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No Guarantees It Was Hard To Keep A Distance Between ThemBecause Her Late Husband Had Made No Secret Of His Hatred For Quinn Fraser, Camilla Had Tried To Keep Away From The ManBut Quinn Fraser Was An Arrogant, Superior Aristocrat Not The Sort To Respond To That Sort Of Treatment He Was Used To Taking What He Wanted And It Appeared He Wanted CamillaHowever Hard She Fought The Attraction Between Them, She Knew That The End Result Was Inevitable Perhaps She Should Just Give In And Save Herself The Struggle I found this to be a bit too dry for my tastes with all the same fears and issues surfacing almost on every other page Though the heroine was physically strong, emotionally she was a train wreck that allowed her deceased husband and deceased uncle to control her from the grave.Actually rather depressing. Scintillating If the day to day drudgery of an overworked farmer in New Zealand the heroine floats your boat I did a double take at the publishing year 1990 because it was so dry that it could have been mistaken for a book from the 1950s.Grade C The title really sums up the plight of anyone tying their fate to farming This seems an unusual theme for an HP, but here it is The heroine is trapped on a piece of land that she inherited from her uncle She married at 18 to the boy next door who had always dreamed up being a farmer Now said boy is dead and at 22, she is stuck with debt and back breaking labor for the rest of her natural days.There s angst and then there s dustbowl angst This is dustbowl angst To further the pain, the heroine doesn t think she can ask for help because her husband and uncle both hated the hero the big landowner in the district and she feels disloyal to them if she even accepts a ride to a local sale The opening of the story The heroine has a lot of other hang ups and RD brings them to light as the story rolls on Luckily for the heroine, the hero has been in love with her from first sight ironic her husband married her for the farm, yet that is the motive the heroine ascribes to the hero If not for him, this dustbowl angst would have ended in bankruptcy and hopefully a new life elsewhere This isn t a story for everyone, but I enjoyed reading about a different side of NZ Especially when RD throws in fighting words like this as well as a New Zealand invention, the pavlova, an edifice of meringue and whipped cream decorated with lime green slices of kiwifruit I wonder what her Aussie readers thought of that little throwaway Other thoughts warnings Hero is a nice guy The cousin vet romance was sweet A dog dies Heroine shows her self defense moves Justice is done for a wrong doer. Good plot but execution is lacking. this was a pretty good one actually though heroine was pathetic she had so many inferiority complexes and to top it, she led a pathetic life thank god, karen came on the scene at least then, camilla realised what she was missing her ex, dave, was a sorry excuse for a husband but she never came to dat realisation as well she was just plain DUMB quin saved the book for me he was so caring and helpful, despite all her rejections of him it was obvious even to a blind man dat he was nuts for her I read this a long time ago and its always been one of my favorites The hero is very unlike the usual cruel H of Robyn Donald This hero is very protective and caring over the heroine.The heroine is a young widow who can barely get by but constantly refuses help from the H who is her nearest neighbor We find out in the back story that she inherited the farm from a distant uncle Soon after her boyfriend proposes they get married, and since she is directionless She accepts She soon realizes that her new husband wasin love with owning a farm than with her, but he isn t mean to her Her late uncle was apparently feuding with his neighbor H and her husband continues acting hostile when they meet the neighbor The heroine has no idea why the husband acts like this, but it makes her wary of dealing with the neighbor H Anyway the H goes away and they dont have much contact with him until the heroine is widowed.Since both her uncle and husband were hostile towards the hero, she is wary about accepting help from him, though she needs to One of her cousins comes to stay and starts making a play for the hero The hero insists on helping her out and even rescues her from a bad situation He gives her a dog for protection.In the end, he confesses that he fell in love with her at first sight when she arrived as a new bride He even had plans of taking her away from her husband, but his mother convinced him that even if he had succeeded, she would have resented him after So this is why the hero goes away Finally he is free to court her when she is a widow but she had been being stubborn The H also tells her that her husband had suspected the H of being in love with his wife which is why he was always hostile towards him A long hard fought HEA. I honestly didn t like it Too dry, too dumb for my taste As other readers stated, I thought I was reading a book from the 40s or 50s. It s a very sad story from certain aspects the hero has been is in love with the heroine and is sure that she loves him too although she doesn t realize it there s just one small glitch she s already married.Camilla thinks she s really plain and is desperate to make ends meet after husband dies People, especially her neighbor keeps offering to help her but she s afraid of letting him get the upper hand since her husband hated this neighbor for reasons she never understood and also because her uncle to whom her land originally belonged made a deed whereby she couldn t sell the land to Quinn.I love this story the way it progresses shows how scared the heroine truly is of opening herself to the hero and she does so without knowing how he feels in turn, I love the hero cuz he truly cares for her and comes to her help even when she s being stubborn their kisses when they do come around to kissing mean so muchcuz you realize the struggle the hero s gone through to be be near her.

About the Author: Robyn Donald

Robyn was born on 1940 in Northland, New Zealand She was the oldest child in her family, and as a child, she thrilled her four sisters and one brother with bloodcurdling adventure tales, usually very like the latest book she d borrowed from the library.Robyn owes her writing career to two illnesses The first was a younger sister s flu She was living with her husband and Robyn and spent most of

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