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Izzy + Tristan Izzy, A Practical Minded Teen Who Intends To Become A Doctor, Isn T Happy About Her Recent Move From The Lower East Side Across The River To Brooklyn She Feels Distanced From Her Family, Especially Her Increasingly Incomprehensible Twin Brother, As Well As Her New Neighborhood And Then She Meets Tristan Tristan Is A Chess Prodigy Who Lives With His Aunt And Looks Up To His Cousin, Marcus He And Izzy Meet One Moonlit Night, And Together They Tumble Into A Story As Old And Unstoppable As Love Itself In Debut Author Shannon Dunlap S Capable Hands, The Romance That Has Enthralled ForYears Is Spun New Told From Several Points Of View, This Is A Love Story For The Ages And A Love Story For This Very Moment This Fast Paced Novel Is At Once A Gripping Tale Of First Love And A Sprawling Epic About The Bonds That Tie Us Together And Pull Us Apart And The Different Cultures And Tensions That Fill The Contemporary American Landscape

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    Finished in one sitting I want to go cry in a corner now.

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    5 Words Family, friendship, rivalry, tragedy, fitting in.Hi, my feels are hurting Make it stop.I have to admit that it took a while for me to get in to this story I was almost half way through and contemplating a DNF when BAM suddenly I couldn t put it down I was invested.This is a retelling of Tristan and Iseult, so I pretty much knew the basics already going in,

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    Thank you littlebrownyoungreaders for this free review copy Izzy and Tristan is the most sought after ARC of our book club Izzy s family moves into a neighborhood nothing like their old one Tristan is trying to keep his head above water while playing chess for bets for his cousin Tempers flare and clash, leading to the meeting of these two fated lovers Are there clich s

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    I m a sucker for a doomed romance so when I heard that this book was a modern reinterpretation of the story of Tristan and Iseult I had to read it I first became familiar with the story from the cheesy AF film Tristan and Isolde that I unashamedly adore and have seen far times than I probably should admit to lol So I definitely enjoyed this book Its not the greatest thing e

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    Una novela literaria y ambiciosa inspirada en la leyenda de Trist n e Isolda pero ambientada en el Brooklyn actual Trist n es un genio del ajedrez que se muda a vivir con su t a a Brooklyn porque desde que muri su madre, su padre no sabe c mo llevar su crianza El chico es t mido y solitario, y se refugia en la compa a y protecci n de su primo Marcus Un chico muy popular pero que

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    This had potential but it fell short for me The love story did not pull me in, which is surprising since the very first line in the prologue did and set high expectations The language used felt over the top and yet not enough to deliver a believable insta love romance.There s a plotline that involved consent lack thereof, actually that was not sufficiently addressed or resolved The wa

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    I have always adored the story of Tristan and Isolde and jumped for joy at the idea of a retelling. but this, my loves, was not the retelling I was talking about I had so, so, so many issues with this I did not care for the story or the characters I never connected to any part of it It was nothing than MEH.

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    No est mal pero no me ha llenado Si os gusta la historia de Trist n e Isolda y los libros m s tradicionales, posiblemente lo disfrut is pero yo no soy mucho de ese tipo de libros y aunque ha habido cosillas que me han enganchado, hay otras muchas con las que no he conectado.Rese a

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    2.5 Ten a las expectativas muy altas, como me pasa siempre con los retellings, adem s Trist n e Isolda es un dram n de la leche, as que estaba yo emocionad sima con todo el salseo con el que me iba a encontrar aqu Pero no, ha sido m s drama de instituto sin sentido que otra cosa, con secretos y traciones que podr an tener sentido hace siglos pero no ahora Lo que s me ha gustado m s ha sido todo el t

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    1,5 5Une romance qui d barque comme un cheveux sur la soupe et tente vainement de r crire le mythe de Tristan et Iseult dans une romance ennuyante et sans grande inter t Impossible de me connecter avec les personnages, je suis rest e spectatrice passive de leur histoire.L autrice a tent d amener la carte du racisme et de d noncer les double standard dans cette relation mixte, mais c est soit mal amen , s

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