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The Dangerous Art of Blending In Seventeen Year Old Evan Panos Doesn T Know Where He Fits In His Strict Greek Mother Refuses To See Him As Anything But A Disappointment His Quiet, Workaholic Father Is A Staunch Believer In Avoiding Any Kind Of Conflict And His Best Friend Henry Has Somehow Become Distractingly Attractive Over The Summer Tired, Isolated, Scared Evan S Only Escape Is Drawing In An Abandoned Church That Feels As Lonely As He Is And, Yes, He Kissed One Guy Over The Summer But It S His Best Friend Henry Who S Now Proving To Be Irresistible It S Henry Who Suddenly Seems Interested In Being Than Friends And It S Henry Who Makes Him Believe That He S Than His Mother S Harsh Words And Terrifying Abuse But As Things With Henry Heat Up, And His Mother S Abuse Escalates, Evan Has To Decide How To Find His Voice In A World Where He Has Survived So Long By Avoiding Attention At All Costs

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    I am so sorry, but I am not giving this review a fair introduction or summary Two things One, I m slightly bothered that Evan s entire character arc is driven by romance, which is shitty itself in a book about abuse Two, I m bothered by the fact that the romance itself is an on fire garbage can I want to get into the romance as a character arc thing first, as it s a go

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    Oh wow this was both heartbreaking and hopeful and brutal I knew it was going to be an emotional one but afjdsakfld the ending basically had me feeling at least 4 things all at once which is RIDICULOUS as I am a Vulcan and emotion as bread It s full of art and abuse and hiding who you truly are and the absolute craving of love Someone get me a bucket I m cosplaying a waterfa

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    I spent the entire afternoon reading this and it really broke my heart This book is brutal and devastating This book is definitely not for everyone, and you can see that by looking through some of the other reviews, but it spoke to me and made me feel deeply.

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    Here s the deal about never being authentically loved by your parents The most fucked up gesture or morsel of compassion is like a warm blanket I haven t made my mind up completely about this book One the one hand, it is a truthful and painful novel that makes it hard for you to swallow On the other hand, it feels like big chunks of characterisation and plot were missing Let me try to

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    This book was heartbreakingly sad and the authors note just broke me It s about parental abuse, coming out and finding your voice in a harsh and judgmental world Also this is a ownvoices novel However, I didn t like how Henry kept saying I ll be the one to help you I want to be the one you trust Yikes I really didn t feel their romance either There s a lot of consent issues Henry kissed Ev wi

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    Esse um livro sobre abuso dom stico psicol gico e f sico , que conta a hist ria de um menino gay tendo que lidar com a constante rejei o de sua m e.Sendo infelizmente um homem que passou por isso, desde a inadequa o dentro de casa por causa dos conflitos religiosos at a agress o f sica, esse um t pico que geralmente me deixa dividido Porque, por mais que eu ache extremamente importante que a litera

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    Favorite book of 2018

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    Such a beautiful book My full review will be up on my booktube channel at

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    Many thanks to HarperTeen for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI both loved and hated this I think that this type of story needs to be shared so as to stop others like it from happening That said, it always breaks my heart to see young people, albeit fictional people, being abused and harmed in this way I just wanted to step in and brutally murder Evan s mom Justifiable homocide is a thing, right a

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    I desperately wanted to love this book and I m actually wondering if 3 stars is too high of a rating First off major trigger warnings for physical and mental abuse as well as homophobia I couldn t connect with Evan He seems like a good guy in a shitty situation, but it felt like I never actually got to know him I hated Evan s mom and his dad isn t any better as he just lets it happen As much as I wanted to love the romanc

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