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Irrevocably Claimed Best New Author, Be one of the First to Read Angela Shrum, the fantastic and talented author of Threepeat, produces the epitome of erotica With a relatable, girl next door protagonist, and her ritzy best friend, the two women turn up the heat with a dreamy, confident, man s man Shrum s scenes create perfect imagery thanks to her skilled show, not tell approach Passionate and steamy, this unique piece provides a strong build up and leaves you begging for Truly one of a kind I received an ARC of this set from Lori King.Wow, a seriously hot collection of stories from various authors I hadn t heard of before Many variations of taboo menage, same sex, milf etc I ll certainly be checking back on these authors.ONE FORBIDDEN NIGHT by Sherri Hayes, My first time reading this author and wow, sizzling hot A forbidden night of BDSM between Justin and his best friend s sister who he s had a crush on since High School The story was pretty much one long sex scene, but I m not complaining It was written well and kept my attention the whole time I didn t want it to end and really want to know what happens next, maybe the author is leaving that to my imagination I ll certainly look up this author for other books.THREEPEAT by A.M Shrum, also my first by this author 2 women who had a sexual experience together when they were teens One is married and constantly discusses her sex life After one drunken drug fueled evening anything goes and they have their threesome fantasy It was sizzling hot and I will look up this author to see what else they have.LOVER S SWEET DISCOVERY by KD Jones A taboo tale of falling in love with your best friend s mother I loved that the woman was confident and mature, so when she found herself feeling attractive due to the attentions of a much younger man.THE ENCOUNTER by Susan Ward Forbidden encounter between two ex high school girl friends.ZEKE S EDEN by K Webster I liked this one, goody two shoes preacher s daughter finds her tattooed bad boy It was hot COUNTRY METAL by Michael Schneider Southern Belle and tattooed rock star share a week of sizzling sex The ending grabbed mewhat happens next, I need to know HER SECRET SERVICE by Demi Duke Some big chemistry between the body guard and the Senator s daughter I liked this one immensely.DREAM WEAVER by Cherry Shephard I m a fan of Cherry and had a peek at this one earlier Another older woman younger man themethere s hope for me yet finding my toy boy.TEMPTING TANNER by Lori King I m a new fan of Lori, this one was a great ending for the collection. ONE FORBIDDEN NIGHT By Sherri HayesJustin Has Had A Crush On His Best Friend S Little Sister, Kim, Since High School When She Shows Up On His Doorstep, Offering Herself To Him For One Night, Will He Be Able To Say No Or Will He Give In To One Forbidden Night With The Woman Who Has Haunted His Dreams For Years THREEPEAT By AM ShrumMadison S Best Friend, Lillian, Is Constantly Sharing The Details Of Her Perfect Life With Husband, Adam, Including Her Off The Charts Sex Life It S Great, Except That Madison Has Been Harboring A Secret Fantasy She Doesn T Just Want To Hear About The Great Sex That Lillian And Adam Are Having, She Wants To Experience It For Herself With Them One Night After Drinks, The Three Friends Agree To A Deal One Night The Three Of Them Together And Anything Goes Will A Night Of Heated Passion Be Exactly What They All Need Or Will It Go Too Far And Destroy Everything They Have LOVER S SWEET DISCOVERY By KD JonesClaire Vanderling Has Reached Middle Age But Doesn T Feel Like She Has Anything To Show For It As The Manager Of A Prosperous Art Gallery, She Works Hard, But Her Personal Life Is Practically Nonexistent Her Son, Thomas, Has Graduated College And Is About To Start A New IT Company In Japan With His Best Friend She Might Not See Him For Six Months, So She Arranges For Them To Have One Trip To A Family Beach Home In The Hamptons When Her Son S Best Friend Shows Up, She Finds Much Than Just A Simple Vacation She Discovers A Passion Long Buried Inside Her Jacob Tanner Is Excited To Be Starting A New Company With His Best Friend He Wants To Go Directly To Japan To Get Settled, But Tom Insists That They Spend Time This Summer With Tom S Mother He Met Claire Once Before While He And Tom Were Still In School Together When He Sees Her Again, He Is Surprised To Find That He Cannot Take His Eyes Off Her How Had He Not Realized How Sexy Claire Was As Desire Flares Up And Passion Is Unleashed, Will They Give In To Their Bodies Demands Or Will They Be Able To Resist Lovers Sweet Discovery THE ENCOUNTER By Susan WardJena Was Holly S Best Friend When They Started High School By Graduation, Holly Avoided Jena At All Cost Their Friendship Had Become Confusing, The Emotions So Complex, And At Times Unnerving, That Holly Couldn T Even Risk Being Near JenaSeven Years Later, Unhappily Married Holly Is Thrown Together With Jena At A Bachelorette Party Was Forbidden Desire Beneath Their Unsettling Friendship All Along And Will Holly Surrender At Last To Jena S Pursuit ZEKE S EDEN By K WebsterFollowing Daddy S Rules Has Always Been Easy Smile Nod RepeatUntil I Met ZekeDark Dirty Sinner A Hungry Beast, Released From His CageAnd I M On The MenuTonight, I M Zeke S EdenHis SugarHis WhoreDaddy S Little Girl Is All Grown Up COUNTRY METAL By Michael SchneiderSweet As Iced Tea, Her Life Was The Very Anthem Of A Country Song Blue Skies, Cornfields And Cotton Fed Her Soul Tattooed And Pierced, He S The Lead Singer For Violent Standard His Idea Of Country Is A Trek Through Central Park His Band Is In Town To Film Their Newest Music Video Can Heavy Metal And A Country Twang Blend Into A Perfect Harmony Will He Claim The Southern Belle Before The Last Note Fades HER SECRET SERVICE By Demi DukePresidential Candidate S Daughter, Cammie Douglas, Needs Her Wild Ways Tamed And Kept Out Of The News So Jude Warner, A Tall, Dark, And Handsome Secret Service Agent, Is Called Up For Duty His Orders Control Cammie No Matter What It Takes Even If She S Drawing Him Into Her Sexual Thrall Will He Risk It All For Her Or Have To Tame His Own Desires DREAM WEAVER By Cherry ShephardWhen Charlotte Is Caught By One Of Her College Students In A Moment Of Pleasure, She Awakens The Dream Weaver The Master Her Dom Can He Revive Her Confidence And Prove To Her Just How Desirable She Is TEMPTING TANNER By Lori KingAshley Gahl Lost Her Virginity In A Whirlwind Of Passion After A Night Of Celebration, And Tanner Lake Has Haunted Her Dreams Ever Since One Night Flings Aren T Suitable For Relationships, So She S Determined To Pretend It Never Happened, Only He Reappears In Her Life, And Throws Her Carefully Laid Out Plans Into Disarray When He Becomes A Permanent Fixture In Her World As Her New Stepbrother, She Knows She Should Put Their Passionate Past Behind Her, But She Finds Herself Craving Him And Is She Really Ready For The Whirlwind That Tempting Tanner With Bring Overall, this book was fun and a great way to preview different authors It was nice to see a little bit of many styles but I wished a few were longer I found a few authors I will read from again view spoiler One Forbidden Night This was pretty good I thought some of the dialog was awkward, but I enjoyed their energy I would read a sequel and would like to know what happens with the MCs 3.5Threepeat This was ok for me, I think the bar scene would have been better without the drugs I liked the ending and it was not what I expected 3Lovers Sweet Discovery I enjoyed the characters in this one The older woman younger man isn t explored in romance as much as it should be I wish the author had word count to develop the MCs I liked the ending a lot..for her career and their relationship I could have done without the son being involved at all 3.5The Encounter I wasn t feeling this one I think the characters were immature and hard to connect with I didn t enjoy the manipulation or the popularity contest 2Zeke e Eden Where is the sequel I m dying to know what happened with them The dialog could be cleaned up a little, but I loved the characters and the unique plot If Eden was 5 years older and Zekes complexity had been fleshed out it would have been amazing 4Country Metal Again, where is the sequel This was a fun story country story I wish the author had space to develop the characters and town I enjoyed the twist on the video I also really want to know what is next for the MCs 4His Secret Service This happened too fast for me I felt like it was sex scene after sex scene with a sprinkle of dirty menage and BDSM 3Dream Weaver I liked the ending of this story, and it left me happy for the MCs Throughout the book, Charolotte was kind of dippy I didn t think Dom did a good job of taking care of her at times when she was distraught He kept disappearing and that seemed irresponsible and anti Domish 3 Tempting Tanner This was kind of cute I liked Tanner but I thought Ashleys bratty could be toned down 3.5 hide spoiler Vast Variety of Romantic, Naughty Fun4 StarsDisclaimer I don t normally read erotica It s not my favorite category That may come as a shock to some I am judging this anthology based upon its category, and I found that there were other things mixed in such as genuine romance , and that made this so much palatable This is a totally honest review It s just a rarity in my world It s an eye opener Some authors can tell stories driven by sex that have a lot of heart I didn t know that as well as I do now There are real stories here and real heat For the current price of 0.99, I recommend buying first and thinking later Irrevocably Claimed is a sexy, virtual cornucopia of romantic, naughty fun Multiple mostly full length stories by multiple very talented authors are contained within these pages, and, for me, it was an easy one sitting read I never knew what I was going to find next, and some of the novels took my breath away In my opinion, the first One Forbidden Night by Sherri Hayes and last Tempting Tanner by Lori King are the best, but I loved a few in the middle too Don t skip or you might miss something you never expected to love I ll be honest and say that 1 2 of the stories in the batch weren t my thing, but, overall, this was an awesome deal and a terrific read. Received a free copy for an honest review One Forbidden Night by Sherri HayesGood short story, it is a mild introduction to BDSM The story is easy to read, flows nicely I just don t feel the connection between Justin and Kim Threepeas by A.M.ShrumI enjoyed this story very much It is very well written, flows great Shame it is a short story, I want to know what happens next The sex scene is really good.Lovers Sweet Discovery by KD JonesSuch a shame this is a short story, I would love to see the story develop a bit as everything happened so quickly but it is such a lovely story It is a bit of a taboo to have an older woman in love with her son s best friend but I m glad the writer took the risk.The Encounter by Susan WardDid not enjoy this one much Not my first FF story but it left me a bit confused And I found it all over the place Raised a lot of questions.Zeke s Eden by K WebsterOh what a fantastic read So raw a powerful and so naughty I do want to read about Zeke and Eden.Country Metal by Michael SchneiderThis story had me laughing quite a lot I love Aiden, he is so arrogant and ignorat, typical star And Jo is great at ignoring his advances Without giving away too much I m not 100% sure about the ending But good story.Her secret service by Demi DukeThis is a good stiry, just all happened way too fast I wish there was a bit happening between the characters than just sexual lust.Dream Weaver by Cherry ShephardI m sorry but this story is not for me I do not agree on a relationship between a teacher and a student whatever age they are Also there were few inconsistencies Tempting Tanner by Lori KingFab story, very well written Such a shame it is so short I wanted yo know about Ashley and Tanner. Review for Zeke s Eden by K Webster I was snared in his sinful trap that bubbles with ill intentions and lust Zeke s Eden by Author K Webster was a fast and exciting read that literally left me begging for Characters like Zeke and Eden may have been introduced before in the romance genre, but NEVER like this Zeke is a smooth talker and easy mover He is the inherent bad boy set to corrupt all that is good Eden is exactly as her name would make it seem She is pure and untouched, but secretly she wants Knowing this bit of information makes our mouths water for a story that is sure to test and stretch boundaries You make me feel, Zeke The pain, the pleasure I like them with you Told in first person points of view, Zeke s Eden was a stimulant the reader in my craved The tension between Zeke and Eden was pulsating The reverberating heat generated by these two was sinfully good My senses were on high alert from the words on the page Each turn of the page introduced mystery and character depth that culminated in a story ending that may be just the beginning It was fantastic The moment I saw you, I know fate sent you to me. This is a great anthology of short steamy stories I think anthologies are a great way to find new authors I always do I really enjoyed Lover s Sweet Discovery by KD Jones This is about a May December romance with a woman and much younger man I thought the story was sweet and tender I would love to read about these characters Another story I really enjoyed was Zeke s Eden by K Webster This is about Daddy s little girl growing up and becoming a woman This story left me wanting , I can t wait to read what happens next I also really enjoyed Lori King s, Tempting Tanner I thought this was an interesting, hot and steamy story, I liked it a lot The collection of stories is a great one I would recommend I was provided an advanced reader s copy from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review. Received from the author in exchange for an honest review via the BDSM Group on Goodreads3.1 starsOne Forbidden Night by Sherri Hayes This isn t a bad story, and Sherri is a good writer it just felt a bit eh though that could be from being hit repeatedly over the head by the fact Justin and Kim could never be together than anything else The narrative was good and there was a chance to get to know a bit about them, and the sex scenes were smoking hot Still, while I would recommend it I don t have any interest in learning about the characters or their story.Threepeat by A.M Shrum which should really be Angela M Shrum Why haven t I read anything by Angela before This is a well written, engrossing story that is fun and oh my god sexy I love how Lillian handles Madison s insecurities and brings her into a threesome with Adam And that it works without being all weird and strange And I m looking forward to seeing how Elijah grows up and becomes someone interesting Basically, I am looking forward to of Madison s story and picking up of Angela s writing.Lover s Sweet Discovery by K.D Jones This is such a stilted story that it s hard to get into or feel much for Jacob and Claire The writing isn t bad, it simply feels contrived and artificial without any depth or emotion.the Encounter by Susan Ward An intense story as much psychological as erotic, the interplay between the girls and especially between Jena and Holly is exquisite in its not always subtle power exchange Not to mention the sex is hot, erotic, and enough to turn anyone bi.Zeke s Eden by K Webster This is an ok story, nothing spectacular or bad, just eh The writing occasionally slips into adult pretending to be a little girl which is annoying but doesn t happen too often There s no real development or any reason to bond with the characters which is to bad as Zeke has an interesting story to tell, it just isn t here.Country Metal by Michael Schneider What a wonderful story, sweet and sexy with a lot of heart and a bit of naughty I would love to read of Aiden and Jo, Violent Standard, or pretty much anything else she would like to write about.Her Secret Service by Demi Duke I don t know if it s the laughable dialog, the so called plot or what But this is one of the silliest stories I have every read Honestly, it doesn t inspire me to find out about Jude and Cammie or anything else Demi has written.Dream Weaver by Cherry Shephard There are major continuity issues that make reading this a head shaker since you have no clue what s going to be thrown in or why The narrative is simplistic and the dialog is better off not even talking about There is no plot and no character interest or progression.Tempting Tanner by Lori King A fun story, with a pair of protagonists that are fun to read, Tanner and Ashley have chemistry and a lot of heat going for them The story had a nice flow and good balance though the dialog was a bit awkward sometimes Still it wasn t enough to throw you out of the story.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again. Overall 4.6One Forbidden Night Sherri HayesAbsolutely loved it, I pains me to say I give it a 4.9 but that is entirely because I can t get past when they say almost all his toys were new Not that he would ever use a toy twice I m not sure I am new to reading BDSM and just the idea creeps me out I think as in being at the clubs maybe the toys used should be given to whichever sub it was purchased for, Yea I know I don t know a lot lol I hope this story will be continued THREEPEAT by A.M ShrumThe Story flowed nicely they all had well thought out story lines.LOVER S SWEET DISCOVERY by KD JonesKind of a disappointment Felt rushed The story line could be great if it had been nurtured We didn t get to learn much about Claire and Jacob Also felt stilted.THE ENCOUNTER by Susan WardI do not like cheating stories and usually leave them alone, its one thing if the partner knows of the relationship is happening and doesn t care but no, not cheating But read this to complete the ratings This story was all over the place and just strange.ZEKE S EDEN by K WebsterI was totally hooked on this story until he decided he wanted to hurt and take her innocence away The fact that he decided he didn t care if he had on a condom or not She is 18 wanting to go to college he is 29 and if she has a baby who is going to have to raise it Her She would be the one who has to give up her life to take care of a child She has never been away from daddy and as exciting as it all seems being with him, she is still young and should be given a change to find out what she really wants out of life I felt like she just wanted to be excepted by anyone And she done this because of that True this may be it but with her life so controlled and never let out of Daddy s site much she can t know that yet Zeke needs to let her adjust to being with someone not trying to control her just as daddy did.COUNTRY METAL by Michael SchneiderAbsolutely loved this one I hope it IS continued.She done a good job with this story I hope Aiden does reach out I can understand where Jo kept some secrets but maybe they will come to light with good results.HER SECRET SERVICE by Demi DukeLiked this story I think Jude may have found his match Though it was careless having sex with her the first time without a condom But I guess he saw just how much when she was with the two men hours later I do not like seeing the characters having sex with someone else in the story after they meet, and for sure not with him there.The one they are meant to be with in the story Hope she continues it.DREAM WEAVER by Cherry ShephardI liked this story a lot but also had issues with it Like her going so willingly into a club in front of people when she had never done this before, risking her job Maybe there are people who will do this with someone they don t know but seems far fetched letting two men have sex with her and only the one mention of protection and her not even knowing then if it was used, or ever seeing the man But I did like the story other than that I liked that he made her push herself, Just not to much into the sharing aspects Truthfully she didn t know Dom and to let that happen for me was something I can t understand But there are people who do this in their everyday life so on that aspect trying to keep an open mind.TEMPTING TANNER by Lori KingI didn t like Ashley she acted like a brat for most of the book Though I did like the story line Tanner was always the gentleman so I could get her feelings for him, but the way she acted not so much his feelings for her I get there are a lot of people who look down on step siblings getting together but they weren t raised together and knew each other before they knew the parents were together So it seemed her attitude was a little out there But did I love her mother s reasoning telling her we love who we love Also it was hard to believe her mother knew nothing of her fear of the water I knew my son had one, I also know of the fears my nieces and nephews have So that also kinda factored into my rating.

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