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Cry to Heaven Anne Rice Brings To Life The Exquisite And Otherworldly Society Of The Eighteenth Century Castrati, The Delicate And Alluring Male Sopranos Whose Graceful Bodies And Glorious Voices Brought Them The Adulation Of The Royal Courts And Grand Opera Houses Of Europe, Men Who Lived As Idols, Concealing Their Pain As They Were Adored As Angels, Yet Shunned As Half MenAs We Are Drawn Into Their Dark And Luminous Story, As The Crowds Of Venetians, Neopolitans, And Romans, Noblemen And Peasants, Musicians, Prelates, Princes, Saints, And Intriguers Swirl Around Them, Anne Rice Brings Us Into The Sweep Of Eighteenth Century Italian Life, Into The Decadence Beneath The Shimmering Surface Of Venice, The Wild Frivolity Of Naples, And The Magnetic Terror Of Its Shadow, Vesuvius 2018 Reading Challenge LGBTQ protagonist RIce ripped my heart from my chest and stomped on it a few times This book was so beautifully written, quite emotional, everyone spoke from the heart Also quite informative about the castrati of Italy May be my favorite Rice novel ever Cry to Heaven was the second Anne Rice novel I ever read The subject matter is intense sometimes graphic from PAGE ONE yet too fascinating to put down What I did NOT now until way after the fact, is Anne s work in this well written book is historically correct and highly researched Among other things, Cry to Heaven is a story of life long revenge It s steeped in rich historicity of 18th Century Opera, the Church, the history of the Castrati and some other sexuality explicit, yet apparently accurate, goings on of the Church at that time Italian Opera had conquered the world But it was the Soprano singer the world worshiped Bam I NEVER in a million years would ve guessed such abominable practices went on at that time alas, it s heartbreakingly true Young boys were forcibly castrated to prevent the pre puberty change in voice and keep their voices soprano alto high so they could sing in the choirand the Operas of the day supported this venue.It s a story about great contrasts in life Love vs Revenge, internal struggles with Right Wrong, sexual awakening the desire to be loved and find peace in your skin where you stand, confusion vs ambitionthere are so many threads in this book that for me, while deeply interesting, the read at times seemed too long Now that I ve had several years a few casual re reads of the book, I think there can be a modern day correlation The desire for fame becoming an music Idol revered by the masses comes at a HIGH price many are not willing to pay It s a bitter sweet story The Church states it never officially sanctioned the Castrati However, it happened I never would have chosen this book on my own had it not been recommended by a dear friend Once I got into itit was like a train wreck in a good way I couldn t put it down Again, Anne Rice amazes me with her rich descriptions ofanything Anne Rice verbally paints vivid, realistic feeling prose so that you imagine you re there I could have done without some of the sexual content, but seriously, HOW can you relate to a cast of characters who are struggling with what they have become and HOW they find intimacy without going there It s was their life in the story apparently in real life history, too Describing sexuality in the face of castration, the Church, the Opera, Aristocracy, fame fortune, AND tremendous heartacheseems the natural way to go to help you bond with and or root for a character It defines the people and further defines their times A Bio of almost any modern day rock star an be far tawdry Since my first read of Cry to Heaven, I ve seen some good some horrible reviews IF you are closed minded, prude, homophobic, or hate history the Arts, this is not the historical tale for you Conversely, if you re new to Anne Rice, enjoy music history, descriptive details about life in the 1700s, are compassionate, and have the time to dedicate to a long, concentrated read I d say it s a Good Read Note A review is not an endorsement of any sort of lifestyle choice, religious affirmation, not a discrimination or exaltation of one view over another It s simply an opinion and they all vary from person to person I enjoyed recalling the memories of a book I read at a very good time in my life, recommended by a dear friend Just talking about it was cathartic.My description is intentionally vague I ve noticed that some reviews are quite the spoiler, almost like Cliff Notes I see no need to re write a book someone else has not even read yet. I don t even have words to begin to describe the sorrow and poignancy of Cry to Heaven The novel s protagonist is Tonio, who is unwillingly castrated in a series of events riddled with deceit and betrayal Enraged and tormented, at first Tonio refuses his fate, but as the novel progresses he is slowly transformed into an ultimately triumphant figure Lush, sensual prose and an ending that will hold you by the throat, this is a book that will stay with you long, long after it is read. Oh my God Castrati Unless the idea of men who have had their balls cut off having sex will sustain you for however many hundred pages this book was, you will find it deadly boring And the writing was painful, too It made me wish for a good castration to take my mind off the pain of her stilted dialog. In my opinion, Cry to Heaven is definitely one of Anne Rice s finest books Beautifully written in the lush, gorgeous prose for which Rice is famous, Cry to Heaven is rich in detail and presents a fascinating look at the lives of Italy s 18th century castrati The protagonist, Tonio is extremely well drawn and memorable His struggles to come to terms with both his life as a whole and his sexuality in particular are nothing less than soul wrenching I found the erotic scenes, criticized by some reviewers, to be beautifully written and central to the book s premise I did think, though, that the character of Christina, a central figure in Tonio s struggles, could have been fully drawn and introduced earlier It seemed to me as though Rice, herself, was not completely acquainted with Christina and I think the book suffers slightly because of this Cry to Heaven, which contains no witches, vampires or other preternatural beings, is well plotted and well paced, something which cannot be said for all of Rice s books She controls this story masterfully and resists the urge to people the novel with extraneous characters, ultimately ending the story on a haunting but richly rewarding note With Cry to Heaven, I can pay Anne Rice the highest compliment this is the novel I wish I had written and I can say that about no other book. Read sometimes for the story Don t be like the book snobs who won t do that Read sometimes for the words the language Don t be like the play it safers that won t do that But when you find a book that has both a good story and good words, treasure that book Stephen King I came across the above quote on another author s page When I read it, it struck me immediately that it summed up my experience with latest book I d read It has been a long time since I ve read a book that affected me as much as Cry to Heaven did I can now say that this book is one of my definite favorites and has earned a spot on my cherished books shelf, right beside my signed and numbered Imajica and a tattered copy of The Brothers Karamazov I had read Anne Rice before The usual Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat I found them both enjoyable and then moved on to The Vampire Armand which I found far appealing and admittedly, became one of my favorite stories But Cry to Heaven Wow where do I even begin This novel was such an amazing, breathtaking read A heartfelt book full of lush prose and emotional suffering shown in such exquisite detail that you cannot help but feel the anguish of the protagonist yourself When an author is able to make you empathize with a character so deeply, you are undoubtedly going to be invested in their journey I savored every word of this book and was so sad when it had finally come to an end For the past few days, since I ve finished the novel, my imagination has been reeling in the world that Anne Rice so lovingly constructed, hesitant to leave, wondering what can possibly top such an experience I highly recommend it. One of the most boring books I ve ever read It s a dreadful soap opera about sex and revenge, involving a bunch of dull, melodramatic assholes Most of it is completely predictable, and while you re waiting for the obvious to happen, you have to trudge through chapter after chapter of angsty whining in infuriatingly purple prose Anne Rice offers no twists, no surprises There is plenty of sex, which might have been fun if Rice didn t describe it all in ridiculous euphemisms or equate rough sex with rape as if rape could be fun under the right circumstances There is actually some interesting content, like Rice s depiction of the world of the castrati and some ideas about their sexuality Sadly, this wasn t nearly strong enough to drag me out of the pit of misery this novel threw me into I finished it only because I d committed to a group read and needed the novel for a reading challenge I ve actually read books where the content was less interesting and the writing even worse, and they still managed to be better reads than Cry to Heaven One star, for a torturous reading experience that I thought was never going to end. My husband is a big fan of Anne Rice s early works, but he won t read this one, for obvious reasons just read the first sentence of the book and you ll understand I thought the whole book was wonderful I love stories of transformations, and the main character changes so much from the beginning to the end that he becomes a completely different person Heck, it s almost as if he becomes a different species Anne Rice spends a lot of time describing the gorgeous exotic world of the Venetian castrati in loving detail, and also manages to make the specifics of voice training downright fascinating Be warned LOT S of sex in this one mostly with guys, but that s kind of a given with Anne Rice s books , and also one scene of violence that s not for the faint of heart Given the subject matter, it won t give anything away to say it s every man s worst nightmare. I found Cry to Heaven to be as rich, baroque and sensual as the previous works, I ve read, by Anne Rice The Mayfair witch series A young boy was brutally castrated because of a struggle for power in a Venetian household of the 18th century After a life time of study and vocal training, he eventually becomes a star of the opera in Rome The public is entranced by his remarkable voice and stunning good looks He can play both male and female roles with authenticity, and is larger than life on stage.The young man, Tonio, has amorous liaisons with both men and women, who find him irresistable However, he cannot accept his physical impairment and refers to his elongated physique, that of the eunuch, as the body of a monster His character is marked by sadness and a deep longing.The end of the story is powerful and dramatic Tonio does deal with the past and those who sought to destroy him.A further note, I rated this book a 4 star because of its excessive length 566 pp.

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The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet

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