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Očevi i oci A snapshot of the life of two people in Belgrade during Yugoslavia s turbulent transition into communism Try as they might, they couldn t stem the tide of politics from engulfing their family, eventually leading to a heart rending, and tragic conclusion.It s very well written, but it s definitely not light bedtime reading If you have even a modicum of interest in Yugoslav history, or politics, you ll find yourself unable to put it down.It struck a particular chord with me, having somewhat a dual identity myself, just like one of the characters in the book It s sobering to think what human beings are capable of, and how your deeds, and accomplishments don t matter one iota if the group doesn t think you belong You will never truly belong And it s no secret that elites around the world often exploit this kind of tribalism for their own nefarious purposes, most often to indoctrinate a population.Strongly recommend this book. A Touching Story Of Cultural Difference And Tested Loyalties Set In Belgrade Before WWII, Fathers And Forefathers Tells The Story Of The Marriage Between A Steven, A Serb, And Elizabeth, An Englishwoman After Meeting At An English University They Marry And Leave England To Build Their Life Together Steven S Narrative And Elizabeth S Letters Home Reveal Two Very Different Personal Accounts Of The Difficulties This Involves Raised In Serbia Their Son, Mihajlo, Is Ashamed Of His Mixed Parentage And Rebels Against His Non Serbian Ancestry On The Eve Of The War, Steven S Loyalties Are Challenged When His Counsel Is Sought By Both The Serbian King And The Opposition He Resolves To Keep His Distance From The Conflict, But Mihajlo S Radical Response Forces Him To Become Involved, And Tragedy Engulfs The Family Vise je 4.Emotivno, jako, bolno, ali nije cista petica zbog nekoliko zamornih sekvenci o komunizmu i politicarima nakon drugog svetskog rata. Jezik nije oveku dat samo da bi mogao tra iti papu e ili jo malo aja Jezikom ovek, svaki ponaosob, pokazuje du u, besmrtnu sa svoje jedinstvenosti sadr ane u na inu, vi e no u predmetu, govora. Ceo prikaz je moj li ni utisak o ovom romanu Uzeo sam O eve i oce iz prostog razloga to se mnogima i stvarno ka em, mnogima u iji sud verujem ovaj roman svideo Me utim, ja ne mogu da ka em da je to bio slu aj sa mnom Svakako se sla em da je ovo jedno dobro napisano, kvalitetno i bitno tivo, a svi znaju da volim bitne teme o kojima bi trebalo da se pri a Ipak, mene Seleni nije uspeo da kupi svojom prozom, na momente mi je bio prili no nezanimljiv, iako je bilo zaista dobrih delova u ovom romanu.Krajnji utisak mi je da mi je mnogo toga zasmetalo Zasmetalo mi je konstantno kori enje engleskih re i i izraza, koji su nekad duga ki i po celu stranu Razumem iz kog razloga je uba en engleski i razumem ovaj stil, ali u odre enim momentima je stvarno preterao Tako e, re kadar sam pro itao toliko puta, da sam, kada sam je video u romanu petnaesti put, zatvorio knjigu i rekao da u nastaviti posle jer sam bio prili no besan zbog konstantnog ponavljanja jedne re i.Da li preporu ujem ovaj roman Da, ali samo iz razloga to mo da ovo nije bio pravo trenutak da je ja pro itam Ako se mnogima dopala, postoje velike anse da e i Vama, stoga je preporu ujem Ipak, uvek imajte u vidu da Vam mo da ne e biti toliko interesantna, tako da je uzimate na sopstvenu odgovornost Na kraju krajeva, Seleni je svakako kvalitetan pisac i vrlo bitan za ovaj period srpske knji evnosti, i mislim da bi mu trebalo dati ansu Ja jesam, i tu zavr avam sa gospodinom Seleni em, bar za sada. Set in Belgrade before World War II, this epic novel covers fifty years of life in that city, and the 20th century struggles of the Serbian people The book has sold over 100,000 copies in Serbia.A touching story of cultural difference and tested loyalties Set in Belgrade before WWII, Fathers and Forefathers tells the story of the marriage between a Steven, a Serb, and Elizabeth, an Englishwoman After meeting at an English university they marry and leave England to build their life together Steven s narrative and Elizabeth s letters home reveal two very different personal accounts of the difficulties this involves Raised in Serbia their son, Mihajlo, is ashamed of his mixed parentage and rebels against his non Serbian ancestry On the eve of the war, Steven s loyalties are challenged when his counsel is sought by both the Serbian king and the opposition He resolves to keep his distance from the conflict, but Mihajlo sradical response forces him to become involved, and tragedy engulfs the family. Page 61elegant in the English way in other words, showing subtle signs of carelessness in attire, thus manifesting a disregard for elegance which is only for parvenues who must prove the social status by what they wear Page 72Even in daylight she looks as if one were seeing her in moonlightPage 155My dear deceased Rachel, Majkl has whiskers.Page 163 Isn t the Slovene pettiness better than the Serbian slovenliness I asked this time, although normally I hold back, because I know how much, though he does hide it, this always insult my Serb.P 203At the door stood a girl, hefty even a man fifty years younger than I wouldn t be able to beat her at arm wrestling and stern looking Comrade, she says, a coference at 7 one of the n s missing and I am supposed to be there Can t make it, I say You must, says she Can t make it, I say You must, says she Listen, girl, I try nicely, I have nothing to learn at this conference of yours, to which she responds, lf you re not at the coference, you won t be on the list to receive firewood and coal . Update Two years after I read this one, happened to have a look at comments and I feel I was unfair with my rating I still have the plot in my mind and I could say it s not just a very good book It s a great book 4 stars seems not enough, 5 big starsI was introduced in Serbian literature through recommendations of books and authors like Andric, Kis and some others Since then I became really interested in this literature and I started my own research on it Fathers and forefathers was, let s say a personal discovery and after reading I felt double happy, since I really liked this book.The character of the book is quite autobiographical, since the author himself completed his studies in England, something seems that affected his overall ideology which iswestern than Balkan This can be clearly seen through the pages and the plot of the book, as well as his antithesis towards the nationalism of his countrymen and Croats The book based on two layers, one underlining the cultural differences between two countries, UK and Serbia, while the other doing a historical and political approach of the events that took place over the years in Serbia.The writers language is very nice and gave me the impression of a very smart and open minded person I think cultural differences are brilliantly captured through the pages while the use in several cases of English with translation at the bottom of the page gives a very beautiful color to the text The historical political events are rendered with a rather objective look, something that one can hardly believe that come from Serbian person.From the few things I know about the ideology, mentality, temperament of Serbian people I have the feeling that this is a very sincere text, and I take my hat off to the author s courage of personal esteem that appears in its pages Surely this is not a book that will relax you, is by no means a light reading to spend carefree time, however I found it very remarkable, serious and probably important book Personally I really enjoyed it.

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