[PDF / Epub] ☆ 全职高手2·千机初芒 By 蝴蝶藍 – Agedanna.info

全职高手2·千机初芒 It s good But not as good as the first one. Probably one of the best novels of all time, and it also translates to one of my favorite anime to watch I m definitely not just doing this for the free exp lmao View More The characters are consistent and they don t usually divert from it, especially our favourite main character, Ye Xiu Unfortunately, the author doesn t expand much about how the fans react when our MC decides to unveil himself after years of obscurity Nonetheless, the reactions from normal gamers and pro gamers alike are still entertaining. Once I picked up this book, I didn t stop reading it The development, the plot, the characters, everything about this book is amazing I m completely hooked, good job to the translators and the authors Thank you for all your hard work I once read this at webnovel a few month back I also followed the manhua and I loved it along with the animation Unputdownable There are some issues, but this is an amazing series about pro gamers and pro gaming. In The Online Game Glory, Ye Xiu Is Regarded As A Textbook And A Top Tier Pro Player However, Due To A Myriad Reasons, He Is Kicked From The Team After Leaving The Professional Scene, He Finds Work In An Internet Cafe As A Manager When Glory Launches Its Tenth Server, He Who Possesses Ten Years Of Gaming Experience Once Again Throws Himself Into The Game Bringing With Him The Memories Of His Past And An Incomplete, Self Made Weapon, His Return Along The Road To The Summit Begins After Fighting And Scheming, Who Snatched Away My Glory Under The Tossing Of The Wind And Rain, My Dreams Shall Still Appear As Though They Had Never Been Shattered In All Its Splendor, The Path Shall Never Be Lost Before The Gazes Of Millions, This Is Where I Return

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