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This would added alot of challenges and some excellent new characters. First off I want to say that I love Mercedes Lackey as a writer I have read all of the Valdemar series multiple times and can t wait for new volumes to be released That being said, I slogged through this book, determined to finish it I ve rarely if ever not finished a book that I started reading I think one of my biggest issues was the multiple storylines that were happening without need It truly felt at times that there were two separate voices and I wonder if that was the influence of the co writer Yes we needed to know the story behind the spirit and the banjo strings, but it just felt out of place when it occurred in the book and while I tended to like Beth Kory as characters, I really didn t see any sense of their part of the story be included at all Maybe it is because this is a part of a larger story, but if that is the case then I want a Part 2 or whatever on the cover Ultimately what I think I missed most was the character development I have come to expect from Ms Lackey You get hints of it here and there but everytime it starts to go there, a tangent comes along I really wanted time with Eric Hosea training, or something that explains what the guardians are really up to and how that happens on a regular basis Ultimately not my cup of tea, which was disappointing. A lot of fun Now I have to go search out the other books in the series. I have been enjoying catching up on this series More about the bard and his friends in New York. Eric Banyon Has To Worry About Than Passing His Courses At Julliard The Evil Elf Lord Aerune, Whose Love Was Killed By Mortal Men, Is Determined To Destroy The Human Race Eric S Only Hope Of Stopping Aerune Is To Trap Him Inside A Magical Maze, From Which There Is No Escaping I felt like this book was better than the last, mainly in that the pacing on the plot was better Whereas the climax in Beyond World s End seems to happen at a kind of arbitrary point, I felt like the beginning of the major action in this book had a logical origin Also, the various subplots meshed together much better It was nice to see stuff Underhill, and I found it interesting that a character from the Serrated Edge series shows up at least I assume the cameo is of a major character from those books, as I haven t actually read them In general, the plot was pretty good, and I appreciated that some of the villains were fairly sympathetic There were a few threads left hanging, which is annoying, but hopefully they ll be picked up in book 6 or 7 The characters are generally enjoyable to read about, though I m releasing the Guardians haven t been as fleshed out as I d like I definitely want to go read the first three books before I proceed in the series, though, as it seems like and characters and plot threads from those are coming up Overall, this was a nice improvement on the previous book, and I definitely recommend this series based on what I ve read of it so far. Eric Banyon has settled into the New York whirl nicely he s doing well at Julliard, he s made a lot of new friends, he s defeated a lord of the Unseleighe SidheAerune mac Audelaine, whose beloved was killed by mortal men, was determined to destroy the human race until Eric once again is trying to get his back on track and his studies back on course at the elite Juilliard School of Music and be normal He has befriended many, including the Guardians, and this time he must call upon his friends to travel with him between the two worlds and defeat Aerune, who is hellbent on punishing the human race by death after losing his beloved to their hands Can Eric find a way to entice Aerune into the magical maze where there is no escape and save the humans Eric is getting comfy in New York whie Kory and Beth are Underhill trying to find a way to conceive a chid that won t kill a bunch of people.An evil elf wants revenge for the death of his loved one and wants to cause the destruction of the world.I really enjoyed this book because it ties up some of the threads that were left hanging in the last one Mainly, what happened with Threshold and Jeanette This series go by fairly quickly and I m enjoying it a lot than I thought I would I haven t read any other books in this series, but the authors provided enough description of previous events that I didn t feel too lost They clearly had a blast combining the elves world with human existence Magic versus technology is a big theme, and I love the idea that magic is hard to describe with human language. Spirits White as Lightning (Bedlam's Bard, #5)

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