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Juliette Jones writes delicious stories dripping with lust Her stories always make you squirm with delight, but she has a hidden talent she manages to sneak in a dose of sweet romance into her books which never fail to give me the warm fuzzies.There was a lovely injection of music in this story one character has dreams of making it big, and the other has reached the peak of super stardom They share a love of music this creates a genuine connection which propels their sexual chemistry into something deeper and sweeter as the story progresses.Sadie Faraday Hot, determined, a little crazy I guess this is the new me And reckless I have this weird craving to do something I shouldn t be doing. Sadie is an eighteen year old straight out of a convent strict religious boarding school In the summer heat of her Tennessee farm, she s shedding her clothes and shedding her good girl persona.Sadie is ready to embrace life She has dreams of leaving the dirt roads of her tiny hometown and moving to Nashville to become a superstar country singer She knows that she has to live a little if she wants to find inspiration for her songs.Lucky for her, a tall dark and handsome stranger just moved into the neighboring farm and his hungry eyes promise a whole lot of hot adventureElias Hayes She s kicking up all these memories with her run down house and her angel s voice I can relate to this girl than she knows It s that link that bothers me almost than the killer body, the honey blond hair, the heart breaking face It s that deeper current of understanding that grabs something in me that won t let go. Elias escaped the bright lights of Nashville looking for some peace and quiet After years of struggling to find his place in the cut throat entertainment business, he s finally made it to the top.Unfortunately the top isn t all it s cracked up to be stardom comes with predators, paparazzi, and an endless parade of nameless, faceless women who only want him for his fame and wealth.Elias Hayes just bought a big farm house and a thousand acres of land in the middle of nowhere in the hopes of getting away from it all and concentrating on his song writing.The beautiful blond haired goddess he finds skinny dipping in the swimming pond next to his house is driving him to distraction And even fascinating, the girl has no idea that he s the same singer who has been inspiring her lust all summer over the radio waves.This is a split POV story, and believe me when I tell you that their first encounter will knock your socks off They don t even touch or speak just watch from afar, but it was drool worthy.Alarm bells were ringing when I discovered that Sadie Faraday was a barely legal bombshell who had never even masturbated Am I completely out of touch I didn t realize that was possiblethe possibility of this na ve beauty being taken advantage of by her tall dark and handsome neighbor had me a bit worried, but it was an unnecessary worry.You know I m usually not a big fan of New Adult Erotica especially when one of the MCs is a blushing virgin making shy references to herfeminine petalsanddown there s not really my jam Luckily, Sadie quickly embraced her sexual feelings and rolled with it She was like a little firecracker, and it made her innocence so endearing.This was a short story about 100 pages or so and while it could be read as a stand alone with a HFN, I m delighted to learn that Juliette Jones intends to come back to this couple with a new book in the future I think there s a lot of potential here. Another very hot and sexy novella by Juliette Jones. Sometimes you need a very short novella which is scorching hot, very low on plot and character development Because let s face it, you don t really want anything else but some sexy times And this book delivered on it. WOW, what happened here A short read but hot as hell Grab the fire extinguisher, prepare the cold shower, buy a second and even a third pair of panties well, take all the precautionary measures and dive right in if you want a scorching hot read.Even better, have your man at the ready I bet he ll be delighted.It may be full of clich s young girl right out of high school run by nuns discovers her potent sexuality aspiring female singer meets her star singer of a neighbor and it s insta lust love how far fetched is that but it works extremely well.Now, I want to read the second book, as hot and sugary as it may be, I m addicted.PS I loved the picture of Sadie in Kathleen s review Go have a look, it s her Type Book 1 of the seriesPOV First Person DualRating Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I guess this is the new me And reckless I have this weird craving to do something I shouldn t be doing. Sadie Faraday was a recent Catholic School graduate After years of being confined of worldly simple pleasures, she was finally free to do what she wanted And what she wanted the most was to go to Nashville to pursue a singing career One hot summer day led her to the pond on the edge of her family property and unexpectedly ended up giving someone quite a view Elias Hayes was the hot new neighbor who also happened to be a huge country star He was hiding in the countryside from the hectic lifestyle and to get back to his music, but ended up finding than he anticipated Hot surges of my cum wet her stomach, and mine, creating a slick stickiness between us, like glue I wish it was glue I wish I could keep her here, all to myself. Hot Summer Lust is definitely one sizzling erotica The story was straight to the point and the sex scenes was aplenty and scorching even when it was just in the characters imaginations Sadie was likable She was closed off to the outside world while in school and still retained certain innocence in her, yet she wasn t afraid to explore her sexuality Elias certainly knows what he wanted and he worked to get it He was pretty sweet, yet had a very filthy mouth.I have no problem with insta lust and not normally bothered by insta love Though I have to say the insta love in this one was a little too much to be believable The ending also felt too abrupt From the direction of this book, I m hoping the next book would include potential issues that would test their relationship I m looking forward to hotness between Sadie and Elias For reviews reveals giveaways visit YA NA novella centered around the Nashville music scene It ended with a set up for the next book Lots of steamy sex for the virgin 18 year old heroine and the young jaded country star I was hoping for story and a bit less sex A to be continued ending, so hope the next one will be out soon. This was a really great book with two emotionally raw, extremely passionate characters Sadie was the most appealing character to me in this book Don t get me wrong, Elias was super sexy and wonderful but Sadie really shined If I had to describe her in one word it would be brave Everything she experiences is completely new to her as shes had a very sheltered childhood, but she s not afraid She faces these new feelings, and experiences head on Sadie is not the shy, weak, naive girl who blushes at every kind word thrown her way She also sees the mistakes that others around her have made and she learns from them She s a smart girl who has the ability to bring a man to his knees.literally She s essentially the best type of female lead character The authors note stated that this book will have a sequel I m a fan of sequels and can totally see the appeal to a second book It s not necessarily that there are unresolved issues, it s just that there is clearly story to tell Even secondary characters some serious issues that could use some fleshing out Also, at the end of this book is an excerpt for Masterpiece I m looking forward to this book AS WELL AS a sequel to one of my top 5 favorite series EVER the BILLIONAIRE Story Rating 5 Stars Hero Rating 5 HUGE SEXY STARS Heroine Rating 5, I wish I was Sadie Stars Romance Rating 5 Stars Heat Level 4.5 Panty Soaking STARS Ending To be continuedOverall Rating 5, I can t wait to get my hands on book 2 STARS From page one I was drawn into this book Sadie just graduated from St Mary s a very strict school run by nuns She is very beautiful and innocent, has never had a boyfriend and has never been kissed by a man She has learned a few things about men from her sisters though She also has a dream to go to Nashville and become a singer She has talent and knows she can make a go of it One very hot summer day, she decides to go for a swim in a pond on the property she lives on There is only one house that over looks the pond but nobody has lived there in over a year Sadie decides to take her cloths off and enjoy the cold water on her naked flesh She s remembering what her sister had told her that her boyfriend had recently done to her and Sadie is getting all hot just thinking about it She ends up pleasuring herself not knowing that she is being watched.Elias just bought a house that he is using it to get away from it all He is a HUGE music star and is tired of the paparazzi always invading on his privacy What he did not expect was to spy on a sexy young lady pleasuring herself out in a pond Elias has had than his share of sex partners do to his fame and all his sexiness but something about this girl strikes something primal in him Elias just has to meet her so he hatches a plan to do just that This book reads like a fantasy come true Hot sexy musician meets lovely innocent young lady Let me tell you this book was HOT These two were EXPLOSIVE together I swear my panties were drenched and I had mini orgasms while reading some of the sexual encounters that took place A few things I enjoyed about this book was Elias and Sadie singing together I LOVED that Elias told Sadie that he would be hers and only hersI told you I was yours Only yours What we ve done means something to me I promise to be honest with you Okay Elias was also a dirty talker,Ever since I saw you that day by the pond, he says, I literally can t think of anything else I m fucking obsessed Once I tasted your hot little pussy I thought I was going to lose my goddamn mind with desire for you. He also said and done some very romantic things, He drops to his knees and wraps his arms around my thighs, pulling me to him Don t you dare leave me Sadie, I love you My heart skips a beat, in fact, I m not sure if it s even started back up again I love you so much, he says Since the very first second I saw you I wanted you Sadie Everything s just so right with you You re the only one who s ever really touched me My heart Not just touched it but grabbed it with both hands, Sadie You are my heart I need you darlin. SIGH I have a new book boyfriend ladies, ELIAS is MINE ALL MINE This book was meant to be a standalone, thank god Juliette decided that there was much to Elias and Sadies story She has already started writing book 2 Hot Summer Love and it should be released in early May I have to say I m going crazy with wanting to know about this wonderful HOT and talented couple.In closing I want to let you all know that this book does not end in a big cliffhanger however you will be wanting and NOW If you like your books you REALLY have to read this oneA copy of this book was gifted to me by the author in exchange of an honest review ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Holy smokes Juliette Jones has done it again This book is hot right from the start, starting with a swim in the pond and a little self exploration for Sadie, newly graduated from her strict catholic school Only, she s not quite as alone as she believes, her sexy new neighbor taking in the whole scene The chemistry between Sadie and Elias sizzles from the moment they lay eyes on one another.I love that we get both points of view it s rare in a story and Juliette makes it work perfectly I was hooked from the start and couldn t put it down It s a quick read, but was over too soon I am desperate to see what happens between Sadie and Elias Their journey can t be easy, but I can t wait to go along for the ride with them.Definitely worth a read You won t be disappointed

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