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The Templars: The Secret History Revealed this book was a bit of a disappointment but it seemed to cover the inquisition well Overall I was disappointed in this book but perhaps an excellent timeline on the Templars. 3 1 2 stars Nonfiction Being interested in this historic religious organization but knowing little about it other than as portrayed in popular fiction, I was hoping for a lot of insight from this book And, to an extent, I received it Barbara Frale is a historian on staff at the Vatican Secret Archives The history is well researched and quite interesting, although the writing can be a bit dry in places Because it is only about 200 pages long, there is a lot of history crammed into relatively few words And because of my lack of background on the subject, I had trouble keeping the various popes and political leaders straight, and often had to re read paragraphs or sentences I would have likedetail about the popes, the crusades, the political climate, and that would have made the book much longer, perhaps too long for the casual reader and not detailed enough for the serious historians of the period, but I wanted to knowAll in all, a very worthwhile read. At Its Height, The Order Of The Knights Templar Rivaled The Kingdoms Of Europe In Military Might, Economic Power, And Political Influence ForYears The Tragic Demise Of This Society Of Warrior Monks Amid Accusations Of Heresy Has Been Plagued By Controversy, In Part Because The Transcript Of Their Trial By The Inquisition Which Held The Key To The Truth Had VanishedTemplar Historian Barbara Frale Happened To Be Studying A Document At The Vatican Secret Archives When She Suddenly Realized That It Was None Other Than The Long Lost Transcript It Revealed That Pope Clement V Had Absolved The Order Of All Charges Of Heresy Using This Sensational New Information, Frale Chronicles The Templars Spectacular Rise And Fall Against A Sweeping Backdrop Of War, Religious Fervor, And The Struggle For Dominance, And Finally Lifts The Centuries Old Cloak Of Mystery Surrounding One Of The Worlds Most Intriguing Secret Societies Ottima sintesi della nascita, vita e morte dell affascinante Ordine dei Templari, nato inizialmente per difendere i pellegrini che si recavano a Gerusalemme dai saraceni predoni, poi mano a manp diventato vero esercito contro gli invasori arabi e poi tramutato in banca per poi decadere per intricati motivi politici reliosi ed economici, ma soprattutto per una sfortunata serie di eventi in ultima la grande sete di potere del re di Francia che addirittura voleva diventare papa La dottoressa Frale ha studiato per anni il processo dei Templari ed ufficiale dell Archivio Segreto Vaticano Credo sia la studiosa pi competente in Italia sul tema delle Crociate e dei Templari Attenzione alla letteratura di fantasia che, negli ultimi decenni, ha dato all ordine del Tempio un volto esoterico esageratamente artefatto la Frale consiglia il volume di Peter Partner The Murdered Magicians the Templars and Their Myth che smaschera simili montature ricostruendone la genesi e rivelando anche gli interessi economici onnipresenti che a volte nascondono Vi straconsiglio questo libro se volete approfondire la storia dei Templari come essa stata senza false fantasie esoteriche. The meatiest part of the book is the final chapter which reveals the latest info come to light about the end of the Templar order thanks to Philip the Fourth of France and the revelation of the Chignon Parchment Well written account in clear language by a foremost academic of the Vatican archives about the Templars. Very well written by an author who knows her research, this book gives not only the background for the Templar Order in its historical viewpoint, but also delves deep into the mindset of the time period religiously, social economically, and politically highlighting all the intrigues and power struggles between the Pope and the King of France Another part I appreciate is an entire chapter worth of pages citing and documenting bibliographical information.Barbara Frale knows her stuff and this book is highly worth the read for someone interested in the Knight s Templar. When I received this book, I was surprised how short it was In fact, I read it in just one evening But don t let its length confound you It is packed with reliable and historical information on the Templars Not an ounce of fiction from this gifted historian so we are left with only the facts, mam A It reads alot like a textbook but it is good The author focuseson the politics of king philip and the popes fighting over disbanding the templars or keeping them around rather than what the templars accomplished or found in the holy land. Fascinating look at the Templars without all the BS Information is gathered from the Vatican Secret Library, where secret in this case means private Frame is an Italian paleographer at the Vatican Secret Archives.Since this history is totally from documented sources it includes none of the speculations so often heaped onto the Templars The book gives a detailed history of the order and as is necessary a history of the Crusades as it affected them It really is quite an amazing story regarding how the order came about, how its ideals were formed, and the calibre of men it attracted Politics always surrounded them with the special protection of the papacy and then later the jealously they incurred where royalty sought their distruction The later political situation and the failure of the Crusades lead to their downfall The story how this came about is very interesting The rumors that surround them made them the Opus Dei of their day, and the trial and investigative documents revealed some surprising information. If you re looking for a book that venerates the mysteries and conspiracies of the Knights Templar unimaginable treasures found under the Temple of Solomon, their protection of the Holy Grail, etc this is not the book for you This is a concise and direct history of the Order, almost a Templars for Dummies that outlines its formation, its role in the Crusades and defense of the Holy Land, and its muddled dissolution due to conflict between the Pope and the King of France While it does touch on some of the stranger initiation practices, it does not perpetuate the fantastical rumors of bizarre rituals or heretical acts It simply addresses the Order s functions, characters, and key players during its tumultuous history, which Frale does in a simplistic and well researched way What pleased me the most was the final statement Frale makes in her afterward, which I will let you discover for yourself.

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