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Jan Frazier Experienced A Radical Transformation Of Consciousness At Age Fifty, InHer Teachings Are Drawn From Direct Experience, Relying On No Particular Tradition Or Set Of Beliefs The Great Sweetening Life After Thought Invites The Spiritual Seeker To Ask What Am I Am I What My Ego And Mind Tell Me I Am Or Am I Consciousness Itself This Collection Of Essays Explores How The Sense Of Self Is Created By Thought Patterns, Memory, And Beliefs Frazier Gently Shows How The Ego Uses The Mind To Keep This Self Seeming Real And Worthy Of The Enormous Attention It Receives She Offers Helpful Guidance About How To Relate To Mental Activity So That Painful Thoughts No Longer Imprison The Compelling Reality Of The Self Thus Begins To Soften, Making It Possible To Sense The Larger Reality Within Every PersonThe Profound Peace That Is Universally Longed For Is Innate To Our Humanity It S Only Because The Mind Made Self Seems To Be What We Are That This Sense Of Well Being Is Not Realized, Not Experienced In Moment To Moment LifeFrazier S First Book, When Fear Falls Away The Story Of A Sudden Awakening Weiser Books,, Is An Account Of Her Awakening, As It Unfolded Over The First Eighteen Months The Freedom Of Being At Ease With What Is Weiser Books,Offers Guidance Toward The Reduction Of Suffering And The Prospect Of Radical Freedom Both Books Are Available In Paperback And EBook Opening The Door Jan Frazier Teachings On Awakening Is An EBook Collection Of Essays On The Nature Of Spiritual Awakening The Book Opens The Reader S Awareness To The Possibility Of A Richly Human Life, Beyond What Appears Possible To The Ego And The Mind The Teachings Point To Unresisting Present Moment Attention, Where The Truth Of Existence Is Known The Great Sweetening

About the Author: Jan Frazier

See this thread for information.Until the summer of her fiftieth year, Jan Frazier lived a life typical for a well educated, middle class American woman A divorced mother of two teenagers, she was making a modest living writing and teaching writing Following a Catholic childhood in Miami in the 1960s, she had studied English in college and graduate school In her late twenties, longing for hills and snow, she moved to New England, where she was active in the peace movement But the inner peace she sought always eluded her Then, in August 2003, she experienced a radical transformation of consciousness Fear fell away from her, and she was immersed in a state of causeless joy that has never left her While she has continued her life as writer, teacher, and mother, she has discovered it is possible to live a richly human life free of suffering Her wish now is to communicate the truth that within every person is a pool of calm well being that waits patiently to be stirred to life When Fear Falls Away The Story of a Sudden Awakening Weiser Books, 2007 is Jan s day by day account of the shift in consciousness and its alteration of her life Her poetry and prose have appeared widely in literary journals and anthologies Her poetry collection, Greatest Hits, was published by Pudding House, and she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize She has been inspired by Gurumayi, Krishnamurti, and Eckhart Tolle, but the joy she lives in belongs to no particular tradition, and is available to all from Web site

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    One of the clearest descriptions of awakening To read Jan Frazier is to experience the truth, the now I am saturated by each moment as I read her writing

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    Wonderful book This is one of those books that can help you reach your deepest self, if you are open to it s message of living life from moment to moment.

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