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The Crossing of Ingo No Human Has Ever Made The Crossing Of Ingo The Most Dangerous Journey Young Mer Have To Face Sapphy And Conor Have Been Chosen For This Epic Challenge, And The Future Of Both Air And Ingo Depends On Their Success But Ervys, His Followers And New Recruits, The Sharks, Are Determined To Stop Them Dead Or Alive

About the Author: Helen Dunmore

I was born in December 1952, in Yorkshire, the second of four children My father was the eldest of twelve, and this extended family has no doubt had a strong influence on my life, as have my own children In a large family you hear a great many stories You also come to understand very early that stories hold quite different meanings for different listeners, and can be recast from many viewpoints

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    Helen Dun, a British author, well known for her books for children, has come out with yet another fantasy series called the Ingo series Initially a trilogy, it soon went onto become a series with a total of 4 books Ingo is the 1st book of the series A fan of Harry Potter, I picked this book just by glancing at its cover it featured a mermaid The story is about the adventures

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    Haaah mimpi itu akhirnya berakhir juga Kenapa kubilang mimpi Karena ketika membaca Ingo buku 1 , aku serasa bermimpiBukan mimpi ketemu kaum mer manusia duyung , btw Itu mah enggak penting,.Tapi, mimpi bisa nyebur ke laut, lalu menarik napas dalam dalam dan enggak tenggelam.Beneran, waktu itu pengen banget berangkat ke pantai sambil nyanyi nyanyi lagu Peggy Gordon versinya The Corrs Ug

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    This was a thrilling book and I loved how the four teens had to bond together to face the challenges that lay ahead of them going south instead of north for the perilous crossing of Ingo How will Sapphire and Conor react to their dad not standing up for them when they approached the seeing stone In the end, they must forgive their father and realize he still cares enough to die for them when i

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    The fourth and final book in the ingo series The end to this book shocked me greatly, and also made me cry, the detail in the book made me feel as if me and sapphire were one It is an extremely good book to end the series with, i only wish that it was not over so soon The end was very satisfying, from the beginning the excitement was intense and kept me occupied Helen Dun has a way with words.

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    D loved the ending on this book Although i always wanted some romance between Faro and Sapphire, yet it never happened Elvira annoyed me throughout this book and sometimes i wished she wasnt part of it.

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    I enjoyed this one the most out of all the novels in the series There was excitement and adventure like no other So much happened in this one.The kids are definitely growing up here The Call has magically cleared the path for Sapphire and Conor to make The Crossing of Ingo which is pivotal to begin the process of healing the rift between Air and Ingo Their mixed blood and the theme of not belonging by belonging to two s

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    Sapphire, Conor, Faro, and Elvira make the crossing of Ingo Conor and Elvira break up, Sapphire is christened friend of Ingo , Faro comes to terms with his human blood, Saldowr is Dumbledore, Ervys dies, Helen Dun adds in save the whales subtext wherever she can Ta daaa So ends the Ingo series.It was a decent book and a decent series I think the issue is that I may be too old for it now I read the first one three and a half year

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    A nice conclusion to the series I really love the premise of the Crossing of Ingo I enjoyed all of the voyage arc I was a bit disappointed in the ending, some actions in particular felt very out of character view spoiler I mean, Connor killing Ervys really hide spoiler

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    The last book in the series When the call is sounded, all the young of Ingo that hear it go on the Crossing an epic swim around the oceans of the world Sapphy and Conner, although half human and living in Air, are called too But Ervys and his followers don t want any half bloods polluting the tradition They want Ingo to be pure and to fight back against the encroachments of humans, while Saldowr believes that it is the half bloods that will bring

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    Perjalanan yang membuat pembacanya seakan akan ikut memasuki dunia laut Sayangnya untuk akhir cerita tidak cukup bagus karena masih ada beberapa yang belum dijelaskan, seperti ketika Sapphire bertemu dengan Ibunya di Pantai pada saat penyebrangan Ingo, yang mana sebelumnya si Ibu diceritakan sedang berada di Puncak Sungguh membingungkan.

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