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Fallen Men Fallen Men By Brian O Hare Is A Story Of Three Priests All Are Good, Spiritual Men But Why Does Young Father Ray Canavan Ray Find Himself On Trial In A Dublin Court For Statutory Rape Of A Minor And Why Is His Equally Popular Friend, Father Dan Patterson, Raucously Accused Of Murder By A Member Of His Congregation As He Attempts To Celebrate A Requiem Mass And Why Does Canon Tony Mulholland So Lose Sight Of His Priestly Responsibilities That He Tries To Cover Up Ray S Indiscretions By Sending Him To Hide In Italy Fallen Men Touches On Dark Themes But Ultimately It Is A Novel Of Redemption It Is A Story That Will Bring Tears To Many Eyes And Characters Who Will Remain In Your Heart Long After You Have Put The Book Down John Anthony, Publisher, Says Anyone Who Has Read And Enjoyed Colleen McCullough S Thornbirds Will Also Enjoy Fallen Men

About the Author: Brian O'Hare

Brian O Hare, MA, Ph.D., is a retired assistant director of a large regional college of further and higher education Married, three children, ten grandchildren, one great grandchild He plays golf three times a week off a ten handicap and does a lot of voluntary work Any writing he has previously done was academicvery much restricted to a very specific readership Several articles in educatio

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    I will admit to feelings of dismay and reluctance when I first began to read this book The acknowledgements and the prologue indicated that it was to be about a young Catholic priest in Ireland While I always attempt to remain neutral and objective in my reviews of books, I find that also being honest will often lend itself to accumulate too much cynicism when I m

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    When I embarked on the journey of reading the novel Fallen Men by Brian O Hare, I was uncertain of what to expect Was it a book on the Catholic religion A book about personal relationships A book on spirituality Psychology Faith God Sin What As I traveled down the labyrinth of this compelling novel, I found that it was all of that and so much O Hare, with both tender sensi

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    I finished Fallen Men , by Brian O Hare yesterday, and really liked it.Even though it talks about three Catholic Priests, I don t believe it can be simply defined as religious fiction It s way than that.It s a study of how faith can both save or destroy you Of how morality and honesty are relative concepts depending on one s point of view or interests at the moment It s also a stu

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    Having previously read a couple of crime thrillers by this author, I decided to give this very different book a read I m so pleased I did as this is a great read The book is a story about catholic priests, their lives and their challenges However, I am not a catholic or even very religious and must emphasize straight away that this is a book anyone can enjoy It is an extremely well written s

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    Fallen Men is a deep, thought provoking novel written about and from the heart The story gripped my emotions, involving me in the characters issues Ray Canavan, a young divinity student, learns of his parents sudden deaths He returns home for the funerals, where old emotions and memories awaken His meeting with Karen, the woman he would have married had he not chosen the priesthood, stuns him with i

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    Fallen Men Absolutely Brilliant To be perfectly honest, I would not have picked this book up to read It s simply not the type of story I read I don t enjoy reading stories with deep religion base to them But, I decided to keep an open mind as I began reading Fallen Men.And boy, was I in for a treat I absolutely loved this story The author is a fantastic writer and really takes the readers into the characters

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    This is an insightful tale, well written, with structure and integrity A flowing narrative and realistic dialogue are not always easy to achieve but Brian O Hare has managed to find the perfect balance Living as I do next to a seminary and while long lapsed, I grew up in a very Irish Catholic world so I was able to recognise so much that was familiar in this book The voice is so authentic and the themes are handled wi

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Fallen Men, by Brian O Hare, is a story about finding hope, despite failing time and time again The book is separated into three parts The first part, Ministry, introduces Father Ray, a priest who is struggling with the death of his beloved mother, along with his loneliness In the second part, Retribution, Ray finds himself at a moral crossroad, when a girl h

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    Fallen Men is a gripping and well written story I have enjoyed reading it and was hooked to it until the end The author covers subjects such as faith and priesthood At the same time he shows how priesthood sometimes can be lonely for the priests who are not allowed to marry These issues that author described are real They make you ponder and ask questions why Catholic priests are not allowed to create families as oppose to Orthodox pri

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    I received a free copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review This novel explores how religious beliefs affect three men and the circle of people around them It starts off slow and builds to where I was wondering what the characters were up to in the time I had to put the book down You know they re always up to something while we re not reading, right It explored a number of themes, thoroughly and with caring than I d

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