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After We Collided Nakon Burnog Po Etka Veze I Okantnog Otkri A, Tessa I Hardin Moraju Prona I Na In Da Nastave Svoju Romansu No, Mo E Li Ljubav Koja Ne Priznaje Granice Doista Opstati Tessa Polako Po Inje Uvi Ati Kako Bi Mogla Izgubiti Sve Hardin Shva A Da Nema To Izgubiti Osim NjeJe Li Se Doista Spreman Promijeniti Zbog Ljubavi Koliko Je Ona Spremna Opra Tati I, Jo Va Nije, Svi A Li Joj Se Doista Slika Budu Nosti S Hardinom Poslije Svega Sudar Strastveni Je Nastavak Romanse Tesse I Hardina, Pri A O Njihovu Suo Avanju S Demonima Iz Pro Losti, Svime Ime Su Povrijedili Jedno Drugo I Stvarnim Ivotom Nastavak U Kojem E Pojam Ljubavna Drama Poprimiti Sasvim Novo Zna Enje

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10 thoughts on “After We Collided

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    So I made a huge mistake continuing this series This girl just kept pressuring me to read it and to be honest, I actually wanted to give this series another chance I wanted to like this series Because when millions of people read a book and claim that they like it, there s gotta be something wrong with you for not liking it as

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    I don t think I can reiterate enough how much I hate this series But Angela why the high rating Well let me break it down for you, this is the best worst thing I ve ever read It s so addictive it s insane It s like the potato chip bag of books You don t want to eat than a handful but somehow wind up eating the whole bag After We Colli

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    After finishing the first book in the After series, I immediately jumped into this second book There was no way that I was going to quit this series with the way things ended at the end of After absolutely, no way I had to know how things were going to play out for this disastrous couple They are like crack It might kill me I know it s really n

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    After We Collided, book 2 of 5 The tumultuous against all odds romance between tatted rebel Hardin Scott good girl Tessa Young Just because he can t love you the way you want him to doesn t mean he doesn t love you with everything he has Books in The After series should be read in order Book 1 AfterBook 2 After We CollidedBook 3 After We FellBook 4 Af

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    I swear, this is the shittiest trilogy I have ever read I don t even know what went on in the second one Um I don t even know where to start There s so much sex in this book I can t even laugh about it any It s that boring So, yeah I don t have much to say for this shit But, please, Anna Todd, I think we know that a sequel is a continuation.

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    1.5 stars cause 2 stars are too much for this nonsense.Seriously Seriously Seriously This supposed to be a plot twist I was optimistic about the second book in the series since the first half of the story was, let s say, a desent one But then Todd had to ruin everything just to continue the story line and fill the papers with words Unfortunately, I forgot the most interesting mom

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    This book, even than the first one, is like watching a car crash you shouldn t be watching but you can t tear your eyes away from the disaster And even though I ll probably roll my eyes a hundred times again, I ll definitively be reading the next one It s like the book is Hardin and I m Tessa I know it s bad but I just can t stay away.

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    Esta segunda parte de la serie fue toda una decepci n, el primer libro aunque no es memorable si es s per adictivo y la personalidad de Hardin me atrap Pero en esta segunda parte Hardin tiene cambios s per bruscos de personalidad que no me gustaron para nada, Tessa no conoce la palabra dignidad y el libro le sobran mas del 50% de las p ginas Rese a Completa

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    Just because he can t love you the way you want him to doesn t mean he doesn t love you with everything he has Hessa will be the death of me I love them, but when I would think everything will be fine, something always happensOnce you start reading this series, you won t be able to put it down This book was exiting again, and I really liked that we could read some chapters from Hardin s POV too, that made

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