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The Book of Lost and Found From London To Corsica To Paris As A Young Woman Pursues The Truth About Her Late Mother, Two Captivating Love Stories UnfurlKate Darling S Enigmatic Mother A Once Famous Ballerina Has Passed Away, Leaving Kate Bereft When Her Grandmother Falls Ill And Bequeaths To Kate A Small Portrait Of A Woman Who Bears A Striking Resemblance To Kate S Mother, Kate Uncovers A Mystery That May Upend Everything She Thought She KnewKate S Journey To Find The True Identity Of The Woman In The Portrait Takes Her To Some Of The World S Most Iconic And Indulgent Locales, Revealing A Love Story That Began In The Wild S And Was Disrupted By War And Could Now Spark New Love For Kate Alternating Between Kate S Present Day Hunt And Voices From The Past, THE BOOK OF LOST AND FOUND Casts Light On Family Secrets And Love Both Lost And Found

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    The cover of this book drew me in US edition, 2015 That location is so gorgeous I want to be there Part of the book is set in Corsica, and the descriptions are amazing.THE BOOK OF LOST AND FOUND is about a young woman s quest to discover the story behind a portrait done 50 years ago, and one that her grandmother kept hidden for many years The present Kate s story was set in the 1980s, while

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    This was an okay book and an easy read but it never quite grabbed me totally It tended to jump around a lot even changing timeframes within time frames and I was glad I was reading a paper copy so I could quickly look back and see which year I was in It also seemed a bit too long for its content.Those are just quibbles though The story itself was good and I rapidly became invested, along with K

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    The book of lost and found was slow moving and lacked any real punch.I bought this book in hard back and loved the cover and the presentation The premise of the novel had me intrigued and I felt this was going to be a book I would enjoy.Unfortunately the story fell flat for me after about 140 pages and I think the reason for this was the lack of character development I don t mind a book to start ou

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    With the recent devastating death of her mother, Kate found herself floundering The only constant was the daily visit to her grandmother Evie in the nursing home But when Evie confessed a shocking secret to Kate, at the same time giving her an old portrait which she had had for many years, Kate was filled with a mix of emotions Anger, grief, frustration and then her grandmother died Kate s journey to f

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    This novel begins with Thomas Stafford and Alice Eversley in 1928, and re aligns in 1986 when Kate, an art student and photographer, was lead back into her mysterious family history with the death of her famous mother The reader is taken on a three narrative journey from London, to Paris, to Corsica and New York and finally, after spanning three different historical eras in the twentieth century, concludes

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    The story starts with a drawing of a woman All that identifies her is that she is, a friend of the artist s and the pen and ink drawing was from around 1929 From there it moves back to the meeting in1928 between Tom Stafford and Alice Eversley These two had known each other as children and lost touch over the years.It then jumps forward to Kate who is trying to come to grips with the death of her mother and be

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    Can t believe this is a debut novel I absolutely loved it Thought it was beautifully written It spans from the 20 s to the 80 s, told from a few perspectives, and travels from England, Corsica, Paris, New York All executed brilliantly Loved this story even though it was heartbreaking.

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    Kate is grieving the loss of her mother, the world renowned ballerina June Darling, when she receives some startling information from her grandmother Evie June had always known that she was adopted but believed that her mother had never tried to find her However, Evie gives Kate a letter and a beautiful drawing of a lovely young woman and sets in train a journey of discovery that takes Kate to Europe and America in se

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    Spanning three distinct time frames throughout history, this beautiful book tells the story of a love so strong that was not meant to be in the physical sense and the lost and founds that came as a result of it London 1928, Thomas Stafford, will unexpectedly come across on old childhood friend at a party who he has not seen for 15 years, Alice Eversley The two will become inseparable and over time fall in love Alice is To

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    The first half of this book was slow I am 66% finished I am shelving it as finished I m not sticking around to find out how it ends I really don t care how it ends Too bad the plot is interesting but oh, so slow Four months in the life of Kate Darling with brief flashbacks to the early 20th century should not take four months to read.This is a debut novel This author has great potential She notices the details She uses some l

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