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L.A. Bondage: Dave Naz Photographs Gorgeous Women Beautifully Bound And Photographed In Sunny Los Angeles Dave Naz Is A True Southern California Artist His Sexy Imagery Is Casual Without Pretense When One Looks Beyond The Surface, The Work Is Seen As Much A Cultural Artifact Giving Clues To The Sexual Identities And Persona Of Our Time Dave Naz Manages To Capture The Deliciously Erotic, Seducing His Delightful Subjects Into Being Playfully Naughty Classy, Sexy, Hot

About the Author: Dave Naz

Dave Naz is a photographer of sex and meaning, women and landscape Innovative and self taught, Naz has five well received books with Goliath Press Lust Circus 2002 , Panties 2003 , Legs 2004 , Fresh Girls Of Seduction 2006 , and L.A Bondage 2007 His work has appeared in GQ, Maxim, Stern.de, and Salon, and in international collections, including The New Erotic Photography Taschen, 2007

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