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House of Mirrors She Never Got Over Her Crush On GrantLiz Had Become A Successful Author, Grant A Famous Surgeon, In The Years Since She Had Worshipped Him And He Had Called Her The Horror Now, His Career Ruined By An Accident, Deserted By His Fiancee, Liz S Handsome Former Neighbor Was Returning HomePassion Grew As Liz Helped Grant Recover His Zest For Life And When He Proposed, Even Though He Told Her She D Never Have His Love, Liz Accepted

About the Author: Yvonne Whittal

Yvonne Whittal was born and raised in South Africa, the setting of most of her romances She started writing stories at a young age, but didn t really get serious about writing until after she married and had children She got many rejection letters from publishers, until a friend who loved romances gave her to encouragement to continue.

10 thoughts on “House of Mirrors

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    Here s another one that trots off the beaten path In this gut wrencher we have a hero who s actually in love with someone else and makes no bones about it He spends the majority of the book chain smoking and pinin

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    Where was the GROVEL view spoiler Liz made it super easy for her husband Grant to ingratiate himself back into her life after he d dumped her to return to his fickle and shallow ex fianc As soon it became clear it was she

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    I love this drama and angst story of a man obsessed with another woman but marries the sweet h and is happy until evil OW returns The h wins in the end on penalties so it works out.

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    Hero was having a pity party and Heroine wanted to join in All was well until he got better and appeared to forget about the heroine Cue angst Some angsty jealousy of the OW toward the end Classic Yvonne Whittal.

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    DEVOURED it LOVED it.If you hated Pargeter s The Odds Against and Roberta Leigh s Temporary Wife, don t bother with this one, there is a good chance you won t like it.I like the trope of the Hero loving the OW from the start with Heroine coming in s

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    Why oh why did she forgive him so fast He dumps her out of this life as soon as the hot girl is back and because of that stress she losses their child He needs to make reparation She should have had him on his knees just to kick him I wanted blood for what h

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    Very good read full of angsty and tension.Enjoyed the book very much the only thing disappointing was there was no grovelling,Grant was forgiven way too easily,would have loved to see how he repents for his actions.Liz should have been shown strong.

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    Liz loved Grant since forever He has a bitchy other girlfriend of course but when he has an accident and loses his job Myra abandons him Liz is there for him supporting and loving him so he proposes marriage and she accepts even though she knows he doesn t love her the way sh

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    Read for a second time on 9th August, 2015Five wonderfully perfect, amazing stars I read this about a year ago, but I couldn t remember it so I gave it a 2 star rating Recently I read reviews about it again, and I couldn t remember a single thing about the book, so I decided to rerea

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    Definite keeper If you love old school trainwrecks, if you want angst and tears, then this book is just for you Plot was the same as The Odds Against but it was better written.Liz was one the best written heroines of Harveyland sassy, witty, loving, unselfish, beautiful with a backbone The onl

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