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Inside Organizations: 21 Ideas for Managers Throughout A Long And Distinguished Career, Charles Handy Has Spent Much Of His Time Observing Organizations And The Behaviour Of The People In Them Based On This Rich Experience, INSIDE ORGANIZATIONS Is Handy S Personal Anthology Of Twenty One Ideas Which Will Change The Way People See Their World, And Help Them To Organize It Better It Contains Anecdotes, Commentary And Questions Which Challenge The Reader And Help Them Apply Each Idea To Their Particular Situation Whether They Work In A Large Corporation, A School, A Hospital, Or A Restaurant Light Hearted Yet Profound, This Penguin Edition Of INSIDE ORGANIZATIONS Will Have A Broad General Appeal, Complementing Handy S Outstandingly Successful Work UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZATIONS

About the Author: Charles B. Handy

An Irish author philosopher specialising in organisational behaviour and management Among the ideas he has advanced are the portfolio worker and the Shamrock Organization.For many years he worked as a professor at London Business School.

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