film was better. I agree slightly but I think that is because the cast in the film gave such incredible performances. With his other book
Election, which was also a movie, I disliked the film and loved the book.

For fans of Literary Fiction, this is a great pick and it would also be perfect for book groups as there really is so much to talk about. Tom Perrotta appeared in my library's Who Writes Like file when I entered Richard Russo's name. Personally, I don't see the resemblance; Perrotta has none of Russo's wonderfully wry wit nevertheless Little Children was a worthwhile albiet quick read. Yes, this is a satire but not a laugh out loud one for me. Infidelity, a knickersniffing husband, a convicted child molester, an unfulfilled housewife, a retired cop with a penchant for violence, but not too much actually about the 'little children'; it's an interesting mix. As I've discovered in his other novels, Perrotta likes to talk about moral dilemmas and he put this reader in the moral dilemma of actually pitying a child molester and that did shake me up a lot. Perrotta writes with a sharp intuition into the human condition; this is an interesting, sometimes compelling novel. 3.5★ Tom Perrotta is usually very fun to read. I'm pretty sure I've read all his books, and I typically polish them off (meaning I read them, not eat them; you should not eat books) within the day, which for me is impressive. A dinette set could finish a marathon with time to spare well before I complete a book, but Perrotta's voice is easygoing and funny, and a master at pacing if you ask me, so I happily breeze right through.

But "Little Children", for which he has arguably received the most attention, is in no way his best book. Now I still finished it in a day or two, so at least it's not boring. I got the impression that Perrotta felt like he was making this ostensibly mindblowing point about the parentchild relationship, wanting us to sit down with our head in our hands and murmur "My God, my child is not the child, but I, the parent, am really the child, although my child is the child as well, but only because nature has forced him to be a child, whereas I, the parent, a supposed adult, have no such excuse for my childish behavior, and yet I remain a child, a child who has a child. I'm calling DHS on myself. Thank you, Tom Perrotta".

I hate to think of him snapping his fingers and declaring "Aha! I will name my book 'Little Children'! That's perfect! Because it involves little children, like real actual children, but really it's about the little children in all of us! Because that's all we are! Everyone! Honey! Honey? Where are you? Honey, are you in the bathroom? Where are you?! Honey?! Jesus, there you are! How can you stand the TV that loud? I just figured it out! Guess what I'm calling the book? 'Little Children'! It means two things!"

I guess if you had never read any of his stuff in the past, this book might seem pretty good, and where it was the first novel of his to really spend much time on the charts, it seems likely to me that betterthanusual marketing (coupled with the fact that, on the whole, young parents seem to like to read books) is the most viable explanation for the novel's comparatively runaway success.

Worst of all is the ending, which is just really, really stupid. Didn't like the movie much, either. Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

In case you haven’t seen me brag about it before are unaware, I work a couple of blocks away from this beauty . . . .

(^^^^That’s just the parking garage.)

So I can go check out books conveniently during my lunch hour. (There’s also the porny library up in the ‘burbs that gives me the hookup on all of my . . . . scientific research projects.) Since Fall has finally fallen and the temps are no longer in the bazillions I’ve taken it upon myself to walk down to the ol’ bibliotech a time or two – and since I’m a farking crack addict I now have FIFTEEN physical books checked out in addition to a bunch of ecopies and eleventy thousand galleys. Added bonus, since I suck at reviewing I have actually read a few of these already but keep getting distracted by squirrels the convenience of Kindle notes rather than the inconvenience of postit notes so now I’m all like . . . .

Basically what all that amounts to is you should expect an even shittier review than I generally puke out.

Okay, so do you ever have a lifetime phase where you are kind of like this . . . .

And then you take a new job in your company and for the first time in 10 years you are supposed to interact with others and it is extremely peopley and you just want to scream . . . .

But you’re trying to pretend you’re almost normal and that would totally blow your cover and so you bottle up all of your annoyance until you get home and then you flip out on your husband about shit like . . . .

And then you finally come to the conclusion that you need to give yourself a time out.

If the above has ever happened to you I highly suggest reading a book that confirms . . . .

In order to feel better about yourself. Little Children seriously delivered. We’re talking affairs and secret internet fetishes and a real overachieving PITA supermom you want to punch in the throat and a child molester. It probably goes without saying these were all Mitchell’s type of people. A solid 4 Stars that worked so well it took me almost a whole month to get back to my typical approach to life . . . .

Even my friend Deanna liked this one and she is pretty much the nicest person ever so now you know you don’t have to be a total psychopath like me in order to enjoy it : )
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Not only that, the movie managed to create complexity in the characters where the book did not. For instance, the movie actually managed to make me feel sorry for a child molester. Not the book.

I also felt like the book completely failed to create a believable bond between the parents and children in the story. I'm a stayathome mom, and I completely get that staying home can be toughsome days, it's brutal, in fact. I have no problem seeing that portrayed in fiction; it can be done well. But the book does nothing to convince us that the main characters give even the slightest damn about their children.

It's a first for me, for sure, but this is one case where the screenplay writer was a better artist than the novelist. A character study of regretful adults. All reverting back to childhood with their desires and deeds.

What do you do when you are unhappy with the choices you have made up to this point in your life?

You seek an escape.

That is what this novel is about.

One of my recurring complaints about books in general is product placement. Ignoring my anticonsumerist attitude this was a good read. The ending was perfect. Perrotta got it just right in this expertly written examination of suburban ennui and disillusionment. Little Children focuses on some young marriedwithchildren couples and how they interact with each other, in both private and public ways. It's sometimes uncomfortable and a touch sad, and that's what makes it so greatthere's real truth here. Scenes at a public pool work especially well to highlight the "suburbanness" of these characters' lives. Anyone who's ever wondered, "This is it?" when pondering their mundane lives may find Little Children quite resonant. 4.5 starsIncredible. I really loved it.

Essentially, this is a very cynical book that explores the various forms selfishness can take through the viewpoints of several deeply flawed characters living in suburbia. If you don't count the measly 5% I read the night I started this one, then I read it in one day, not wanting to put it down. Apparently there is a movie based on it that I need to check out now. Loved this one and think it is a book that begs to be discussed in a group. But be warned, if you must like the main characters to enjoy a book, like "feelgood" novels, or prefer a neat and happy ending, then this is not the book for you.

Favorite Quote: She would be a mentor and an inspiration to girls like herself, the quiet ones who'd sleepwalked their way through high school, knowing nothing except that they couldn't possibly be happy with any of the choices the world seemed to be offering them.

First Sentence: The young mothers were telling each other how tired they were.
Perrotta has written a caustically funny satire of thirtysomething suburban American life that we laugh aloud even as we see ourselves and our faults unerringly displayed. Even with his opening salvodescriptions of the mothers at the playground discussing their children, other mothers’ children, their husbands, their sexual habits (or not)one cannot help but think this is one author who listens and can make a joke of even the most painful circumstance. No matter how bad or boring things get, he’ll be able to see what is funny in it.

Perrotta takes a stab at the politically correct: skewering the liberal left (for believing the child molester was probably innocent because he wasn’t convicted of murder), and the righteous right (for believing the child molester was guilty before he was convicted of murder). The problems and insecurities and smallmindedness and flatout lying that all the characters exhibit tell us so much more about what we think we can get away with and never can…but such outrageous and egregious faults! Perrotta must have sat around thinking of what would be the worst of all the faults one could encounter in a spouse: faithlessness, online porn and usedpanty fantasist, child molester, alcoholic, serial failure…when the child molester wishes he were an alcoholic instead, one just knows there is no way to escape unscathed.

But we have seen these characters, or parts of them, in the people around us. They are familiar, but not as funny as in this book. Here people are so flagrant and so flawed and so “other” that we can laugh and claim they are not us. But when our handsome nopads neighborhood football QB and unfaithful spouse, Todd, says to his working wife, “Sarah? Sarah who?” we cringe for him, for his wife, for the children, for ourselves because he/we are fooling ourselves that we can get away with something when the game is already up. Someone has caught us out, seen us for who and what we are. But somehow, Perrotta still allows us to laugh, despite the sordid tragedy of it all.
Little Children

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