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rw nw prt m hrw A Unique Collection Of Funerary Texts From A Wide Variety Of Sources, Dating From The Th To The Th Century BCConsisting Of Spells, Prayers And Incantations, Each Section Contains The Words Of Power To Overcome Obstacles In The Afterlife The Papyruses Were Often Left In Sarcophagi For The Dead To Use As Passports On Their Journey From Burial, And Were Full Of Advice About The Ferrymen, Gods And Kings They Would Meet On The Way Offering Valuable Insights Into Ancient Egypt, The Book Of The Dead Has Also Inspired Fascination With The Occult And The Afterlife In Recent YearsFor Than Seventy Years, Penguin Has Been The Leading Publisher Of Classic Literature In The English Speaking World With Than , Titles, Penguin Classics Represents A Global Bookshelf Of The Best Works Throughout History And Across Genres And Disciplines Readers Trust The Series To Provide Authoritative Texts Enhanced By Introductions And Notes By Distinguished Scholars And Contemporary Authors, As Well As Up To Date Translations By Award Winning Translators

About the Author: Anonymous

Books can be attributed to Anonymous for several reasons They are officially published under that name They are traditional stories not attributed to a specific author They are religious texts not generally attributed to a specific author Books whose authorship is merely uncertain should be attributed to

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    The edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead published by Criterion Press is a real prize of a book It s almost a square foot in size, and contains an almost full size color facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani, with the original text in ancient Egyptian I can t judge on the accuracy of

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    i read this about 16 years ago in the early spring of 2001 , i just felt my brain had been turned into porridge as i finished reading it in the end, now i still can t figure out how many stars i can give to rate this book, but i remember that there were many stars around my head when i was

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    How can you not give this 5 stars when it lays out for you the exact procedure one needs to follow to ensure one s entrance into the afterlife

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    This work is a historical document of enormous importance for the understanding of the theology and beliefs of pharaonic Egypt which is why I am giving it five stars It has no literary, philosophical or theological values per se A Book of Dead is a collection of spells inserted in the tomb of a deceased pers

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    Hello Ok first off your not going to understand all of this book. The less schooled persons of ancient Egyptian culture will probably not even know 50% of this novel I have been learning hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian., so this book was amazing to me, one fact above all others is that you are holding in your hands

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    Because this isn t so much of a book you read from start to end like any other, it took me almost two years to finish this Having purchased this because of my childhood fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture, this was completely worth the read The introduction was incredible helpful and, as far as I can tell, translation w

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    This is a beautiful book a large format facsimile reproduction of the Papyrus of Ani in large color images with translation of the hieroglyphs beneath The pictures comprising the bulk of the book are not of the Papyrus itself, held in the British National Museum rather it is a reproduction of a carefully made imitation of the original

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    I can t really rate this book, because I didn t really understand it But it s really funny if you take it literally, you know, like, Boat bird staff staff, eye dog bird staff man reed boat And also it s an interesting window into the rituals of an ancient blah, blah .

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    A wealth of information I struggled a bit, though, because it assumes a working knowledge of the culture, history and religion of the ancient Egyptians.Nevertheless, the introduction was long enough to be a book in itself and was very helpful in gaining greater insight into a topic that has fascinated me for years.The inclusion of the hieroglyphics wit

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