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Broken This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BVJU This Naughty Fast Paced Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Takes A Surprising Turn Just When You Least Expect It Ciara S World Is Turned Upside Down During A Meeting With A Potential Client In Barcelona The Men In Ciara Herrera S Life Collide And There S Nothing She Can Do About It With Emotions Running High, Will Ciara And Nikolaj S Relationship Flourish Or Crumble The Seduction Factor BookBroken Is Sure To Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat Until The Surprising Ending The Seduction Factor Is A Series OfBooks The Entire Series Has A HEA Ending

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    Just when you thought you know all about Ciara, things keep getting better and bolder for our fiery heroine After the bombshell thrown at her after leaving Dr Echev s office, the incriminating evidences were piling up, shaking everything Ciara had ever believed in Her whole world turned upside down.When it came to Nikolaj though, things seemed to be looking up But something c

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    WhoaOkay so this is another cliffhanger and I usually get annoyed reading than two in a row but sheesh this is a gribbing series This books ends and my heart is in my chest Another plus is I can read each one through kindle unlimited On to the next I have to know what s about to happen to ciara

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    The saga continuesPart 3 is heart shattering when a family secret is reveal, but Nic is there with his shoulders for Ciera to cry on Nice read.

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    Warning Kind of spoiler y if you haven t read the first two installments Broken is a perfect title for this episode Ciara has found out much of her identity and life as she knew it has all been one big lie Her father is not her father well not biologically Her mother had an affair with the soccer pro turned doctor and then passed Ciara off as her husband s child Now Ciara must deal with

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    This book 3 in the series and you must read them in order This one tore at my heart for Ciara Her whole world was changed with one sentence at the end of book 2 The client she flew to Barcelona to meet with tells her that he is her real father After wondering around for Hours she calls Nikolaj and he comes and gets her Her mother texts her and asks her to meet with them and let them explain

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    N to the rescue He is freakin amazing I mean seriously not just hot and alpha but romantic and caring SWOON ALL DAY LONG His dirty talk is panty melting and I just love these two together Now that the cat is out of the bag C needs to figure out what to do next Does she believe Diego , meet with him , speak to her family , let it go I mean what s a girl to do With N helping guide her she meets wi

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    An Awesome Read I loved reading The Seduction Factor Billionaire Erotica Romance, all about Ciara Herrare the lighting design young lady Nikolaj Von Henningsen the sexy billionaire Gaming Mogal They met in Toronto in book one have been lovers ever since and they can t get enough of each other In fact while Ciara was in Barcelona having her whole family life ripped apart, Nikolaj flew from Tokyo to s

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    I can t believe she s done it to me again Oh my flipping God It s so not fair, this book takes you from one NO moment to another.well it s the sign of a stunning writer that can keep you so wrapped up in the story that you don t forget one bit of the previous book by waiting for its sequel.now at the end of book 3 I m like WHAT NO You can t leave me here Not againBook 3 has gone on to explain the ins an

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    Ciara finds herself in Barcelona Spain and she just found out a family secret that has her world upside down She is heartbroken and all this feelings are making her weak But the best thing is she has found comfort on Nikolaj He surprised her flying in to see her and it was a good thing since she needed him than anything.Nikolaj found himself not able to stay away from Ciara and he flew to Spain to surprise

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    The heat continues This book picks up right where the previous one left off and it delivered The intensity and magnetism between Ciara and Nikolaj continues to draw them closer even as her world is shattering apart He is there to pick her up and care for her, and she is letting him, something she never lets any man gets close enough to do She finds out Diego and her mother had a passionate affair and he is her

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