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La voce del violino An Inspector Montabalno mystery in which the island of Sicily is the focus of the work The harried inspector is surrounded by a bumbling staff straight out of Barney Miller, for those who remember that TV show But our Inspector relaxes with beautiful women and exquisite Sicilian food, cooked by his housekeeper, or served in his favorite restaurants In this mystery, a beautiful woman is attacked and murdered There are several suspects and the most logical one is killed almost immediately The local color and the food and wine are as worthwhile as the plot A lot of the characters and suspects are charming eccentrics. ,. Camilleri crime , 5. The Publisher Says The Sicilian detective, Inspector Salvo Montalbano, is on the search for the killer of a young woman Among the suspects are her aging husband, a famous doctor a shy admirer now disappeared and her lover an antiques dealer from Bologna However, it is a mysterious, reclusive violinist who holds the key.The fourth in the internationally bestselling series featuring the irresistible Sicilian detective Inspector Salvo Montalbano, with his compelling mix of humor, cynicism, and compassion, has been compared to Georges Simenon s, Dashiel Hammett s, and Raymond Chandler s legendary detectives In this latest novel, Montalbano s gruesome discovery of a lovely, naked young woman suffocated in her bed immediately sets him on a search for her killer Among the suspects are her aging husband, a famous doctor a shy admirer, now disappeared an antiques dealing lover from Bologna and the victim s friend Anna, whose charms Montalbano cannot help but appreciate But it is a mysterious, reclusive violinist who holds the key to this murder.My Review Inspector Montalbano, adjusting to a new climate both professional and personal, is presented with a dilemma How can he officially take note of a crime he discovers when committing a crime himself He resolves to solve a horrible, seemingly inexplicable murder, one that truly makes your heart hurt, and yet faces mounting problems within his new professional situation In the end, he takes his lowest, to date, policemanly ebb and turns it into the routing of forces arrayed against him with the help of a shut in paraplegic, a reclusive retired musician, and the Mafia, abetted by his media lapdogs and loyal through and through team.His personal life, meanwhile, takes its customary back seatbut with than usually severe consequences, ones that make the ending of the previous book look very unlikely to come to fruition The resolution of this story line is surprising, but in line with Camilleri s evolving character portrait of Montalbano.As always, Camilleri makes me drool, moan, and breathe deeply with his Sicilian cuisine and atmosphere evocation I want to go there now, and stay there, and follow Montalbano around saying I ll have what he s having to everyone I meet But there are lots of emotional roadblocks in Montalbano s world, and there are a lot of points where he seems hell bent for leather to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory That he, in the end, decides to do the things that are true to his character in the last 40pp is a testament to how clear Camilleri s vision of him is And I would like to offer, with grateful hugs and awestruck genuflections, praise unstinting to the translator of the series Stephen Sartarelli, apparently a published poet in his own right He s deft, he s witty, he s thorough, and he s got something I ve seldom encountered a submersible ego His translation, I am reliably informed by an ex pat family member who s been reading the gialli as they come out in Italy, is tonally spot on to Camilleri s original language.Wow.Don t read the series out of order, too much subtle and delicious detail is lost that way But really, really wise and discerning fiction readers will read the series. This is the fourth entry in the late Andrea Camilleri s delightful Inspector Montalbano series, set in Sicily Like the previous ones, this mystery is complex and well plotted, and there s a wonderful supporting cast of the inspector s eccentric friends and colleagues I enjoyed the local color, and the frequent references to food made me hungry, as I do love pasta There s also plenty of humor in these mysteries, especially since the introduction of Catarella in the second book I m glad to see there are still 21 books in this series that I haven t read yet. In addition to a very good whodunit , I love all the food references in these Inspector Montelbano books. I don t think I ever laughed when reading a novel I mean , all the book that I ve read have the thrill and the twists, but sense of humor, that s something you don t often find in mystery novels In addition the writing is so smooth that makes you want to read I also liked the Italian food references, which made me search for them in the internet and wanting to try them.The protagonist, Inspector Montalbano is an interesting character And the events in the plot will make you engaged till the end. Glas violine je ve etvrti roman u serijalu o Montalbanu ali i od njega mo e sasvim komotno da se po ne s itanjem.Komotno je, zapravo, klju na re za ovaj a nadam se i za sve ostale Kamilerijev roman Montalbano je komotni sredove ni policajac, nadrndan ali zlatnog srca, koji voli da dobro pojede, re e i da popije, ceni ene svih uzrasta i rado se savetuje s poznanicom, bakicom u kolicima , prezire forenzi are i ba prezire forenzi are Ima tu i nekih ubistava i plja ki, ali to je zapravo u drugom planu, u prvom je njegova iskrena radost pred salsa koralinom i drugim manje poznatim udesima lokalne sicilijanske kuhinje I pred lepim enama, ok Daleko je od idealnog policajca, zapravo o ekivano aljkav na primer, njegova mr nja prema forenzi arima i generalna galantnost dovedu do toga da na mestu zlo ina pokupi ba eni bademantil i pokrije le pre nego to oni obave svoj posao mo da je to zlo in u o ima CSI Miami ekipe ali meni ga ini nekako simpati nim.Jedina ozbiljna zamerka prevodu na nema ki jeste to se prevoditeljka izgleda brinula da e itaoci zaboraviti da su svi likovi u knjizi Italijani pa svi stalno govore Ecco i Pronto a nazivi jela se ne prevode, nego ko je alav neka ih sam gugla i sad eto znam kako se osli ka e na italijanskom Kao drugorazredni ameri ki film o stranjcima iji jezik nam se servira kao engleski s la nim stranim akcentom. RitrovarsiAlla fine, nei gialli di Camilleri, la cosa meno importante la scoperta del colpevole Lo dimostra il fatto che, nonostante avessi a suo tempo visto il film tv e molto probabilmente letto anche il libro, e vagamente ricordassi persino chi era l assassino, l abbia letto con passione e pieno coinvolgimento.In fondo in fondo, nei gialli di Camilleri, il delitto solo un pretesto per descrivere uno spaccato di umanit variegata e contraddittoria e per rappresentare un angolo di Sicilia nella quale continuano a convivere consuetudini ancestrali e interessi economici moderni e spietati.In tutto questo la figura di Salvo Montalbano l anello di congiunzione, la continua mediazione tra la Giustizia e la giusta soluzione, il compromesso tra la legge e l umanit I suoi continui dubbi, i suoi scatti d ira, le sue debolezza, le sue passioni, ma soprattutto i suoi pensieri, nascosti a tutti gli altri ma non ai suoi lettori, contribuiscono a farne uno di noi con tutti i suoi pregi e tutti i suoi tanti difetti.Leggere di Montalbano in fondo l approdo sicuro, come un buon bicchiere di vino rosso, una passeggiata in riva al mare, o una vecchia canzone dei Beatles puoi essere certo che non ti deluder , e che ti avvolger come l abbraccio di un caro amico che non vedevi da un po. The Sicilian Detective, Inspector Salvo Montalbano, Is On The Search For The Killer Of A Young Woman Among The Suspects Are Her Aging Husband, A Famous Doctor A Shy Admirer Now Disappeared And Her Lover An Antiques Dealer From Bologna However, It Is A Mysterious, Reclusive Violinist Who Holds The KeyThe Fourth In The Internationally Bestselling Series Featuring The Irresistible Sicilian Detective Inspector Salvo Montalbano, With His Compelling Mix Of Humor, Cynicism, And Compassion, Has Been Compared To Georges Simenon S, Dashiel Hammett S, And Raymond Chandler S Legendary Detectives In This Latest Novel, Montalbano S Gruesome Discovery Of A Lovely, Naked Young Woman Suffocated In Her Bed Immediately Sets Him On A Search For Her Killer Among The Suspects Are Her Aging Husband, A Famous Doctor A Shy Admirer, Now Disappeared An Antiques Dealing Lover From Bologna And The Victim S Friend Anna, Whose Charms Montalbano Cannot Help But Appreciate But It Is A Mysterious, Reclusive Violinist Who Holds The Key To This Murder

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Andrea Camilleri born september 6, 1925 in Porto Empedocle was an Italian writer He is considered one of the greatest Italian writers of both 20th and 21st centuries.Originally from Porto Empedocle, Sicily, Camilleri began studies at the Faculty of Literature in 1944, without concluding them, meanwhile publishing poems and short stories Around this time he joined the Italian Communist Party.Fr

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