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Valiant: A Modern Tale Of Faerie I hated loving this book Having read Black s Titheand Ironside, I was none to keen on reading Valiant Black has a penchant for writing about the scourge of human society, leaving me with a sense of filth, and therefore compelling me to exfoliate None the less, Black s writing is so perversely alluring, that she all but grabs you by the neck and drags you into the story.Val is impossible to describe She s a shell of a girl In possession of one lezzie best friend, a mohawk donning boyfriend, and incredibly vain and insecure mother, Val participates in her life, but couldn t be accused of living it When Val walks in on her mother getting it on with her boyfriend, Val flees, going nowhere, and reveling in her lack of destination She finds herself in New York City, homeless, but free It is here that she encounters Lolli, a blue haired Never addict, Sketchy Dave, brother to the sighted Luis, and joins their trio of loner losers Val is introduced to a world that will afford you every possible pleasure you care to take, while leaving you living in squalor and slowly choking the life from you, one Never hit at a time Val drowns in the world of fairie, and yet finds her inner strength, as well as the love she craves But in order to save herself, and the troll she loves, Val must learn that being free to make your own bad decisions serves no purpose other than enabling you to own your destruction The characters within this story suck at life They make piss poor role models and I hope that younger readers of this book wouldn t think that Val s adventure is the least bit realistic Val would have wound up dead, on in the very least, assaulted These characters run from their problems, steal, take drugs, and engage in casual sex And yet I loved this book because these characters drop f bombs, filch, become addicts, and engage in casual sex Life isn t always pretty, and this book captures the essence of that filth while adding a touch of whimsy, and an acceptable happy ending. I have mixed feelings about this book I found the idea of the story captivating Faeries are real, and they walk among us, hidden by glamour from human eyes And they aren t necessarily good faeries like humans, some are good, and some are stealthy 17 year old Val discovers this world when she runs away from home and lives under the New York subway tunnels Through unforeseen circumstances, she ends up indebted to a troll, delivering potions to faeries But faeries are being poisoned, and Val ends up risking her life to solve the mystery and protect her unlikely troll friend I liked the premise And I found myself drawn into the love story that unfolded between Val and Ravus, the troll Unfortunately, I thought the writing was inconsistent The plot seemed choppy and the characters were underdeveloped The story didn t flow well enough from one scene to the next, making it less believeable There were a lot of loose ends at the close of the story which seemed to have been forgotten, or pushed aside, and which I would have liked to seen closed But even though I was disappointed by this book in many ways, the lure of the faerie world stays with me I might try reading something else by her, just for of that So I didn t like this one as much as the first book, but I still loved it I liked that the characters aren t your typical characters Like you may not really like them, but you still totally do Also, can I just say the troll love was freaking awesome I liked that Holly Black made the character fall for a troll and not a hot troll either Although, I m sure he s super adorable because his personality was lovely I felt for Valerie a lot, and yes she did some stupid things, yet I still wanted to give her a big hug This world has sucked me in and I can t wait to start book three right away Ever since I finished Tithe I ve wanted to finish this series but never seemed to try and read the second book No idea why, maybe I m super lazy or I just never got the book but I m happy to redeem myself people It follows Val Russell, who is about 17 years old, and she have a terrible life Her family sucked a bag of dicks and her whole life spiraled down a dark ass rabbit hole Yeah, things were not sunny on her side of the street The grass was not greener for her Well, her life sort of gets better when she finds herself within a homeless crowd From this, she meets Dave, Lolli, and Luis Things don t always go according to plan when Val is involved which is probably why this book was so entertaining I wouldn t necessarily say it was a page turner from start to finish because I did get bored while reading this Speaking of the people she meets, Lolli, man, she was so freaking weird That whole killing a cat just because she didn t want to take care of it man, it gave me the shivers I cringed so hard I don t even like cats that much and I would never do that AND I M ALLERGIC TO THEM BITCHES Besides that, things happened in this book that kind of shocked me a little bit Overall, it was an interesting book that I m kind of happy that I dove into I m super happy that I dove back into this series and I can t wait to dive into the next book of this one I hope it s not as creepy or cringe worthy as this one but I ll still probably read it. I hated this book from the first page Strong words, I know, but let s just have it out Trite, lame and basically a waste of tree The plot was blurg, the characters were frighteningly unenthralling, the writing was fair, but you can find decent writing on the back of a cereal box The one book s one saving grace was a troll and though the idea was cool, it was hardly enough to save the entire horrible mess To rant in depth, I have to start with the drug thing Magic as a drug seen it and it was done better is an interesting idea, but to depict it as being like heroin addiction seems to be pushing the line just to push the line And that s the big problem I have with Black Her characters, her plot, they re constructed like cheap, ugly whores They have to wear a hellva lot of horrid make up and will do just about anything to make a few bucks in order to pay their pimps From the very beginning she s throwing in Jerry Springer esque turns in what begins to feel like a tacky attempt to hook through shock Okay, so street kids and drugs and people with piercings and dyed hair, yeah, I know how those things look cool And being someone who has experience with all of the above, I can t say that I don t appreciate them But underlying all of these cool things is generally such pain and insecurity that to write about them in the way that Black does is like covering a snake infested swamp with a glittery plastic sheet and inviting your friends to go ice skating.People can write whatever crap they want, thankfully we don t have to read it. July buddy read for FaerieAThon, which I am cohosting with What finally made me listen to this audiobook I ve had for months was a Twilight secret in which someone claimed that Ravus was so much better hotter than Edward Cullen even though he was a troll That made me very curious so I gave it a listen It only took me a few days to finish it Renee Raudman reads the book in a wonderful, calm way She does the different voices perfectly, especially Ravus.I remember that I had stumbled across Holly Black s website some years ago and thought of her as some wannabe writer , I take that back now She s a fantastic writer Her imagination is great, her characters are modern and have depth and she uses language very well Her style is quite fast and if you don t pay attention for a minute you might lose track but I prefer that to books with tons of unnecessary, boring paragraphs.Further I find her style very real and honest, she doesn t mind describing disgusting disturbing things not in a sensational way though, just very casual , for example how Lolli pushes the kitten in front of the train or how Dave and Val have sex.What I loved as well was the anti heroness about Val How she shaves off her hair, gets dirtier every day and still is loved And all the stuff about the Never, the drug similarities, such an interesting idea The only thing that put me off a little was the beginning when Val discovers the affair between her mom and her boyfriend I know this is an important event to get the story started and I supposed it has happened before but it just seemed so unrealistic and weird yes, I know, unrealistic might be the wrong word in a fantasy novel.Another thing I loved was the ending Lots of books I ve enjoyed during reading them, have disappointed me with their weak endings Valiant s last sentence was exactly right and perfectly fitting.All in all a fabulous book about a modern fairytale. When Seventeen Year Old Valerie Runs Away To New York City, She S Trying To Escape A Life That Has Utterly Betrayed Her Sporting A New Identity, She Takes Up With A Gang Of Squatters Who Live In The City S Labyrinthine Subway System But There S Something Eerily Beguiling About Val S New Friends And When One Talks Val Into Tracking Down The Lair Of A Mysterious Creature With Whom They Are All Involved, Val Finds Herself Torn Between Her Newfound Affection For An Honorable Monster And Her Fear Of What Her New Friends Are Becoming Reread this while hiking across the moors Love my troll boyfriend.

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