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Batteries Not Required Wish it was longer Story too short Fairly short story. The premise is typical big misunderstanding ten years of separation and long lost love sort of thing Gayle comes back to town on business and has to face the guy she left behind, Tristan Gayle is bitter about Tristan, who seems to be ready to pick things up again, but he really wants an explanation for her having run away in the first place I don t really mind these kinds of stories when there s plenty of grovel, but in this case, it was a little strange The heroine was technically at fault for not sticking around for an explanation and then high tailing it out of town So, she sor less at fault for her own suffering and since this is a first person narrative, we don t get much feel for the hero s suffering So even though it felt like the angst was concluded, I don t think the hero got a sufficient apology Also, the term moustache ride sounds really crude and out of place in this story I m not a fan of the term. yawn might have worked as a full novel This just didn t captivate me I did not enjoy either character. Novella, not overly impressed. I couldn t buy into Tristan going after her so hard, I would have expectedtime with him being upset with her Otherwise ok read Second read through of this one It is short, but yummy. Previously Published InBeach Blanket Bad Boys Handle With CareExperience Has Taught Gayle Hayes One Thing Men Are Jerks And After Forgetting That One Lesson Again And Again, Gayle Has Decided To Come Back To Her Small Town Montana Roots And Reset Her Curlers, So To Speak The Last Person She Expects To Run Into Is Her Former High School Sweetheart With His Steely Grip And Steady Gaze, Rodeo Bad Boy Tristan McCullough Isn T Quite The Boy She Left Behind What Hasn T Changed Is The Spark Still Zinging Between Them And With A Little Luck, A Little Timing, And Exactly The Right Touch, It Just Might Light Up The Rest Of Their Lives Together As romantic novellas go, this was a really good one Happy to readby this author 2nd chance lovers that skip right past an explanation for their breakup on the way to hooking up While an explanation is given it s too short for my satisfaction and before you blink the story is over I get it s a short story, but it could have used like 5pages to satisfy readers.

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