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The Illustrated Man That The Illustrated Man Has Remained In Print Since Being Published InIs Fair Testimony To The Universal Appeal Of Ray Bradbury S Work Only His Second Collection The First Was Dark Carnival, Later Reworked Into The October Country , It Is A Marvelous, If Mostly Dark, Quilt Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Horror In An Ingenious Framework To Open And Close The Book, Bradbury Presents Himself As A Nameless Narrator Who Meets The Illustrated Man A Wanderer Whose Entire Body Is A Living Canvas Of Exotic Tattoos What S Even Remarkable, And Increasingly Disturbing, Is That The Illustrations Are Themselves Magically Alive, And Each Proceeds To Unfold Its Own Story, Such As The Veldt, Wherein Rowdy Children Take A Game Of Virtual Reality Way Over The Edge Or Kaleidoscope, A Heartbreaking Portrait Of Stranded Astronauts About To Reenter Our Atmosphere Without The Benefit Of A Spaceship Or Zero Hour, In Which Invading Aliens Have Discovered A Most Logical Ally Our Own Children Even Though Most Were Written In The S And S, TheseClassic Stories Will Be Just As Chillingly EffectiveYears From NowStanley WiaterContents Prologue The Illustrated Man Ss The Veldt The World The Children Made Ss The Saturday Evening Post Sep Kaleidoscope Ss Thrilling Wonder Stories OctThe Other Foot Ss New Story Magazine MarThe Highway As By Leonard Spalding Ss Copy SprThe Man Ss Thrilling Wonder Stories FebThe Long Rain Death By Rain Ss Planet Stories SumThe Rocket Man Ss Maclean S Mar The Fire Balloons In This Sign Ss Imagination AprThe Last Night Of The World Ss Esquire FebThe Exiles The Mad Wizards Of Mars Ss Maclean S Sep FSF WinNo Particular Night Or Morning Ss The Fox And The Forest To The Future Ss Colliers May The Visitor Ss Startling Stories NovThe Concrete Mixer Ss Thrilling Wonder Stories AprMarionettes, Inc Marionettes, Inc Ss Startling Stories MarThe City Purpose Ss Startling Stories JulZero Hour Ss Planet Stories FllThe Rocket Outcast Of The Stars Ss Super Science Stories MarEpilogue Aw I shall remain on Mars and read a bookRay Bradbury, The Illustrated ManRay Bradbury is forever connected to my youth He is 180 proof literary, pulp, scifi nostalgia I remember reading him for fun, reading him anthologized, reading him again and again I permanently dented my aunt s couch one summer reading Vonnegut and Bradbury I ve recently returned to him as a father and an adult and get to re establish connection to this great writer of American pop lit His stories and books as well are part of our modern psyche He was the original rocket man Not the first star in the night, but the one that tore a bit of the sky open for the rest There are no crappy stories here He wrote about alienation, loneliness, jealousy, racism, and fear in new ways He was light on scifi it was a light frame and heavy on characters, but he kept enough of the pulpy scifi tropes to make you almost unaware of the pill you were swallowing until it was completely absorbed Reading these reminded me how little I appreciated Bradbury s prose when I was young I was a kid, so I was fixated on the story, the surprise, the horror Now, I read these stories and I think DAMN Bradbury can write the pants off all but the best short story writers He might not be Chekhov, but on his best days and with his best stories, he isn t far behind.Stories 1 The Veldt 2 Kaleidescope 3 The Other Foot 4 The Highway 5 The Man 6 The Long Rain 7 The Rocket Man 8 The Last Night of the World 9 The Exiles 10 No Particular Night or Evening 11 The Fox and the Forest 12 The Visitor 13 The Concrete Mixer 14 Marionettes, Inc 15 The City 16 Zero Hour 17 The Rocket 18 The Illustrated Man story frame I read a review once that described Robert A Heinlein as a creepy old uncle who drinks too much at parties and who makes embarrassing comments, but who everyone likes in spite of his outdated ways kind of a loveable rogue Ray Bradbury, similar but by contrast, is like the dotty old professor whom everyone cannot help but love and who overlook his eccentricities His stories are as warm and imaginative as a summer afternoon And all due respect to Fahrenheit 451, which is a fine novel, but I submit that Bradbury s great contribution to literature arises from his short stories, he is a master of the medium And just as Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke are the Big Three and are the masters and founders of modern science fiction, Bradbury is an atavist, a throwback to Wells and Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs he is our last link to a simpler time, before the age of information, before everything was required to be explained in scientific detail Where Heinlein will go into great detail to explain the mathematical elements of a hyperspace warp drive and how it affects the space time continuum, Bradbury would simply write, and they got in the rocket and went to Mars Beautifully simple and imaginative And, let s just get it out on the table what about Mars I think that to Bradbury, Mars was not just the fourth planet, Mars was a representative of another place Mars was the out there , was Bradbury s Neverland, his Wonderland.The Illustrated Man is a collection of short stories, many that take up from the The Martian Chronicles with his fascination with Mars as an alternate reality, loosely connected with a centerpiece of a tattooed carnival worker whose body art moves and shifts and tells stories Wonderfully imaginative, quintessential Bradbury. Ray Bradbury was an absolute master storyteller whose writing was creative and full of moments of pure bitter irony he was an imaginative genius, nothingnothing less Bradbury picks the bones of society clean he gnaws at them until he exposes the reality of the marrow beneath Each story in here has a piece of wisdom to share, a resolution or disaster that could have been easily avoided if man was not so corrupt in his ways TheI read of his writing theconvinced I become that he was a misanthrope Time and time again he creates a situation that is pure and good yet, somehow man destroys it with his self obsessed stupidity And this is his point humanity is a cancerLong before you knew what death was you were wishing it on someone elsePerhaps that s why Bradbury looked to the stars He saw that man was ruining earth, so he looked to give him a fresh start As with the equally as excellent collection of short stories The Martian Chronicles, the planet Mars plays a vital role in the narrative For Bradbury it represented something new and something clean, a means to rejuvenate and become somethingthan we are Within the writing there is a glimpse of hope an almost extinguished spark that we can improve and become better it is faint, though it is thereWe re all fools, said Clemens, all the time It s just we re a different kind each day We think, I m not a fool today I ve learned my lesson I was a fool yesterday but not this morning Then tomorrow we find out that, yes, we were a fool today too I think the only way we can grow and get on in this world is to accept the fact we re not perfect and live accordingly He also built upon his elucidating novel Fahrenheit 451 is the short story Usher II creating a tale of revenge in its aftermath One very disgruntled reader rounds up the government officials, those that passed the book burning laws, and murders them all in a life size re creation of one of Poe s most memorable stories It s a sharp statement that strikes at the heart of censorship, control and consumerism It is the words of a man who feared for the future, who feared that one day stories would not be allowed such freedom And all this is told through the markings on a man s skin I find the idea of the illustrated man, a man who is covered in tattoos that shift and change telling new stories with every dawn, so clever It allowed Bradbury to enter any story he chose in here they could be random and it wouldn t overly matter This leads me on to my only criticism he did not really use that freedom as much as he could of The stories all related to one key theme or idea, and often involved Mars however, I think he could have done muchand imagined up a selection ofversatile illustrations stories if he triedI really did enjoy what he wrote here, hence the rating, though I will always know that he could have gone much further with this as the versatility in the image shows And I think it s gonna be a long long time Till touch down brings me round again to findI m not the man they think I am at homeOh no no no I m a rocket manRocket man burning out his fuse up here alone Rocket Man Elton John Inspired by a story from The Illustrated ManSometimes when I read Ray Bradbury, I feel like I am not worthy.That was definitely the case this time Not just a 5 star book all the starts in the universe Bradbury is a master story teller He is a weaver of the unique and bizarre His words and stories dig into your brain and set up shop What once seemed normalwhat once seemed reasonablewill quickly become unstable and other worldly in the hands of this master While maybe not every one of the stories in The Illustrated Man will blow you away, I can almost 100% guarantee they will all leave you thinking in their own special way.While reading this collection, I got into a discussion about how Bradbury writes That discussion included a side journey into the old Twilight Zone episodes That is exactly it every Bradbury story reads exactly like an old episode of the classic sci fi show Often, things appear normal and Bradbury will shift them in a slight and unexpected way which takes the story in a way just slightly outside the norm These shifts are rarely monumental or explosive just enough to throw off the norm For example, and this is not one he used, but should illustrate what I mean he might write a story in a world where the letter A has been banned and go through all the ramifications that might have on the fictional society in his story.Another huge factor that is obvious in these stories is the affect the world of 1951 year of publication had on these stories You can tell that these stories were written under the pressure of the cold war, nuclear threat, governments in turmoil, Communist fears, civil rights, etc So much of the world from that time period seeps between the lines I would almost say that some of this book is in a genre of its own historic sci fi If you have any interest in how the world affected literature in the mid 1900s, this would be the perfect case study.As it is pretty obvious by now, I loved this book I love Bradbury I cannot wait until the next one

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