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An einem Tag wie diesem A New Novel Of Artful Understatement About Mortality, Estrangement, And The Absurdity Of Life From The Acclaimed Author Of Unformed Landscape And In Strange GardensOn A Day Like Any Other, Andreas Changes His Life When A Routine Doctor S Visit Leads To An Unexpected Prognosis, A Great Yearning Takes Hold Of Him But Who Can Tell If It Is Homesickness Or Wanderlust Andreas Leaves Everything Behind, Sells His Paris Apartment Cuts Off All Social Ties Quits His Teaching Job And Waves Goodbye To His Days Spent Idly Sitting In Cafes To Look For A Woman He Once Loved, Half A Lifetime Ago The Monotony Of Days Has Been Keeping Him In Check Now He Hopes For A Miracle And For A New Beginning Andreas Travels Lead Him Back To The Province Of His Youth, Back To His Hometown In Switzerland Where He Returns To Familiar Streets, Where His Brother Still Lives In Their Childhood Home, And Where Fabienne, A Woman He Was Obsessed With In His Youth, Visits The Same Lake They Once Swam In Together Andreas, Still Consumed With Longing For His Lost Love And Blinded By The Uncertainty Of His Future, Is Tormented By The Question Of What Might Have Been If Things Had Happened Differently Peter Stamm Has Been Praised As A Stylistic Ascetic And His Prose As Distinguished By Lapidary Expression, Telegraphic Terseness, And Finely Tuned Sensitivity Bookforum In On A Day Like This, Stamm S Unobtrusive Observational Style Allows Us To Journey With Our Antihero Through His Crises Of Banality, Of Living In His Empty World, And The Realization That Life Is Finite That One Must Live It, As Long As That Is PossiblePraise For Unformed Landscape Sensitive And Unnerving An Uncommonly Intimate Work, One That Will Remind The Reader Of His Or Her Own Lived Experience With A Greater Intensity Than Many Of The Books That Are Published Right Here At Home The New Republic Online If Albert Camus Had Lived In An Age When People In Remote Norwegian Fishing Villages Had E Mail, He Might Have Written A Novel Like This The New Yorker Unformed Landscape Has A Refreshing Purity, A Lack Of Delusion, A Lack Of Hype Los Angeles Times

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    This is my favourite Stamm A wry, laconic, deeply phobic and very funny account of a man s dealing with work and women.

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    The challenge with this novel is to care The story suggests the main character, Andreas, is about forty He spent eighteen years in Paris teaching and now he wonders why His life has been empty, without purpose or affect He is handsome so he has had ample sex but no emotional ties No ties of any sort Adrift And he doesn t much care So why should we Peter Stamm s wr

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    A novel about a Swiss native, Andreas, in his 40 s who teaches and lives in Paris In the first chapter his girlfriend comments on his emptiness Her observation is supported as we learn about his life he lives in a sparse apartment, has few friends, is detached from his job, has lost contact with his brother and brother s family who are his only living relatives.Readi

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About the Author: Peter Stamm

Peter Stamm grew up in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau the son of an accountant After completing primary and secondary school he spent three years as an apprentice accountant and then 5 as an accountant He then chose to go back to school at the University of Zurich taking courses in a variety of fields including English studies, Business informatics, Psychology, and Psychopathology During t