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When Dimple Met Rishi 2.5 5 starsPeople this books is the worst lol don t read it Me hahahah it can t be that badMe is wrongUsually, this was where I d put a quote that I liked from the book, but the writing in this book sucked But I don t wanna mess up the aesthetic of my reviews So, yeah, you re stuck with that.So what even is the point of me being on this website if I don t even listen to the thousands of negative reviews on my feed that are there to guide me towards great books Every single time someone tells me not to read a book, I proceed to ignore everything they say because what do they know and read it any ways Guess what 10 out of 10 times that someone is right And 10 out of 10 times they end up commenting on my review, laughing at my pain I m gonna do all of us a favor and just delete my life because I just keep filling it full of disappointment.In fact, all the disappointment I have been acquiring lately has accumulated into something so large, you can see it from space All those astronauts in the Internation Space Station are staring down at me at this very moment, shaking their heads and wondering what I did to become so full of sorrow but secretly enjoying a new piece of scenery, as I m sure looking at space can get very boring.I should have aborted this book during the first chapter when I was bombarded with middle grade style writing Actually, no, I m lying Middle grade books have excellent writing, as a published book should, which is the exact opposite of this Middle grade books don t deserve to be compared to this trainwreck This writing gave me flashbacks to 13 year old me, who spent her days on fanfiction.net writing Good Luck Charlie fanfiction Except 13 year old me s writing might have been even better It was definitely not as annoying But I knew I could have eventually gotten used to the writing, so instead of DNFing it right then and there, I persevered, thinking it couldn t possibly get any worse But, Spoiler Alert , it did One day, when technology advances to a point where time machines are a thing that exists, the first thing I will do is go back to the moment when I decided to open this book and stop myself Just so I go avoid the pain and suffering that is Dimple Shah.I never thought I would hate a characterthan I hate Rowan Whitethorn, but heyyy Dimple came pretty close I don t even think I can form a paragraph of all the reasons why she s the worst, so here s a list not like other girls doesn t wear makeup bc she s not like other girls mentions the fact she doesn t wear makeup at least 30 times per chapter throws iced coffee and some guy because he attacked her and by attacked I mean he spoke words to her and obviously that isn t okay even as a person who doesn t drink like coffee i know that is a giant waste of like 5 but at least she s a strong independent woman actually, her exact words are she was no delicate flower and rishi s exact words were spirited which he said about a million times before page 35 and also by strong independent women i mean she s a controlling bitch who is physically abusive SHE LITERALLY PUNCHED RISHI AND HURT HIM AND FELT NO REMORSEDimple punched him in the ribs, lighter than she wanted to, but he still wincedShe never lets Rishi have any say on anything Like she decided what they are gonna do for their app And also what they are going to do for the talent show doesn t wear makeup Also there was a part when someone told her how to pronounce his name AND SHE FUCKING TOLD HIM HE WAS PRONOUNCING HIS OWN NAME WRONG Like If I tell you Emi is pronounced as Kate Middleton my name is fucking pronounced Kate Middleton and not like Emmy seriously also I ve had a person once message me and ask me how to pronounce my name I thought it was pretty simple but there s a pronunciation guide for y all in case you were ever wondering But wait, it gets better Because LIKE TWO PAGES LATER SHE GETS MAD AT THEM FOR PRONOUNCING RISHI WRONG Like don t you understand where their anger is probably coming from now Also, because she s not rich and doesn t wear makeup she s better than everyone else also there was one part when rishi called her an introvert and I was like wtf since when not once in the book were we ever shown she s an introvert no introvert I know would throw iced coffee at people and go to 40,000 different social events but let s jump back up to the beginning of the story right after she met rishi WHEN SHE HATED HIM FOR NO GODDAMN REASON Like maybe he said the wrong thing, but it wasn t necessarily creepy or anything People have definitely said a lot worst to someone then hello future wife Bc that is what he said that made her throw coffee at him and hate him for no reason it s not a reason to hate someone also in case you forgot, she doesn t wear makeup she mentions it so much so we don t forget also she was so vocally rude like i know you don t like these rich kids aka aberzombies but she is so rude to them and wonders why they are rude to her in return and also, it s not like the do something to make her rude to them she hated them the moment she laid eyes on them.Urgh I don t even wanna talk about her any Let s move on.Rishi was okay I didn t hate him He had his redeemable moments But honestly, I was too busy being annoyed with Dimple to really pay too much attention to him Which is a shame He seemed cool So what was the plot of this book Because I thought it would be about a girl who goes to coding camp and meets boy and does coding and stuff like that, but hahahahahahah nope It was just Dimple being totally unbearable The coding stuff didn t even happen It was mentioned briefly here and there, but Dimple and Rishi didn t mention it as much as SOMEONE ATTENDING AN ENTIRE COURSE FOR CODING SHOULD BE I don t know much about coding I ve kinda messed around with it here and there, but as an extremely amateur clueless person But I would imagine that coding an app would take quite a lot of focus and dedication, especially when there is such a limited timeline view spoiler WHen Dimple was so upset when she didn t win, I WAS LITERALLY YELLING AT THE BOOK THAT MAYBE IF YOU ACTUALLY SPEND TIME ON FREAKIGN MAKIGN YOUR APP YOU WOULDN T BE IN THIS POSITION ARHGAUSJD Also, she was mad that the aberzombies won because of their zombie beer app and it wasn t as great as hers Like seriously girl You haven t seen their app It could be effing amazing, and it applies to a bigger target audience then your app does Just because you think someone is entitled and big headed and won just bc they have money doesn t mean they didn t create an well developed app.Dimple, that entire scene hide spoiler EDIT Please read my homegirl Tweebs review.So I just checked and realized I ve been reading this for 10 days It never takes me that long This booky all this book was such a huge disappointment and I promised myself if it were to be one, I would draw bananas all over my exams I was hoping to finish this cringe before my exams,,, but it s so gross, I legit dragged this one for like 10 days Not gonna lie, this was actually somewhat fun and cute towards the beginning But then this one kid named Dimple came in with her rude ass attitude and abuse behavior and just.someone learn how to transport people into books because I want to teach her some manners I don t like Dimple She s fucking abusive, rude and just full on annoying, literally go away, I hate her She is disrespectful, filled with attitude and akdbsjfbdjhd She literally talked so much shit to Rishi when he wasn t even responsible for half the shit she was saying to him Her sole purpose is to fucking bitch at people for no reason Oh and she s really fucking abusive I noticed many times throughout the book, she d be punching and hitting Rishi and he even complained to her to stop and it hurt It doesn t matter if she s a girl Abuse is abuse Hitting and punching him was wrong especially when it hurt him If it were the other way around everyone would point it out If Rishi punched her and she said it hurt, y all would be screaming out abuseI m so done with her And some of y all are making excuses for her and brushing it off as her being a strong character Uhhh no, that s A B U S E Can t believe people were ignoring this, i m disgusted The writing is Um what the fuck even Filled with cringe, cringe and cringe it was really bad The kissing was literally described so horribly and the characters came off as whiny, immature and ridiculously annoying to me Even Rishi ummmmmmmm,,,,, the story line was boring me.The only good thing about this book is learningabout Indian culture and traditions It was informative and that s about all the good things in this book So like, overall, no BUDDY READ WITH MY FAVORITE ASSHOLE SOLOMON screams I JUST BOUGHT THE EBOOK FOR THIS AND IM SO READY Oh my GOD, you guys I know people have said this book is bad I know pretty much every source I trust full on hated this book But, like, wow.Do you ever read a book and you re almost impressed by how bad it is This one is, like, genuinely written in the hopes of creatingdiversity in the young adult genre and look at that Girl hate Almost enough to make me laugh if I weren t already crying from hopelessness, depressed with the irrefutable knowledge that young adult literature will be teeming with ingrained sexism from now until the end of time and no amount of angry quoting in ranty one star reviews will change that.Nothing matters Let s get into it Categories NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLSHere s a fun fact even if you don t use the exact phrase not like other girls, creating that situation under a different wording is still bad It s still benefiting off the same trope of putting down girls at large in order to make your dumbass character seem greater than and unique Example Even when she was in elementary and middle school, she always chose computers as her choice of centers while all the otherpopular girls seemed to cluster together in art or reading This wholllllleeeeeee book we cannot escape how Unique and Different Dimple is She is just So Cool She likes Computers Okay, that is actually really cool More girls in STEM But not at the expense of making it seem like reading and art aren t important Because, uh They are Also this book describes programming and web design exactly never, despite TAKING PLACE AT A PROGRAMMING CAMP GIRL HATEIn my experience, the Venn diagram of books where the popular kids are evil and books with girl hate is a circle And even if it wasn t, god, don t both suck But we don t have to talk about that right now, because this book is just stillproof that the two coexist beautifully And by beautifully, I mean go hand in hand because life is hell and books are suffering and everything is bad and why not just villainize popular kids because it s easy and boring while we also hate girls because it s easy Anyway.Examples ExamplesHer booty shorts also barely covered her bootyOh, noooooo Heaven forbid Shorts covering an ass, but not well enough to some rando s standards How will we live How shall we survive What will happen to humanityReally, it was sort of refreshing to have a boy prefer her company to a girl like Isabelle sJust because you re sooo insecure you don t think anyone could ever want to hang out with you doesn t mean you need to bring other girls down in an attempt to feel superiority in place of confidence and self love AssholeOf course Isabelle was up for it She d probably even eat carbs for that amount of attentionWhoa, cool An assumption of a girl s dietary habits based on her physical experience used to slut shame her in this instance and call her an attention whore How revolutionary Even the sexism in this book is tired and overdoneShe refused to be one of those girls who gave up on everything they d been planning simply because a boy entered the pictureEveryone, please don t forget the fact that girls come in types I cannot stress this enough Girl personalities are downloaded pre formed from a web interface, and we only have amazing heroes like Dimple to protect us from all the attention starved, non carb eating banshees in too short shorts.Just kill me Take me out of my goddamn misery.THE DIMPLE THINGOkay, so I think this book is trying to do Something And that something is flip gender roles, specifically as they typically exist within the genre of the young adult contemporary In this book, the male character Rishi is romantic and looking to be in a relationship, while the female character Dimple is ambitious, career motivated, and trying to stay away from love.Dimple is also very cold Even mean And people are suuuper upset about that But how much of that Dimple hate is coming from the fact that she s acting in a way we expect from male characters Don t get me wrong, I don t like the mean but it s okay because they love you so much trope But I call it out whenever I see it I don t like it in the Will Herondales, either There s nothing wrong with feeling that way We re societally conditioned to balk when we see women act in traditionally masculine ways But, likebe aware Because that doesn t mean it s great.RISHII don t really have that much to say here actually I just didn t want to break up all the fun bolded subheadings.I just hate Rishi He is a lil creepy weirdo, and so obsessive and emotional and boring That s really why I hate him He is SO BORING Stop fawning over your own love for one goddamn second, and, I don t know Punch somebody Up the ante somehow God.THIS RELATIONSHIP IS HORRIBLEOkay, so Dimple hits Rishi all the time And he constantly worries about whether he s going to make her angry And just takes sh t from her constantly but if he s even the slightest bit less than perfect she will genuinely, actually, physically hit him, or get mad at him, or yell at him.Also, Dimple takes Rishi s sketchbook out of his bag, reads it, and sends it to an author he likes even though he expressly requested none of that happen No apologies occur Rishi thanks her later Because gross invasion of privacy is such a rad trope.I mean Super unhealthy, no But also just like not even fun to read lol Like this book is so bad I cannot stress that enough.GENERAL STUPIDITYThis book is also justsodumb On so many levels It s very nearly impressive Here are some examples of its masterful handling of different types of its own idiocy.BAD HANDLING OF ACTUAL ISSUES Dimple rants about all the expectations placed on Indian American girls, andRishi s responseis justwell, thisHe laughed That does sound annoyingAmazing.DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR OWN DESCRIPTIONS At one point, Rishi is described asstretching his long legs out in front of himUm Boi is 5 8 If a boy who is lit er ally five feet and eight inches tall is now long legged then when converted to girl numbers my legs are flesh skyscrapers.SO CRINGEYDimple crossed her arms and cocked her head, in a come at me, bro poseI don t even need to say anything about this one But on an unrelated note, can someone come pick me up I was hospitalized for cringing so hard after reading that line and I can t leave until someone signs me out.CONSISTENCY, PLEASE, IT S ALL I ASK FOR Literally, one moment in this book Rishi s dorm room is so small that when he s sitting at his desk, he says he is JUST AS CLOSE TO DIMPLE AS HE WOULD HAVE BEEN SITTING NEXT TO HER ON THE BED, and the next, it is so CAVERNOUS, so LUXURIOUSLY LARGE that Rishi and his little brother get into a screaming match within its massive dimensions without even seeing her. I pray for the sweet oblivion of death.WHAT KIND OF INTIMACY At one point, Dimple and Rishi lol I typed Dishi I am so tired this book is physically exhausting are making out In a public space And they touch each other s backs Which is incredibly PG Not even PG 13 But apparently this moment is so unbelievably hot that they immediately have to have a conversation about whether they should f ck or not WHATEVER FOREVER.Bottom line I should have expected to hate this book However, wow, I really did not expect to hate this book Do not make my mistake It is bad PRE REVIEWNo yeah, you guys were right That wasnot good.But I stand by what I said on the iced coffee issue.Review to come CURRENTLY READING UPDATEI AM FURIOUS is that literally the iced coffee scene you ve all been crying bitter, bitter tears of rishi pity over are you KIDDING ME.if a strange dude came up to me in a strange city and said i was his FUTURE WIFE and he was so excited for our LIVES TOGETHER, i would freak the f ck out dude honestly my only comment on this crown jewel in all of your negative reviews is that dimple is a GODDAMN BADASS for throwing her iced coffee at that tiny creep i wish i had the balls to do that when strange men say strange things.in conclusion WHAT THE F CK ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT EVER I wanted to respond to everyone s comments but I didn t want to come off repetitive so I ll express my gratitude on here Thank you to everyone for being so supportive I don t have enough words to describe my love for y all Bless your souls In all seriousness, I never brought this bullshit onto my review to make the drama even bigger but I m going to take advantage of this experience and help spread awareness.I admit, this experience was shitty I never thought writing this review will lead to this type of bullshit If I had the chance to go back in time and re write my review You will find the same review I ll never change my opinions to satisfy anyone and I ll never stop writing honest reviews My mom didn t carry me for 9 months to give birth to an ass kisser I m sorry for being blunt but if you don t like my opinion then please don t fight me on it Please don t take it to other websites If you re honestly upset over anything I ve ever written then talk to me I m a very understanding person and I m cool with anyone sharing their opinions whether it be agreeing or disagreeing with mines I hope you guys don t ever get discouraged and doubt your own reviews If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, then I advise you to keep being honest no matter what To the person who shall not be named even though she legit exposed my name, nice try honeyWow For those who got offended over my review, why don t you take a seat because I m going to clear some shit up for you I didn t pick this book up thinking it s going to be exactly like a Bollywood movie That s bullshit I just said I watched them That s all Is it a crime to watch Bollywood Movies I never judged this book because it didn t live up to the expectations of a Bollywood movie or the obvious stereotype of indians as one said That s bullshit Idk why I have explain this shit but I m left with no choice Y all need to know that I will never in my entire existence judge a book due to that reasoning I d punch my own self I only judged this book due to its characters and how they pissed me off I wasn t thinking about Bollywood movies or any stereotypes when I was writing my review The thought never even crossed my mind I have Indian friends and I know for a fact that Bollywood movies isn t an accurate representation of the Indian Culture Where y all got that from, I will never know I ve already listed out the frustrations I had with Dimple, so go look at it because I m not re typing it If you don t agree with my opinion of Dimple then okay Bye You re not forced to agree with me For those who read my review whether on GR or Twittery all idk how it even got to twitter I m shook I want you to know that it s not cool to take my words and twist it up If you misunderstood my review then please say something Don t take my shit to other websites I ve never been so angry I literally said I watch Bollywood movies and y all went crazy What s next Y all going to arrest me for saying I like anime or something If you had a problem with my review then please drop a comment telling me what got you angry Even if, someone had taken upon themselves to grace the Twitter community with my review and said a few hateful things Doesn t mean it s the truth Doesn t mean you have the right to call me racist I m not even hurt because I know myself I know, I m not racist and if you got that vibe from me then you need to professional help I m not trying to be modest or anything but I m the nicest person I m so down to learning about new cultures I watch so many foreign things and listen to foreign music I don t have a single racist bone in my body My friends are so diverse My family is POC I m so infuriated by that racist comment I m so done with this shit Idk what else you want me to say but if you still have any problems Leave a fucking comment and don t let me find you on Twitter dis re spect disr spek tshowing a lack of respect or courtesy impoliteWhen Dimple Met Rishilike When Dimple Met my Fist because I will forever be angry about the fact that this lil shit named Dimple wasted a perfect ice coffee That was straight up disrespect This girl literally stood in line to only throw an ice coffee at someone Talk about ruuuuuuude like I get why she did it but no My heart still hurts reading that scene like I swear i never knew how passionate i was about the ice coffee life until this book It s funny how the ice coffee is on the cover and I m legit here like I get it, I m ranting over a fucking drink But I m just representing the ice coffee since it can t speak for itself justice4icecoffee Alright Reading this book was like ordering a prom dress from online You see a dress on a randamn website and you think to yourself,yo that s the one. Then, you have to wait for the prom queen worthy dress and when you get it, this is what happens In other words I ve never felt so unsatisfied by a book in my entire life Just like the prom dress, I was expecting to love this I have a few friends who love Bollywood movies and made me watch them which I actually really enjoyed When I seen this book, I thought it was cool to have an indian rep Maybe get some Bollywood vibes You feel me I even got myself hyped up becausecough look at all those 4 or 5 star reviews cough. What a joke I m honestly wondering if I got the right book because whaa. I refuse to accept the fact that one of my anticipated releases was the biggest let down I will forever question hype books orlike 4 or 5 star reviews from now on I give up trustissues why did I hate this book It s very easy, friends Dimple As in, When Dimple met my Fist , Dimple She s the reason why I hate this book Well, she s among one of the reasons WhyDimple is such an annoying lil shit I liked the ice coffee better than her and it was in the book for literally 2 seconds I legit got angry at my cousin for no reason the other day because she has dimples and somehow that reminded me of Dimple I don t think I can even look at Harry Styles any without associating him with Dimple but I ll fix that problem because Dimple ain t ruining Harry styles for me Nope It s just sad Would you believe that I actually liked her For the first 20 pages or so because I can t believe my own self My hatred towards Dimple started ever since that ice coffee scene I m not saying that I have a grudge against her but that s exactly what I m saying I tolerated her character I found her somewhat cool because she was a nerd, stood up for herself, wanted to pursue her dreams, and shit I could feel the potential in her character Then, she completely killed my hopes when she met Rishi Her entire character changed She went from tolerable towtf someone slap this lil shitI would honestly pay someone 5 to explain to me why this girl changed like that Is she a pokemon Who switched her Bring back the Dimple I liked in the first 20 pages because I just can t accept this new version of her I was beyond annoyed If she was real and literally took a breath, I would ve screamed at her Actual footage of me reading Dimple s parts Her character was everywhere It was a hot mess and idk where to begin describing her character I just want to know how I managed to continue reading without flinging the book across the Atlantic Ocean For Rishi, I actually liked the dude forthan 20 pages He was okayish I didn t mind him Alright, I hated him a little Most of the time, I was hopping betweeni like you to byeoh, let s talk about the plot where is it It s like googling something and if it s not on the first page then that s it It s not there It s not anywhere Just like this plot Okay, it was there for a bit in the beginning I could see it going somewhere but then it vanished Or it literally got split up and went different directions Or I simply couldn t focus because Dimple was being an annoying lil shit Yup, I m just going to blame her It s easier Or the fact that they kept kissing every 5 seconds because I was distracted by disgust to pay attention to the plot what do you even like in this book, you say Indian culture I was in it for the indian culture tbh let s not forget the ending Thank you for ending There s so many things I want to say about this book but then again, who wants to sit here and type about my 99 problems I m just over it I m done And to those who loved this book, y all are incredible Thank you for loving this for me I was hoping to join the fangirling over this book but nah i don t think i m cut out for this.Ugh I m honestly upset that this book didn t live up to my expectations It had everything but this book will not discourage me from picking up other books by Sandhya Menon I still have faith you will create another book that will be 100000 times better than this one I m hoping you prove me right Please just don t add another character who is like Dimple One of her is enough Two of her will actually make me hate Harry styles peace out suckas drops mic You know what, I was about to force myself to finish this but no Just no.DNFing it because I promised myself I would stop torturing myself.Dimple is pretty rude Rishi had the biggest insta love feelings ever App contest what app contest This is just Dimple hitting Rishi, them kissing and now there s a talent show It s not a horrible read, it s just pointless for me to finish it. This is definitely one of the cutest books I ve ever laid my eyeballs on It s totally nerdy and full of adorkable socially awkward characters and so much delicious food and features the absolute best romance AHHHHHH I ve been looking forward to this book for ages, and I m so glad it was everything I wanted And I m about as romantic as a dead slug, so the fact that I was squeeing You re going to want to read this, I 500% declare it true.The best part Both Dimple and Rishi are HUGE nerds Dimple is all into coding and computers and Rishi is in denial though a huge comic book artist Like excuse me while that is the perfect pair And let s be real here There were thoroughly perfect at all times And when they met and and Rishi though she knew about their parents arranged marriage so jokingly says Hello future wife and she throws her coffee at him and runs away shippingI also really liked how it was a positive story about arranged marriage I know it s a huge cultural thing but honestly the few times I ve read about it, it s always been a super dark negative And this wasn t like their parents were all GET MARRIED OR DIE Their parents were Super nice and chill about it OkDimple s mum was the opposite of chill But the parents really were lovely and wanted the best for their kids And that s so healthy and lovely to read And just the way Dimple and Rishi s friendship grew after they both decided NAY SIR to the arranged marriageso much irony So much cute I ship it so hard, I cannot even.And I really loved their voices The story is in 3rd person which is my favourite and also ridiculously rare for contemporaries I feel like I connected to the story SO muchwith it being in 3rd I loved how we got both Dimple and Rishi s perspective Becuase jfkdlsa dI love them both so much Rishi is the most pure cinnamon roll to ever exist And Dimple is all sharpness and intelligence and basically the best.I do have a very very smol list of dislikes though Because I m fussy I know dramatic sob in the corner I though Rishi s brother Ashish s storyline was completely thrown in and random It really detracted from Rishi Dimple Some of Dimple s choices at the end were really frustrating But, likebeing a teen isn t about being super mature all the time I KNOW THAT She was unfair, but she was human, so while reader me is crying a bit, human me is understanding Also it was a teeny bit predictable.But like those are tiny things I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it and it was full of squishy happy feels and so nerdy and geeky and all the things I want to read about The writing was fabulous and I really cared about the characters Also all the praise for adorable sweet nerdy boys like Rishi who are too precious for this world And 10 10 for all the food appreciation I realise it s late at night but I m starving, thanks for nothing, to this book. oh no looks like i m dnf ing this how inconvenient oops here i go, closing the book i guess this has to wait until i finish my tbr list in three eternities and a half that s just how long it will take sorry Ohhhh, do I got a rant for this book When Dimple Met Rishi was supposed to be the book of my dreams It was supposed to clear my acne and water my neglected plants It was supposed to help get into a good university and build my self confidence.But the only thing it actually did was make me silently cry fake tears bc I wasn t even invested in it enough to spend actual emotions on it Pros Indian representation I m pretty familiar with the culture bc I ve grown up around Indians my entire life and so when I got my hands on this book I was legit crying tears of joy until I reached the second chapter and it fell to poop Still gotta give it for the indian rep ummm there was some nerd talk going on but it was so overwhelmed by the kissing it was hard to concentrate on it well yeah that s all I gotCons effing everything we ll start with Dimple this kid tHIS KID IS HERE TO RUIN MY LIFE shes effing annoying shes rood as hell she has NO RESPECT FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE shes abusive for no bloody reason Dimple punched him in the ribs, lighter than she wanted to, but he still winced Ow You know, most girls just slap guys playfully on the arm or something They don t actually hurt them Well, maybe you need to expand your idea of how girls behave, Dimple replied, grinning. Did she just pull a I m not like other girls as a reason to why shes abusive I m not like other girls, im abusive nice, love it next She Is So Indecisive I wanna make out with you but I don t actually wanna be with you bc I can t let you blindsight my goals but no lets make out Okay um NEXT THE WRITING Made waxing seem fun Let me tell you kids Its not My nephew is three years old and if I asked him to write me a story Im 110% sure he could create something with better writing Yes, im not exaggerating okay maybe I am just a little bit Hmmmmmmmm what else The fact that these kids were kissingthan they were working on THIS PLOT FOR THE BOOK MAYBE Who cares about what he tastes like oh my lord I don t want to hear it spare me please Also Rishi this kid is cute man I like him I LIKED him until HE STARTED LIKING DIMPLE Like boi she treats you like garbage why are you doing this to yourself Have some self worth Finally HATING ON RICH PEOPLE BC THEYRE RICH STOP BLOODY DOING THAT its not cuteAnyways this book was a good try, a very good try and I appreciate the indian rep but likeThese characters aren t doing anything for a plot that is nonexistent Sorry Also if you wanna check out another awesomesauce review that s most definitely NOT racist, you can check out my Canadian sista, Tweebs 1.5 stars Blehhhh this is literally the 3rd book I started today, not bc i have zero impulse control but bc i MESSED UP OUR BR DATES DAMN ME and im trying to rectify my mistakesBuddy readwith my Max and my Emmy The Arranged Marriage YA Romcom You Didn T Know You Wanted Or Needed Meet Dimple Her Main Aim In Life Is To Escape Her Traditional Parents, Get To University And Begin Her Plan For Tech World Domination Meet Rishi He S Rich, Good Looking And A Hopeless Romantic His Parents Think Dimple Is The Perfect Match For Him, But She S Got Other Plans Dimple And Rishi May Think They Have Each Other Figured Out But When Opposites Clash, Love Works Even Harder To Prove Itself In The Most Unexpected Ways As Joyfully Refreshing As Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han And Nicola Yoon, When Dimple Met Rishi Is A Frothy, Funny Contemporary Romance Told From The Dual Perspectives Of Two Indian American Protagonists While Dimple Is Fighting Her Family Traditions, Rishi Couldn T Be Happier To Follow In The Footsteps Of His Parents Could Sparks Fly Between This Odd Couple, Or Is This Matchmaking Attempt Doomed To Fail When Dimple met Rishi things did not go well See, Dimple and Rishi were promised to each other by their parents Only, Dimple has no idea she was set up, while Rishi does As you can guess, that is bound to lead to catastrophic, but also quite entertaining, events Obviously, arranged marriages happen all the time, especially to young people of certain cultures, but I still found this story very original.That is why I read it, actually It s not a story that I can imagine happening to a lot of different people, because it s not entirely plausible, but the originality is part of what makes it so interesting At the same time, nothing is too far fetched that you have to force yourself to believe it In this scenario, it s not the girl who is the hopeless romantic, it s the boy Rishi Rishi is adorable Quite frankly, I don t know how I would have reacted if I had been in Dimple s situation probably I would have freaked out as well but somehow Rishi always makes it better He is patient and definitely, wonderfully romantic He s not the type of guy you have to beg to bring you flowers He ll do it by his own volition Sadly, yes, there are stereotypical portrayals of characters I m referring mostly to the secondary ones so don t think that this is a flawless book But you know what, I wanted to be entertained and I was so I m happy Satisfying, sweet YA contemporary romance with culturally diverse main characters and interesting competitions to spice things up at the web development summer program Dimple and Rishi are a wonderful pair Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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