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The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition This is the second book in the Sons of Privilege series I have found again that Katherine writing style is great but the end of the story is lacking.Tristan just got caught with this assistant by the paparazzi This was the first time Tristan and Sheri have been together and now her life is front page news Tristan decide that maybe they can work this too their advantage. Caught In The ActHe Moved In A World Of Power And Privilege She Was Merely His Assistant But That Didn T Stop Sheri Donnelly From Falling For Her Charming Playboy Boss, French Media Magnate Tristan SabinaWhen Fate Gave Her The Chance For One Night With Tristan, Sheri Took It But The Next Morning, Their Supposedly Scandalous Affair Had Made Tabloid Headlines And Now Tristan Insisted Sheri Play The Role Of His Beloved Fianc E In Every Way Sheri and Tristan An entertaining story but super predictable and not very convincing I didn t believe in Sheri s transformation from unnoticeably plain to beautiful just because she started wearing designer outfits Tristan s sudden epiphany that he loved her in the 11.5th hour of the book was so completely unconvincing that I had to re read it twice to be sure, and to feel like I got a decent ending out of the book I did like the slow build of his interest as he became and unable to ignore her But it still felt like a 180 when he finally succumbs I actually listened to this one as an audio book and the reader was OK with women s voices, but guys with french accents not so much I thought Tristan sounded like a fake french drag queen There was a lot of telling not showing in this story Like telling us that the hero loved her sense of humour even though there is no sign of it during the tale, except for some simplistic sarcasm here and there She was in fact bereft of wit and just as boring as she thought herself to be But Tristan was boring too, so perhaps they are a good match after all So if you want a by the book harlequin romance but without the accidental pregnancy, and the hero isn t a complete asshat this will fill the time but won t be especially satisfying. Favorite scene She is confronted by the paparazzi, covers her face with her hands in terror and screams Made me laugh right out loud Fun, fast read. The Wealthy Frenchman s Proposition is the second installment from the series Sons of Privilege In this book we have Tristan and Sheri s story.Sheri Donnelly has been in love with her sexy, brooding widower boss And when he showed an interest she decided to throw caution to the wind and finally gave in to the attraction that brought her to his bed Tristan Sabina has sworn off love since his beloved wife s death When he attended his best friend d wedding and brought his reliable secretary, he felt something he never felt since his wife died and knew that she feel the same way.They agreed to have a one night full of hot, sweaty and steamy sex But unbeknownst to them, their lives will get intertwined and things get complicated between them when they both caught in a very uncompromising position And there s only one solution Tristan can think of Sheri will pretend as his fiancee Will Sheri continue to pretend in order to be with him Can Tristan let go of the past and move forward with Sheri before it s too late Will they pretend relationship turn real Sheri and Tristan were likable enough characters I didn t hate them but I didn t like them much either I always enjoyed pretend fake relationship themed romances but in this book, I just don t know maybe I m still having a hard time accepting that Tristan found her attracted all of a sudden Well hello She s been his secretary for years and then suddenly one day he s attracted to her and wanted to bed her when he never gave any indication in the past I was also a little concerned since I found the chemistry between them lacking Yes, they were both attracted to each other, but I was worried with the way Tristan suggested the pretend relationship and the way he always say that he will never love again.As the pretend relationship continues, there was absolutely no denying the lust and love Lucy and Tristan have for each other But as usual, it s not an insta happy ever after They both have a lot of issues to work through, especially Tristan with his belief that he only have one chance at love and that was with his dead wife and that he will never love again Well, I say that he already love her with the way he acted around her.So how long they will continue the pretense before it s too late for both of them to realize that it was never pretend If you are looking for a quick, fast paced read involving a plain secretary who has been in love with her sexy and gorgeous boss, The Wealthy Frenchman s Proposition is the perfect choice.

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