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Truth (The Vengeance Duet, #2) This Is Book Two Of The Vengeance Duet, Which Completes The Series It S Categorized As Romantic Suspense, Which Include Darker Themes Due To Circumstances And Content, This Book Should Not Be Read By Those Under The Age Of UTHThe Players Have Been Identified And The Plan Is In Formation Connotation Inference PostulateTo Ensure Casey S Safety And Avenge His Sister S Death, Max Taylor Continues His Vow For Vengeance Against The Men Who Threaten Harm To Those He LovesTrueness Verity HonestyHis Life Within The Creed MC Compound Is Darkening As Each Day Passes Until Now, He S Been Left Without Word From Those Who Swore Their Allegiance To His CauseVeracity Credibility AuthenticityAs The Bonds Of Brotherhood Are Further Tested, Max Is Soon Forced To Accept What Should Ultimately Set Him Free TRUTH 4 Solid StarsI was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for this terrific author for this series and as much as I loved the first book in this seriesthis one just didn t quite play out the way I would have liked Now the author knows my feelings on a couple of personal issues I had with parts of the storyline, lol, that for me left me a bit disappointed but again these issues are just my own personal feelings but I can t discard how I felt Am I still a huge fan of A.C Bextor, hell yes Will I continue reading her work in the future, oh hell yes Listen this series was very good and some may not have any of the issues I encountered with parts of the storyline and that s why you should definitely give it a go I am honest to a fault with my feelings in which she knows that too, hehehehe, but don t let that sway your decision This author and all of her books are so worth the read A.C Bextor, congrats and I still love you and will look forward to everything you write in the future 5 Stars I loved the first book The characters and the story were unique This book tugged at my heartstrings The relationship between little Casey and Max was awe worthy.The fight for Casey s salvation continues in this book Max is determined to save her and bring her back to Emma Meanwhile, his relationship with Em keeps going strong But the danger around them doesn t let them be happy not until Casey is away from the MC and far away from Viktor The plot thickens when secrets are unveiled and the truth is revealed Will Max be able to keep Casey and Emma safe And at what cost The writing was captivating The author created a very unique and captivating tale This is not your usual MC captivity read I absolutely loved Max I said it in my review of book 1 that I loved him and in this I adored him.The ending had me in tears.Do not miss this gem I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Review by Jen Hagen Usually I curse my insomnia, but in this case it allowed me to finish a book in one setting without the human garbage disposals vying for my attention or food Dirty was the predecessor to Truth and whereas the first book held the story setting and build up, Truth had the execution I could not have fallen asleep even if I had tried there was way too much happening for me to put the book down Once again Ms Bextor has written flawlessly from the character s voices to the scene progressions I can always immerse myself in her writing I never have to guess where she is taking me on her journey because she writes with such fluidity that I can forget about everything else and just follow her words.I can t find that in all books, but I can find that in all Ms Bextor s books.Casey is 11 years old and being held behind locked doors at Creed, the local motorcycle club Her mother is a drug addict and really couldn t give a care as to how Casey is faring She and Hangar are too busy getting high to notice Hangar gives me the creeps he is the club vice president, a junkie and a mean junkie at that I wouldn t trust him even if I could see him He just has an evil way about him and he is evil to the core He is very brutal with his physical force Basically Hangar scares me and can t be trusted.Max is a very good guy He is dating Casey s aunt, Em, and he has worked his way into his former club s good graces to keep his eye on Casey and to try to get her out of there There are secrets abounding at the clubhouse Why is Casey being held and why are there other women being held It s very stressful for Max to play the club knowing that once his game is figured out he will have to face the consequences of betrayal I hate this, I admit quietly, running my hand through the back of my hair in frustration Every f ckin minute of every g dd amn day I hate it Max has promised to get to the bottom of Casey s captivity and he will do whatever it takes to free her He loves Em and wants to resolve this issue so that they focus on being a family together His quest for answers has overtaken his life and everything else around him seems to be on hold He once left the life of the MC and here he is back again seeing vile things that he does not want to be part of He will do anything to free Casey.I m convinced I won t find the peace I struggle so badly to gain until she s free With the help from his friends that like to blow sh t up , Max is getting closer to finding the truth behind Casey s captivity and what it means for her Max is playing a dangerous game of conning two sides If caught he will be of no help to Casey, and even Em s life can be used to draw him out of his game plan Plus there s the added mystery of what happened to his sister, Marie, that is being used to play him We have to hope Max can keep his game face because there are too many innocent lives on the line counting on his well played deception to free them It s all or nothing This is the truth, my friend It s what you said you were after all along But knowing the truth, as you re about to, will change how you see your life and how you ve come to accept it You can t go back to being who you were once you know. The first book in this duet ended on a cliffhangerand Dirty was a nasty, vile, upsetting story of men who do unbelievably horrible acts to women and the innocents in general I was so glad that we were given a very satisfying conclusion to the series and that even though it was very violent, very upsetting and intense, it showed how good some men can really be and expose the real monsters that others hide behind with a mask of false kindness Good stories for those who can handle the darkness and ugliness without flinching 4 a family of disgusting human beings and their downfall stars I was given an advanced copy of this book for an honest review, and I just have to simply say amazing I was kept so engrossed by the characters and the plot of this story that I couldn t put it down once I started I was so impressed with Max and the man that he is, part of me did wonder if Casey would turn out to be his, but the way it turned out makes for a better story The author takes us through so many deminsions of these characters lives and I have to admit that I hope there will bebooks to follow, it would be great to find out what happens to some of the other characters in the book. I was given an advanced copy of this book for my honest review I was up and down with emotions in reading I really thought Casey would end up being Max s child and was surprised that wasn t the case I have mixed feelings about Max being the one to finish Haggar off I understand he was avenging Marie s death and can completely understand the rage he had On the other hand I hate that he took another man s life because I think of him as one of the good guys that would never kill a man tied up It s a great book with a lot of emotion and surprises. Wow What a great story Loved the epilogue Even though the couple don t actually spend a lot of time together, they give each other exactly what they need And Casey, sweet Casey I actually wish this book had pic so I could see her sketches This definitely isn t a standalone, you must read Dirty first, but hey both books are so worth it. So no doubt that I loved book one and I think I started this one around midnight and was up till about 3am, desperately in need of the conclusion to this series.In the final book, we pick up just where we left off Max and Emma had found their way to one another, Max is closer to getting to the truth of what happened to his sister and the move to get Casey out NEEDS to happen quickly before it s too late.With radio silence, Max is left having to make some choices, unsure of what the plan is but knowing that his crew is bound to blow shit up As we come to the conclusion of the Vengeance Duet, we get the answers that we needed the closure to the story that was deserved and I think this series is easily one of my favorite MC themed stories.This was one of those books that as soon as I finished it, I had to tell friends to read it Finding this author was a complete surprise and in the end such a blessing I think Max is easily in the top twenty five of heroes I can t wait to get started on her other titles after finishing these two. Me ha parecido un libro interesante y que engancha mucho m s que la primera parte de esta bilog a Pero hay algo en el estilo de la autora que no me acaba de convencer Tiene unas ideas incre bles con respecto a tramas y personajes, pero al final las narra de manera inacabada y confusa Eso hace que yo como lectora tengo que esforzarme para enterarme bien de todo y provoca que no me sumerja del todo en la trama.

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