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Ariel Sylvia Plath S Celebrated CollectionWhen Sylvia Plath Died, She Not Only Left Behind A Prolific Life But Also Her Unpublished Literary Masterpiece, Ariel Her Husband, Ted Hughes, Brought The Collection To Life In , And Its Publication Garnered Worldwide Acclaim This Collection Showcases The Beloved Poet S Brilliant, Provoking, And Always Moving Poems, Including Ariel And Once Again Shows Why Readers Have Fallen In Love With Her Work Throughout The Generations

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    Inspired by Paul Legault s brilliant idea of translating Emily Dickinson s poems into English, I thought immediately I have to steal that idea So here are some of the Ariel poems of Sylvia Plath translated into English I have, of course, tried my utmost to perform this task with tact, discretion and good taste.ARIEL TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISHELM.Look, let s get thi

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    When I was a kid, I loved stories about intrepid explorers who visited places no one had ever seen before, and died heroically in the attempt I guess Scott of the Antarctic is the canonical example though later on, I discovered to my surprise that Norwegians just think he was an idiot who didn t prepare carefully, and that Amundsen was the real hero There is a wonderful ep

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    Ariel, Sylvia Plath 2000 1932 1963 , .

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    Either disturbed by some haunting, otherworldly presence or simply because of the purring birdsong I awake on the early hours of this winter morning and I grab Sylvia Plath s collection of poems Ariel, which is calling to me from my bedside table Still drowsy with soft shades of silky sheets printed on my cheeks my glassy eyes try to focus on stray words that chop like shar

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    Haunting and honest a scalpel that cuts so deep and quick you don t even feel it.

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    What do I think I honestly don t know My favorite poems were Elm, The Moon and the Yew Tree, and Edge I admit that Sylvia Plath s poetry may be beyond my ability to fullly understand I have The Collected Poems, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1982, on my to read shelf Maybe the I read the better I will understand There is an aura about Sylvia Plath that I find fascinating Her writing is

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    A collection released two years after her death, written in a grand burst of creativity just before death I had to get this mainly because of the cover, but I can say that though I have the all poems book, having this separately was worth it And I a smiling womanI am only thirty.And like that cat I have nine times to die.. from Lady Lazarus There are so many themes I could get from her

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    Cold glass, how you insert yourselfBetween myself and myself.I scratch like a cat These poems are jagged, visceral, and very, very raw They re angry and bruised, extravagant, like torture And they are frequently charged with a dark, mirthless laughter After all, there is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn Or so Camus once said.As a total poetry novice, I might be way of

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    It probably won t be right to draw comparisons between the Sylvia Plath who wrote Mad Girl s Love Song during her time at Smith s and the Sylvia Plath of Ariel There s a world of difference between a Sylvia merely mourning lost love and a bitter, lonesome, vengeful, depressed Sylvia trying to live out the last vestiges of a tumultuous life by seeking a form of catharsis through these po

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    I picked this up last night, wanting to read just one poem, The Moon and the Yew Tree specifically, but I ended up reading all of them, the entire book I won t pretend to understand what most of her poems were about, but they left me in goosebumps and ashiver I enjoyed them What a mind, what a mind Utterly glorious Bane of her existence and yet because of its blackness she still exists today Sublime work

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