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The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest This collection of short stories, all inspired by the myth legend of the Green Man, was the most satisfying collection of short stories I ve read in a long time There were only one or two that didn t stick with me for a long time after reading them, and as a whole, the work was tremendously cohesive Definitely a keeper for any fan of YA fantasy wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew. One Of Our Most Universal Myths Is That Of The Green Man, The Spirit Who Stands For Nature In Its Most Wild And Untamed Form Through The Ages And Around The World, The Green Man And Other Nature Spirits Have Appeared In Stories, Songs, And Artwork, As Well As Many Beloved Fantasy Novels, Including Tolkien S Lord Of The Rings Now Ellen Datlow And Terri Windling, The Acclaimed Editors Of Over Thirty Anthologies, Have Gathered Some Of Today S Finest Writers Of Magical Fiction To Interpret The Spirits Of Nature In Short Stories And Poetry Folklorist And Artist Charles Vess Brings His Stellar Eye And Brush To The Decorations, And Windling Provides An Introduction Exploring Green Man Symbolism And Forest Myth The Green Man Is Required Reading, Not Only For Fans Of Fantasy Fiction But For Those Interested In Mythology And The Mysteries Of The Wilderness This book is a truly magical composition One day I must visit Grand Central Park and say hello to Gnaw bone and Bugle, or go into a lonely wild tangle searching for a wodwo or The Green Man, or gae to the Scotland woodland to find the Cailleach Bheur In some ways I feel I already have, it transported me so When you see the wind stir the green wood, or when you turn the pages of a book made from a tree s still blameless flesh, lean close and listen.You hear my voice And I do it is my own voice It is my heart that beats in these pages, that lives through them Perhaps such a life is hollow, living through the magic found in green and marvelous chiaroscuro, in the deep places Perhaps these words are pretentious, nothingthan the whining or longing of a child for magical things There is truth in that longing, there is desire to wander and wonder and go into the dark to come out to the light again That longing is not only longing, that feeling is and means bothand less than what it may seem, I can see how it is shallow and deep I have been on both sides, knowing this great rush of what feels like power, knowledge that no one else around me has, of what it is like in the woods Then there is the other side of the coin, it is a wish and a dream, there is no power in me and the knowledge is fancy, I must be realistic That is what I tell myself It is like the world is two layered, it is both strange and normal and I do not know which layer is on top if either are I believe it is myself that makes it so.One day I will go back to where I grew up and take a walk in the woods in search of the Fair Folk, whose eyes are fierce and wild I ll hear nothing but my own breath and it will be their breathing. This book was a complete mixed bag of hauntingly beautiful short stories I hoped would never end to ones I couldn t wait to finish There are poems too but I bought the book for the stories.The highlights to me were Somewhere in my Mind there is a Painting Box by Charles De Lint I don t think this man can write badly The romantic in me wanted a different ending but his was right for the characters and situation Hunter s Moon by Patricia A McKillip I wanted to know what happened next It feltlike part of a novel than a short story Does anyone know if this was continued Grounded by Nina Kiriki Hoffman Wonderful descriptions of the forest I wanted to explore the house further and knowabout how everything worked in this world.The Pagodas of Ciboure by M Shayne Bell A subtle weave of fact and what might have been I hadn t heard of the Pagoda myths of France and it whetted my appetite It was a very good book which had so much to interest me I recommend reading it in the Autumn before the leaves fall and walking in your local wood between reading the short stories. This book claims to be an anthology of works interpreting the spirit of nature While that description is technically correct, it gives a completely inaccurate picture of the short stories in this works The majority of the works are modern dark or weird fantasy in an urban setting Only one or two incorporate the green man of the title and provide any sense of the mystery of nature It may be that I am too old for this work, which is aimed at teens, but I found it really slow going The stories could better be described as interpreting the spirit of adolescent angst and alienation and I ve been there, done that, and am over it. Oddly, my favorite story was the least green Emma Bull s Joshua Tree. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling have paid true homage to the spirit of the Green Man in this anthologyIn this book, we ve asked the writers to journey deep into the Mythic Forest, to bring back tales of those wild lands, and of the creatures who dwell within them Thus in these pages you ll find witches, wolves, dryads, deer men, a faery or two, and numerous magical spirits of natureThis anthology of the spirit who symbolizes nature includes stories by Gaiman, Neil Going Wodwo poem Of what would be and what it would feel like becoming a Green Man yourselfI ll tell the wind my name, and no one else True madness takes or leaves us in the wood halfway through our lives Sherman, Delia Grand Central Park The first person protagonist is a young overweight sensitive geek girl who encounters the Queen of the Fairies in New York City She must play Truth or Dare if she wants to escape with her life Cadnum, Michael Daphne Narrates Ovid s tale of Apollo s attempted seduction on the daughter of a river god de Lint, Charles Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box The first truly engaging story in the book wherein the protagonist must make a choice should she stay in this magical world or venture beyond where you don t need to paint beauty since it already exists there in its most perfect form Lee, Tanith Among the Leaves So Green Two half sisters, Bergette and Ghilane, are the unloved daughters of the village prostitute by two different woodcutters, conceived in the forest bordering their village and often sent back to the forest itself that their mother secretly hopes to be rid of them Unusual twist when it is the hateful older sister who is the focus rather than the decent younger sister Yolen, Jane Song of the Cailleach Bheur poemA single word from her icy lips A single kiss is killing McKillip, Patricia A Hunter s Moon Dawn and her little brother Ewan, lost in the woods during deer hunting season, and are taught a lesson by him who s a Hunter A hit it close to home moral lesson entwined in the story Snyder, Midori Charlie s Away The story is chillingly beautiful and sad The imagery is wonderful, as Charlie escapes childhood guilt into a fantastical treetop world, and should be especially poignant to those who remember the anxieties of first leaving home Vaz, Katherine A World Painted by Birds The General ruling Rio Seco condemns those who defy him to a detention camp on the far side of the forest though not the young lace maker Lucia since the General s Wife has a weakness for lace When Lucia falls in love with a young violinist who has played songs protesting the General s tyranny, the lovers flee into the forest and join the Gardener Exemplifies the power of love told in the traditional fairy tale way.Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Grounded Tale relates a divorcee mother, Meg and her daughter Fiona s first face to face meeting with Vernon who has the power to bring life to plants and his kids, as Fiona keeps looking for the snags of living among these fair folk I like the fantasy ingraining itself to the ultra modern world of ours Remind me of elves for some reason Emshwiller, Carol Overlooking Revolves around the first person narration of the matriarch of the hidden forest people who amuse themselves over the mountain climbers and nature buffs and alternately talks about her experiences with humans and about one day s company of an old man the youngsters brought to her.Maguire, Gregory Fee, Fie, Foe, et Cetera Retelling of the Jack the Beanstalk story, with the action split between two Jacks the adventurer and his daft younger brother and their mother, none of whom are very bright The king s mismanagement of the treasury leads to trying the family for agricultural treason I have never appreciated any of Maguire s works and was dismayed to see his writing included in this anthology Bull, Emma Joshua Tree The author has the voice down to reality, and paints a compelling picture The Joshua tree itself is little seen, but remains a focal point in the girl s history It s cool how the rave reads like a faery celebrationThe way to get through normal life is to pretend it isn t getting to you If you let on that you re hurt, the other animals will turn on you and tear you to pieces Dunn, Carolyn Ali Anugne O Chash The Boy Who Was Follows the ill fated deer hunt of Ali Anugne O Chash The Boy Who Was , the other part of the story narrated by the clubfooted girl who loved him but brought about his downfall Colors of Native American myths obviously present Koja, Kathe Remnants The narrator s forest is made of Remnants a forest created from garbage plastic bottles and paper bags strung on rakes but the Department of People Watching don t like it Bell, M Shayne The Pagodas of Ciboure Sickly little Maurice Ravel future composer meets pagodas creatures out of French legend on his grandmother s countryside estate, and asks them to heal him But what can he do for themEven if there were no jewels, it was nice to dream of being rich This was a place that invited dreams Lewis, Bill Green Men poemI am lost within a wood that is lost within me Ford, Jeffrey The Green Word The forest people s revolt draws to a close as Moren Kairn accepts the last gift the witch of the forest has to offer a mysterious seed that grants him easy dying even as he faces execution The witch, in turn, creates a champion from the earth watered by Kairn s spilled blood Vertuminous, a manlike tree with fruit where his heart should be, who regenerates every time he s killed.Book Details Title The Green Man Tales from the Mythic ForestAuthor Edited by Terri Windling Ellen DatlowReviewed By Purplycookie , ,, ,, , , , , , , . This was somewhat of a disappointment for a fan of this editing team and their previous anthologies Admittedly, I did not realize that this one was categorized as YA until after I bought the book, so it was immediately at a disadvantage with me The first story was definitely starting out on the wrong foot Although I enjoyed Delia Sherman s adult fantasy, The Porcelain Dove, this urban fantasy tale never bridged the gap of disbelief for me I know Central Park quite well, have explored the wilds of it, watched the sun set from the rocks at the south end of the park, roamed the Sheep Meadow, circled the Reservoir, and let me tell you, real nature is kept to a bare minimum and no spirits of nature would ever roam that acreage I know the difference because I grew up in a place with plenty of wilderness all around mereal wilderness, with real spirits of nature.The others were pretty good but I was disappointed when I got to the Patricia McKillip story that I had been looking forward to and realized that I had already read it Overall, it was okay. A beautiful collection of mythic short stories with the exclusion of two I loved the introduction, which I usually skip in most books This one, however, was very informative and interesting I also like that at the end of each story or poem they give you a little info about that author I ve found many new authors that I like as well as books by them that I ve added to my to read shelf I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, but there were two stories in particular that did not fit in with the flow of the others One had nothing to do with the Green Man whatsoever I absolutely hated the story then found out the writer is the same author of two or three books I ve been wanting to read Sadly, I may have changed my mind about reading said books.

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Ellen Datlow has been an award winning editor of short science fiction, fantasy, and horror for over twentyfive years She is editor of the Best Horror of the Year and has edited or co edited a large number of award winning original anthologies Her most recent are Supernatural Noir, Naked City, Blood and Other Cravings, The Beastly Bride, Teeth, Trolls Eye View, and After the last three with Ter

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