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Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me Laura Dean, The Most Popular Girl In High School, Was Frederica Riley S Dream Girl Charming, Confident, And SO Cute There S Just One Problem Laura Dean Is Maybe Not The Greatest GirlfriendReeling From Her Latest Break Up, Freddy S Best Friend, Doodle, Introduces Her To The Seek Her, A Mysterious Medium, Who Leaves Freddy Some Cryptic Parting Words Break Up With Her But Laura Dean Keeps Coming Back, And As Their Relationship Spirals Further Out Of Her Control, Freddy Has To Wonder If It S Really Laura Dean That S The Problem Maybe It S Freddy, Who Is Rapidly Losing Her Friends, Including Doodle, Who Needs Her Now Than Ever Fortunately For Freddy, There Are New Friends, And The Insight Of Advice Columnists Like Anna Vice To Help Her Through Being A Teenager In LoveMariko Tamaki And Rosemary Valero O Connell Bring To Life A Sweet And Spirited Tale Of Young Love That Asks Us To Consider What Happens When We Ditch The Toxic Relationships We Crave To Embrace The Healthy Ones We Need

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    4 1 2 stars When you are a teenager, it is very easy to fall into the trap of believing you must settle for the love you can get, rather than love you deserve If someone chooses to date you, especially if you are just a little less popular, just a little less Good, you choose them, ev

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    I turn 24 this Saturday and this book feels like the best early birthday present ever I cried for five minutes in my office at work after I finished it The book s themes of toxic relationships and healthy ones, self worth and what we seek when we lack it, and the painful wisdom of growing up al

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    This gets full stars for the art style alone I m so amazed by the quality of these lines I m someone who has no patience for detail and lives by loose lines, so I m always impressed by art like this, which is so smooth and detailed yet still so character focused It must have taken so long to create The s

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    The art was STUNNING, but the plot did nothing super special for me Meh

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    This is a book I m nervous giving such a high rating because its controversial subjects can certainly be interpreted many ways but a handful of things stand out to me about why I loved reading this so much.First, the art was magnificent Reading this felt like watching a movie because the panels focused on such specific shot

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    2.5The pros of reading graphic novels pretty art quick funThe cons of reading graphic novels I have never, even once, read one that made me feel like the plot or characters were full Even remotely Even at all.Okay, the above claim is a slight exaggeration, because I trade in hyperbole, but it is ONLY SLIGHT There has probably been on

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    I am a straight cis gdenderd male of a certain age I couldn t imagine the veritable flowering of glbt books as I was growing up that is happening right now Actually, I couldn t have imagined it ten years ago And so many strong girl characters This book, written by Mariko Tamaki This One Summer, Skim does not have to hint subtly at issues of at

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    This was the perfect way to start pride month.One might think a story that isn t a happy love story wouldn t make someone feel that optimistic, but here s the thing Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me deals with a struggle that isn t unique to queer girls, but with all the nuanced details that are It s 2019 and we can get stories about messy and complicated rela

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    Covers like this should be illegal Every time I see one this beautiful my mind asks the same question what is restraint The art style shown in this graphic novel is absolutely gorgeous if the cover doesn t tell you enough about what s inside I loved that Rosemary Valero O Connell chose to utilize pink amidst the black and white of her drawings, that added such a lovely lay

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