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The City and Man It s like Faulkner decided to write a book on political philosophy There are a couple of themes that keep popping up across the three essays, but not enough to provide a coherent point to the book Each essay on ancient Greek books Aristotle s Politics, Plato s Republic, and Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War is worth reading for the insightful comments on each particular book, but even they wander all over the place I couldn t sum this book up if I wanted to It may be a flaw in me, but I like a solid argument that s pretty well defined. Wish I d read the texts he was analyzingrecently, but nonetheless found this a fascinating and compelling read The biggest thing he does a good job of is bringing out the stakes of these texts, and presenting the fundamental tensions they are pre occupied with I need to readcompeting interpretations because his seem so convincing and incontrovertible in the flow of reading them Also need to read something he actually wrote rather than just lecture transcriptions to see how it differs stylistically I found this style at times hard to follow but also rhetorically powerful in a hard to identify manner. Not my preferred style of writing, too roundabout.However, has some good analysis and viewpoints. This book, which is based on a set of lectures given by the author at the University of Virginia in 1962, represents a solid overview of some of the political works of Plato, Aristotle, and Thucydides It is unique in that it the author s exposure to the phenomenologists Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger rubs off on the text My favorite part, a cogent discussion of the City Soul analogy in Plato s Republic, begins on page 91. At first blush the pairing of an essay on Thucydides Peloponnesian War with ones on Aristotle s Politics and Plato s Republic might seem a bit odd, but it s both brilliant and quite purposeful Each essay is excellent on its own, while the combination allows Strauss to present perspectives on classical political thought that wouldn t be possible if he limited the subjects strictly to political philosophy There s a lot of food for thought in these dense 240 pages. A grand analysis of Plato s Republic, Aristotle s Politics, and Thucydides s Histories Noteworthy is his contention that Plato wasn t reactionary, but instead viewed democracy as the best regime for philosophers to live in. The question of the conflict between the justice of money making and justice of medicine as Strauss puts it is to me the most important and urgent moral question of one s living in this secular world I expect to think about this question deeper and findbooks to read. Good essays on Thucydides and on Aristotle Strauss offers up some rather subtle points about the ideal of the polis and about Thucydides vision of human fate and human frailty Not so taken with the essay on Plato, but the book is worth reading when thinking the origin of the idea of what we call politics The City And Man Consists Of Provocative Essays By The Late Leo Strauss On Aristotle S Politics, Plato S Republic, And Thucydides Peloponnesian Wars Together, The Essays Constitute A Brilliant Attempt To Use Classical Political Philosophy As A Means Of Liberating Modern Political Philosophy From The Stranglehold Of Ideology The Essays Are Based On A Long And Intimate Familiarity With The Works, But The Essay On Aristotle Is Especially Important As One Of Strauss S Few Writings On The Philosopher Who Largely Shaped Strauss S Conception Of Antiquity The Essay On Plato Is A Full Scale Discussion Of Platonic Political Philosophy, Wide In Scope Yet Compact In Execution When Discussing Thucydides, Strauss Succeeds Not Only In Presenting The Historian As A Moral Thinker Of High Rank, But In Drawing His Thought Into The Orbit Of Philosophy, And Thus Indicating A Relation Of History And Philosophy That Does Not Presuppose The Absorption Of Philosophy By History

About the Author: Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss was a German American philosopher and philologist of ancient Greek text In his early years studying in Germany he acquainted himself with seminal German thinkers of the 20th century such as Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl and Ernst Cassirer As a person of Jewish ancestry, Strauss fled to the United States during the rule of Third Reich and taught at the University of Chicago There,

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