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Beyond World's End (Bedlam's Bard, #4) This is your soul on drugs After the events chronicled in Bedlam s Bard, world saving bard and magician Eric Banyon moves into his new New York apartment hoping to settle down to the quiet life No such luck his building is a safe house for a group of occultist Overall I really enjoy Mercedes Lackey s books This is the first one in this series that I have read, and it will probably be the last Ironic, because the main character, the Bard, is a flutist and so am I There was nothing wrong with the story, lots of action, some clear understanding of music and what it takes to study at Juilliard.I guess I was not enad with this book because it takes place in New York City, a place I am not interested in visiting again , and it involved street people, drugs, and was just kind of depressing to me.Thankfully there are many, many, many other books written by Mercedes Lackey, and I m gonna read them I hated this book I was incredibly disappointed after liking the beginning of the series so much I don t know if it was the new co author, but I don t think so The story was formulaic very similar plot to her previous novels and depressing Although both stories had evil geniuses who were VERY evil, this story was totally devoid of hope Yes, there are sadistic evil people out there but I believe that they are few and far between, and that everyone does has some good in them, even if it is ignorant and misguided The author s themes are very played out and the book was a boring disappointment I think the author needs some hugs and quite a bit if therapy to work out whatever issues she developed from being picked on as a child. I d probably give this a 2.3 if possible It wasn t absolutely terrible, but it wasn t a great reading experience I like Edghill, so the writing wasn t bad, the content just wasn t the best.When I have to read about how something looks like castle Greyskull and on the same page how another thing looks like the one in Star Wars, it gets annoying There were far too many movie references in this bookI counted three on one page Lazy.At about 60% the way through I began skimming the narration and detail and going straight to the dialogue there was way to much this is what s happening and then this is what happened boring And the details weren t helpful, alot of filler went into this one I would have stopped reading, but Bards and Flute players are few and far between in fantasy fiction and Aerune was interesting Though even he quickly fell from villainous to flat and boring. I ve been enjoying reading this series Recommended to fans of urban fantasy. A good series for summer reading by the fire. Middle of a series THIS IS YOUR SOULON DRUGSAfter the events chronicled in Bedlam s Bard, world saving bard and magician Eric Banyon moves into his new New York apartment hoping to settle down to the quiet life No such luck his building is a safe house for a group of occultist Guardians protecting the city from supernatural evil And there s a new evil for them to guard against.When unethical drug researchers discover that they can induce amazing mental powers using psychotropic drugs, they begin planning to raise a drug enslaved army of mercenaries and grow very, very rich But this gets the attention of Aerune mac Audelaine, lord of the dark Unseleighe Sidney, who hopes to use the drugs to break through to the human world and feed on the suffering there Both plans will bring terror to the world and both are threatened by the very existence of Eric Banyan.With his possibly loyal companions a beautiful elven half breed and a gargoyleEric heads for a three way battle of wizardry that will determine Gotham s fate and his own.ABOUT THE AUTHORSMercedes Lackey, author of the bestselling Heralds of Valdemar and Bardic Voices series, began life as a child and has been attempting to rectify that error ever since Named for actress Mercedes McCambridge, she has been trying with no success to get the Benz automobile authorities to recognize the natural link between her name and theirs, and offer her the use of an M100 or some variety of high end sports car for gratis This, too, has had a distinct lack of success Other than writing she can be found at various times prying the talons of the birds of prey she is attempting to nurse back to health out of her hands, endangering her vision by creating various forms of Art Beadwork, and cross stitching dragons, gryphons, and other semi mythological fauna At the moment, her hair is red, her favorite color is green, and she is covered by various members of her flock of pet parrots, cockatoos and macaws, all of which are trying to help her type8shgalal akejbejks9ife.Rosemary Edghill, after holding the usual array of Weird Writer Jobs, including freelance graphic designer and vampire killer, settled down to a career as a full time writer She has written three books in the Twelve Treasures series, urban fantasies about elves and subways, as well as books in genres ranging from romance to mystery She has also collaborated with such masters of fantasy as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton Of this collaboration, Mercedes Lackey writes, I needed a new partner for our Bedlam Bards series Rosemary was the only possible writer who was sharp enough Her web page can be found at 1 1 2001SKU 0671319558 Ebook Price 4.00 Baen Free Library Book This book was fairly good, though probably not quite as good as it could have been I found it to be pretty easy to jump in to the plot, even though I haven t yet read any of the previous books The characters and setting are generally pretty interesting, and I feel like Eric generally has some good character development here I m not sure how I feel about Ria I kinda wish I d gotten a bit insight into her character As it is, it feels like her introduction made her seem too much of a villain, when she s actually position as of an anti hero or hero with a greyer sense of morality than Eric I m a bit disappointed the Guardians weren t used very much, as they are intriguing characters and could probably easily carry a series of their own I feel like the plot was generally good, but it got a bit rushed towards the end I think this is because the book is trying to set up Eric in his new status quo, introduce the long term threat posed by Aerune, and have a plot about the magic drug, alongside various subplots, and I think this is overreaching a bit for a book of this length I think the resolution would have been a bit better had there been time to deal with the drug plot properly, although I m not dissatisfied with it as such It just feels like it was a bit too quick and didn t have quite enough build up, though I appreciate that it did leave some plot threads hanging that will hopefully be resolved in subsequent books Overall, I enjoyed this enough to want to continue with the series, which I hope will be better in the fifth book Not that this was bad, but I do feel like the potential of the premise is not quite lived up to here. This is not a bad third book in this series of Urban Fantasy from Mercedes Lackey However, the plotline is thin and threadbare in many places enough there that one won t notice too much on first look, but close inspection really shines through on that point The character growth of Eric Banyon is stale halfway through the book, but the character development for Ria is stellar throughout There are nods to her Elves and Fast Cars urban fantasy and her Diana Tregarde series throughout but the Guardian characters are mere hints and placeholders towards Tregarde, and the Elves and Fast Cars gets some cursory nods in places.All in all, I was firmly disappointed in this effort from Mercedes The plotline is not at all what I ve come to expect from her, and the character development is slightly shaky when compared to the two earlier novels in this series, and her Last Herald Mage series in her Valdemar world There s enough here to call the book an average read, but not enough to whet an appetite for those who enjoyed Knights of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney previously. Beyond World S End Nina Beachcroft Livres Retrouvez Beyond World S End Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionBeyond World S End Nina Beachcroft Livres Passer Au Contenu Principal Beyond World S End EPub Mercedes Lackey, RosemaryBeyond World S End, Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill, Baen Publishing Enterprises Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Beyond World S End Bedlam S Bard,by The Evil Elf Lord Of The Dark Unseleighe Sidhe Plans To Create A Drug Enslaved Army To Break Through To The Human World And Feed On The Suffering There Musician Mage Eric Banyon Must Somehow Stop Him To Ask Other Readers Questions About Beyond World S End, Please Sign Up Be The First To Ask A Beyond World S End GaskinMusiqueAchetez Beyond World S End Silver Import Belge Au Meilleur Prix Livraison Gratuite Voir Cond Dcouvrez Toutes Les Promotions CD Vinyles, Les Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Zylom Dans Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Deluxe, Bravez Le Froid Glacial Partie En Expdition Archologique, Votre Nice Se Retrouve Pige Par La Neige Vous Devez Tout Prix La Sauver Enfilez Vos Bottes Et Frayez Vous Un Chemin Au C Ur Des Dangereuses Montagnes Geles, Tout En Vitant Les Piges D Un Ennemi DterminTelecharger Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Telecharger Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Gratuit, Voyagez Jusqu La Ville Mystique De Shangri La Et Trouvez Votre Nice Porte Disparue Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End On The AppRead Reviews, Compare Customer Ratings, See Screenshots, And Learnabout Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Download Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End And Enjoy It On Your IPhone, IPad, And IPod Touch Gaskin Beyond Worlds End , Vinyl A To A From End Of The World Demo A Live At Priory ScunthorpeB And B Fromdemo B And B From End Of The World Sessions B Recorded LiveThe Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Tibetan Quest Beyond The World S End Collector SBeyond World S End Bedlam Bard, BookHowever, Beyond World S End Feels Like It S Missing The Last Few Chapters So Much Time Is Spent On Back Story And The Physical Setup Of The Novel That Many Characters And Their Stories Are Introduced Only To Be Dropped With No Explanation Or Resolution What Could Have Been A Great Book Ends Up Being Ultimately Disappointing Coming From These Two Excellent Authors

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