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Reformed Dogmatics Like Books, People Can Become Classics Great In Their Day, But Richer And Fulfilling With Time Not Yet A Classic, Vos S Never Before Published Reformed Dogmatics Is Like A Lost Shakespeare Play Recently Discovered Michael HortonUntil Recently, Reformed Dogmatics Was Only Available In Its Original Dutch But Now You Too Can Access Geerhardus Vos Monumental Work Of Systematic Theology This Brand New English Translation Was Edited By Biblical Theologian And Vos Expert, Richard B Gaffin, JrIn Volume Three, Christology, Vos Discusses The Person Of ChristChrist S Two NaturesThe IncarnationThe Work Of ChristChrist S Death And ResurrectionThe Nature Of Christ SacrificeChrist S OfficesAnd

10 thoughts on “Reformed Dogmatics

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    Slowest of the three so far, with some pretty clunky plodding However some parts were pure gold Still a good dogmatic source.

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    Sorry Dr Tipton, Bavinck is way better.

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    some questions were answered without sufficient defense that was the only negative the majority was terrific.

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    Par for the course It s Vos What is there to be said Excellent, insightful, cogent, concise.

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