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The Sun Also Rises The Quintessential Novel Of The Lost Generation, The Sun Also Rises Is One Of Ernest Hemingway S Masterpieces, And A Classic Example Of His Spare But Powerful Writing Style A Poignant Look At The Disillusionment And Angst Of The Post World War I Generation, The Novel Introduces Two Of Hemingway S Most Unforgettable Characters Jake Barnes And Lady Brett Ashley The Story Follows The Flamboyant Brett And The Hapless Jake As They Journey From The Wild Nightlife Of S Paris To The Brutal Bullfighting Rings Of Spain With A Motley Group Of Expatriates It Is An Age Of Moral Bankruptcy, Spiritual Dissolution, Unrealized Love, And Vanishing Illusions First Published In , The Sun Also Rises Helped To Establish Hemingway As One Of The Greatest Writers Of The Twentieth Century I think there is something cheesey about reviewing an old book, but I felt I had to write something, as I constructed my senior thesis in college with this book as the cornerstone, I have read it at least six times, and I consider The Sun Also Rises to be the Great American Novel Why 1 Hemingway was, if nothing else, a great American A renaissance man, a soldier, a fisherman, and a sportswriter, a romantic and an argumentatively direct chauvinist, a conflicted religious agnostic who never abandoned religion and, it could be argued, never wrote about anything but his conflicts with religion , Hemingway was a stereotype red blooded American like no other great writer An argument could be made for Fitzgerald, but the crux of that argument lies in his relationship to Hemingway and his psychotic wife By the way, I love Fitzgerald He is just a touch wordy.2 The Sun Also Rises describes among other things disillusionment with the American Way and what that had come to mean especially emphasized through the walking wounded, contrasted always with previous generations Dulce et decorum est pro patria mentality Unlike other similarly themed novels, however, the book does not take place in America I postulate the Great American Novel must take place somewhere other than America, to reveal the way in which Americans can be defined as such anywhere, and to ephasize said disillusionment I have other reasons to think thus, but suffice to say for the moment.3 The Sun Also Rises does not end so drastically as other great works of Hemingway s, such as A Farewell to Arms not afraid to say I shed tears at the end of that one or For Whom the Bell Tolls His best ending was in Old Man and the Sea, but that work at the risk of sounding blasphemous here was slightly too poppy to be his best 4 The book does not begin with the narrator the opening describing Robert Cohen Americans exist in relationship to one another The country has been built through a competitive spirit fostered by democracy and that ideal we call The American Dream The backlash of all that is a natural inclination to Keep up with the Jones , as it were Jake Barnes is an observer, separated from the Americans and from the Europeans yet constantly comparing himself, directly or by insinuation, to others.In short, read the damn book If you don t get it, read it again It is arguable perhaps, though I doubt it that this book may not be the best ever written, but I do believe no greater has ever been penned You want a great trifecta Read The Sun Also Rises, then The Great Gatsby, then Eliot s The Wasteland Follow those up by reading Ecclesiastes 1 and the Revelations of John Now go to a cocktail party and start a conversation You re welcome. What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Jews are stubborn.2 Being a Jew in Princeton sucks.3 Being impotent sucks, especially if you are in love with a beautiful woman.4 A beautiful woman is built with curves like the hull of a racing boat Women make swell friends.5 If you suffer from domestic abuse, the best way to work it out is by going through as many men as possible in the shortest time, and then discard them like wet tissues once you re done if you happen to be pretty enough to attract scores of them, that is.6 The best way to work out existential angst is to drink your way through France and Spain.7 The Left Bank sucks Being an expat sucks.8 Spain sucks, except for the bullfighting Bullfights are swell.9 Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bullfighters Bulls have no balls.10 People who run with the bulls are suckers.Other Random ObservationsNo of times the word swell is used 13No of alcohol units consumed by the protagonist Dunno Too tight to count Hic.Hemingway might have perfectly captured the Lost Generation s times, but he also succeeded in inducing a profound ennui in me, especially during the long stretches in which the characters none who is terribly interesting to begin with do nothing except drink I m a little tight you know Amazing, isn t it Did you see my nose and flirt with each other These passages are tediously repetitive, and the effect is like being trapped in a Left Bank caf with a bunch of casual acquaintances who insist on regaling you with boring anecdotes from their boozy Spain road trip After a while, your eyes start to glaze and your attention wanders you begin to take in the Belle Epogue interior, the cute waiter, the way the afternoon sun casts interesting patterns on the white tablecloth anything that is interesting than the dull main narrative I just didn t care for any of them, and that Brett woman is a biatch Why is everyone so desperately in love with her They told me that her former husband slept with a gun under his pillow, but who is she really And I wish that everyone would stop whining and being glib for a while so that they can tell me about that wonderful Basque country But no, they always return to these tedious, unaffecting love triangles.You guys are the Lost Generation indeed. I was sitting on the patio of a bar in Key West Florida It was August, it was hot The bar was on the beach where there was lots of sand and water In the water I saw dolphins and waves The dolphins jumped and the waves waved.My glass was empty The waiter walked up to my table More absinthe miss He asked No, I better not burp I put my hand over my glass I read somewhere that it can cause hallucinations and nightmares Just some ice water please I said He put and empty glass in front of me, tipped his picture of water over my glass until it was full, at that time he stopped pouring A man I did not know walked up to my table and said to the waiter No one in Key West is to stop drinking alcohol while they are conscious, you know the rules Manuel Don t make me repeat myself did you hear me Don t make me repeat myself, it s annoying Manuel rolled his eyes I ll drink to that I said and held up my glass of ice water to the stranger, then put it to my lips and drank It was cold I set it back down on the table I just finished a book where everyone repeated themselves drove me to drink Sorry Mr Hemingway said Manuel she said she wanted ice water, so that s what I gave her A cat ran by, it was fast Meow it said It was orange But you know the rules Manuel, you know the rules Repeated Mr Hemingway I know the rules Mr Hemingway, how could I not You tend to repeat yourself constantly, it must be all the absinthe muttered Manuel What did you say Manuel Asked Mr Hemingway Nothing said Manuel Bring the lady some Champagne right away said Mr Hemingway Manuel walked away towards the kitchen Who are you I asked the man I did not know Hemingway, you wouldn t happen to be related to the writer would you His book The Sun Also Rises was the book I was just referring to I don t remember ever being quite so bored On the bright side, I think it did wonders for my blood pressure I said.Dressed in worn khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with one too many colors, he stood there at my table and squinted at me, sweat rolling down the sides of his face and into his gray beard It was hot He set his drink down on the table, hard, and pulled out a chair and sat down May I sit he asked as he put his dirty bare feet up on the table and tipped the chair back Sure, you re already in the chair Besides I don t think it will be long before you fall on your ass I said, I drank some water, it was cold Language I m Ernest Hemingway the guy who wrote that boring book he put his feet on the ground and the chair dropped down with a bang He put his right hand out to shake mine I stared at it for a while then took it Stephanie Hey, I don t want to come across as insensitive but aren t you dead I asked Really I don t feel dead.at least I don t think I am Said not dead Ernest Damn Absinthe lives up to it s reputation I said and smacked the left side of my head with my left hand My head was hard Manuel Where s that champagne I shouted in panic So Ernest picked up his drink and drank the whole thing in one gulp I am one the greatest American writers, if not the greatest, everybody says so And you he paused and pointed his finger at me using the same hand that still held the glass, the melting ice clinked you didn t like the Sun Also Rises he asked and set his glass down I know, I heard the same thing, that you were one of the greatest American writers, so imagine my surprise when I didn t love it like the rest of the human race In fact, I really didn t like it AT ALL Please don t hurt me Manuel walked back to the table caring the bottle of Champagne and two glasses He sat the glasses in front of us and went about the task of opening the bottle Thank god your back Manuel, I think I m hallucinating I hope champagne helps things normalize I said, the bottle said pop It won t help because you are not hallucinating He said and poured the Champagne, he turned and walked off I picked up the glass and drank It was bubbly and cold What else didn t you like about my book Asked Ernest I m really not comfortable telling you to your face, but, alright I said I found all the characters to be aimless, unlikable, drunkards that didn t have any idea what to with their lives but travel about the world constantly drunk.which doesn t sound all that bad on the surface, but it was so not interesting I said They were so excruciatingly boring that I couldn t even care enough about them to remember who was who I said It felt like it would never end, but when it did end the only thing that I liked about it was the fact that it was finally over No big payoff to make the boring book worth my time I sighed and finished off my Champagne, I poured myself and Ernest another glass Wow Sorry you hated it I suppose you can t please everyone He said I ll buy you dinner to repay you for putting you through that That s not necessary, but I could eat I must bathe first I said Well sure, it is hot after all He said Yes, I must bathe you understand One cannot dine without bathing first, so you will have to wait until I bathe I must bathe I must bathe I must Bathe I said Now you re just making fun of me he said Yup I will make you suffer the way you made me suffer I smiled Great I look forward to it Said not dead Ernest We rose to our feet, Ernest took my arm, we steadied ourselves and stumbled off into the sunset.Also reviewed on shelfinflicted Oh, to have been Ernest Hemingway Except for the whole shotgun thing He was a man, back when that meant something Whatever that means He had it all a haunted past functional alcoholism a way with words a way with women and one hell of a beard I mean, this was the guy who could measure F Scott Fitzgerald s penis without anyone batting an eye He was just that cool I love Hemingway You might have guessed that, but let s make it clear off the bat For Whom the Bell Tolls is in my top five all time fave books there s nothing better than a literary novel about blowing up a bridge The Old Man and the Sea is a fever dream A Farewell Arms is one of the most exquisitively depressing things I ve ever read Despite my high expectations, The Sun Also Rises does not rise get it to the level of those books Or maybe I m an idiot It s possible This book is supposedly one of his masterpieces if not his magnum opus I thought it was gulp kinda boring Generally, I attempt to avoid using the word boring in a review It s a broad, vague, and diluted descriptor a subjective one off that doesn t tell you anything Its use is better suited for a bitter 10th grader s five paragraph theme, turned in on the last day of school after that tenth grader skimmed twenty pages, read the Cliffs Notes version, and stayed up all night typing with two fingers I try to hold my Goodreads reviews to a slightly higher standard the standard of an 11th grader who is taking summer school classes to get a jump on senior year Really, though, that was my impression boring Of course, I didn t read this while lapping sangria in Madrid, which I ve heard will heighten this novel s overall effect The Sun Also Rises tells the story of Jake Barnes, an ex patriate living in Paris He was wounded in World War I and is now impotent He is in love with Ashley, who is a What did they call sluts in the early 20th Century Because that s sort of what she is, though she has a tender place in her heart for Jake, to whom she keeps returning Jake is a journalist, apparently haunted by the war, and he spends his time drinking in Paris There s also a guy named Robert Cohn, a former boxer, who s also in love with Ashley Bill and Mike also hang around Mike was originally in a relationship with Ashley, before he lost her to Cohn, who in turn loses her to a Spanish bullfighter The plot, as it is, involves a bunch of drinking in Paris Jake drinks a lot, stumbles home, then drinks some before falling asleep The drinking and stumbling home reminds me of my own life, which is worth at least one star Jake eventually takes the train to Spain to do some fishing Hemingway describes the scene in excruciating detail and you really get a feel for the place Then the road came over the crest, flattened out, and went into a forest It was a forest of cork oaks, and the sun came through the trees in patches, and there were cattle grazing back in the trees We went through the forest and the road came out and turned along a rise of land, and out ahead of us was a rolling green plain, with dark mountains beyond it These were not like the brown, heat baked mountains we had left behind These were wooded and there were clouds coming down from them The green plain stretched off It was cut by fences and the white of the road showed through the trunks of a double line of trees that crossed the plain towards the north.The book goes on in this manner, for some time It s as though Hemingway has turned into an eloquent Garmin device Step by step The walk to the creek The heat of the sun The taste of the wine It is all very vivid, and beautifully written, but really, it didn t go anywhere It seemed like filler Something to break up the constant drinking while the drinking breaks up the Spanish travelogue The lack of a plot normally wouldn t bother me much, but the book as a whole just wasn t working for me I didn t care for the characters, who are mostly drunken, indolent, well off whiners Also, I was intensely jealous of the characters, who are mostly drunken, indolent, well off whiners In other words, aspirational figures Really, though, I just wanted out of this book Hemingway s other works have burrowed deep into my consciousness, so that I find myself referring back to them time and again The Sun Also Rises did not achieve this feat Eventually, Jake s merry band of drunkards go to Pamplona to watch the bullfights There is drinking Fighting Drinking Bullfighting Drinking Drinking Passing out Drinking I actually got a contact drunk from reading this book I imagine that sex also occurred, somewhere in the midst of the drinking and the bulls and the overflowing testosterone, but Hemingway is discrete There are some good things, here As I mentioned earlier, Hemingway is a master of description His prose is deceptively simple his declarations actually do a great deal to put you there, into the scene, with immediacy The book also features one of Hemingway s most famous quotes Nobody lives life all the way up, except bullfighters For some reason, that line has taken on a kind of profundity, though I have to admit, I almost missed it in context The best part of the book is the last lines, uttered by Jake Barnes Isn t it pretty to think so I ll leave it to you to determine its meaning As for me, I am anxiously awaiting the moment when, after a night of hard drinking, I can use this line on someone who has just uttered an inane comment.Alas, I m still waiting for that moment And that gives me all the excuse I need to keep sidling up to the bar, ordering a whiskey straight with a whiskey back, and chatting up the people around me in the hopes that one of the drunks I meet will also be a Hemingway fan.

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